Top 100 Greatwood, Texas home valuations for 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Greatwood, Texas in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 104 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $331,380 in Greatwood.

Top 100 home valuations in Greatwood for 2020
Rhonda Cobian8915 Summer Ash Lane$169,220
Steven M Carlson, Jenny G Stadler and Carlstad (living trust)2111 Ridge Wood Lane$198,090
Rehman Meghani8918 Summer Ash Lane$207,910
Ben Howard and Elizabeth Hanawa8939 Summer Ash Lane$208,790
Ekre of Tx LLC8934 Silent Willow Lane$214,410
Rubi Coral and Yusuf Yilmaz1826 Teal Brook Lane$226,020
Jose Manuel Valerio1850 Teal Brook Lane$229,150
Jorgelina Marengo7419 Timber Ridge Trail$236,670
Merle Matthews Idom Jr. and LI Z Idom7419 Timber Ridge Trail$236,670
Patrick and Kelsey Cullen6714 Flowermound Drive$247,540
Kathryn Williams2002 Ridge Wood Lane$248,240
Marvin D. Smith1703 Garden Home Drive$249,440
William W. and Glory L. Crafts1210 Wood Haven Court$259,090
American International Relocation Services LLC1306 Terrace View Drive$261,140
Anqi Shu and Hang Gao1306 Terrace View Drive$261,140
Telma Puig and Santiago Puig-Farrs7611 Lark Glen Way$261,810
Kentisha Renee Aidi1426 Hidden Terrace Drive$265,510
Victor Torrealba1843 Teal Brook Lane$266,180
Phillip Ryan Wedel1418 Berrytree Drive$266,260
Kevin and Brittany Kettle7014 Elm Trace Drive$271,620
Shui Wah Wo and Yan Fen Xian6602 Berrytree Lane$272,270
Yan Liu8607 Saratoga Drive$273,360
Justiel LLC1506 Honeysuckle Lane$274,750
Lissette Roman9011 Lavender Field Court$274,890
Joshua and Brittney Stewart1310 Indian Trail Drive$275,020
Robert D. and Dana E. Bulian9110 Morningstar Drive$275,090
Bruno Coelho Ccolin6703 Cypress Village Drive$278,040
Rudy Jaime Gomez9135 Stoneleigh Drive$278,560
Thien Minh La and Sarah Jung7010 Glen Wood Drive$282,750
Abraham Sherry E.6707 Cypress Village Drive$285,620
Archambault Embry (living trust)8510 Chipping Rock Drive$289,590
John Thomas Musslewhite Jr.7207 Windwood Court$289,800
Nicholas Victor Manuel and Irma Maribel Ayala-Nicholas1203 Deerbrook Drive$289,920
Amy Kathryn and Daniel Shariff Broeckelmann7410 Orchard Hills Lane$292,730
Willie C. L., Jennifer D., Johnson Kellie Elise and Lindsey Marie Cunningham and Cunningham Irene F Butler1211 Summer Brook$295,910
Thomas Eugene and Paula S. Evans1918 Auburn Trail$298,450
Rory W. and Alyssia Anderson7330 Moss Wood Drive$299,320
Johnny Mendoza6823 Elm Trace Drive$309,790
Christopher Sugatan Fornesa1918 Boulder Oaks Lane$310,040
Sundaralingam and Manjula Subramanian1523 Goodnight Court$312,330
K Town Homes LLC and K Town Hornes LLC1702 Wind Trace Cove$313,350
Lance Jordan and Kayla Jane Agan1427 Honeysuckle Lane$313,400
David C. and Cameron Vaughn Joiner1235 Forest Bend Drive$313,650
Cynthia V. and Cameron Vaughn Joiner1235 Forest Bend Drive$313,650
Kelly and Rex H. Garver1518 Moon Shadow Court$314,220
Paul R. and Kristen Clark6723 Wildacre Drive$315,080
Josue E. and Stephanie Portillo7314 Quiet Glen Drive$321,650
Unknown8706 Magnolia Forest Drive$323,040
Ryan Nowroozi7223 Windwood Court$323,090
Jonathan Thomas and Emily Anne Harper1427 Stone Canyon Drive$324,890
Paras J. and Holly B. Shah7802 Garden Bend$326,090
Andrew Harmon and Brittany Anne Meredith Pauley1507 Stone Trail Drive$328,160
Chatique Cooper1306 Indian Trail Drive$334,600
Samuel Timothy Clark and Jing Yu1810 Rippling Water Court$335,590
Kevin and Heather Rios8126 Spring Bluebonnet Drive$336,310
LAN David Etzkin and Patricia Etzkin1102 Magnolia Woods Court$345,940
Jason Lee and Laura G. Aronson1218 Garden Brook$348,270
Craig Melvin McGaughy8122 Highland Forest Drive$348,580
Clark Curtis Harold2218 Upland Park Drive$350,350
Amanda Hart-Guajardo and Travis Guajardo7130 Trailbrook Drive$351,380
Carly Joy and Chad Monroe Bradshaw7214 Fireside Court$353,260
Vinicius Lopez De Souza and Sarah Marie Carvalho8631 Westbrook Forest Drive$355,050
Christian Consultants of Texas1415 Forest Brook$358,500
Bruno Porto De Stefani7803 Garden Bend$359,160
Gina M. and Daniel C. Vance2002 Woody Bend Place$359,320
Christopher Booth Mykrantz7302 Quiet Glen Drive$359,340
Daryl and Sarah Dunham1314 Azalea Bend$363,310
Robert Daniel Jolly III8118 Spring Bluebonnet Drive$364,130
Gordon Wayne and Grace Joe Carlson2019 Woody Bend Place$372,430
Scott and Kelly Ressler1518 Quiet Trail$372,540
Joel Raymond1603 Evening Bend Court$375,410
Paul Fruia1614 Summer Rain Drive$376,200
Roland A. Shaw and Janell Redmond8115 Highland Green Drive$384,070
Gold Coast Equity LLC8106 Highland Green Drive$391,130
Philip Wayne Pack8106 Highland Green Drive$391,130
Jeffrey O Baldwin Sr. and Rosalind D Baldwin1802 Cross Spring Drive$391,880
Jeffrey O Baldwin Sr., Rosalind D Baldwin and Baldwin Sr Family Trust1802 Cross Spring Drive$391,880
Matthew C. and Clara J. Holmes8511 Evening Light Drive$391,950
Colin and Brittany Pounders8515 Babbling Brook Court$397,290
Daniel and Haley Jankowski7119 Hidden Trails Court$398,440
Mohammad Javad Najaf Panah and Sahar Qavi7707 Great Pecan Lane$401,950
Shumaila Ghous1322 Azalea Bend$402,080
Claudia Reyes Saenz and Armando Jose Saenz Jr.1902 Birnam Glen Drive$412,730
Bracken Scott Kolle2303 Legend Woods Court$417,010
Lorena W Spiwak8522 Mill Dale Court$417,730
Richard A. Armstrong2039 Birnam Wood Drive$419,800
Kyle M. and Erin Freeman1318 Hillside Forest Drive$422,300
Vartan and Ant Paytsar Berejikyan2302 Haven Manor Court$424,390
Alan Vinson and Karen Jean Watson1319 Hillside Forest Drive$437,540
Jason R. and Lori L. Knutson7518 Dawn Mist Court$440,160
Mary Khalil1914 Arbor View Court$440,490
Aaron Wilcox7622 Northwoods Drive$461,360
Timothy K. and Adoracion A. Bell7722 Bayou Green Lane$467,610
Paul and Belinda Orsborn7930 Chianti Court$472,250
Geoffrey Messer7523 Old Bridge Court$475,570
Geoffrey Messer7523 Old Bridge Court$475,570
Taylor and Maggie Ducoff1619 Wood Song Drive$476,800
And Mary Penley Jack (living trust)7923 Sutters Chase Court$477,750
Stephen, Jennifer S., Sarah Marie and Eric George May1606 Turning Leaf Court$478,670
Sergil Aftab and Ariane Lucero Rahmtulla7715 New Forest Lane$505,400

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