Top 50 Beecher, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Beecher, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 55 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $180,000 in Beecher.

Top 50 home sales in Beecher for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
John and Donna and Kimberly Ayala242 Fairway Drive$380,000
Alicia S Begeske and Steven M Cremonesi233 Aspen Drive$268,000
Ryan F. and Lisa A. Purdy231 Pine St.$259,900
Grant S Hoekstra and Emily G. Doersam170 Sawgrass Lane$251,000
Justin and Melanie Boehl259 Aspen Drive$250,000
Dale and Patricia Vandeursen1821 Monhegan Ave.$239,900
Ruben Frausto1656 Dove Valley Lane$238,000
Lance Harris260 Maple St.$229,000
David R. and Whitney I. Trevino610 Chestnut Lane$226,500
Nicholas Priebe and Morghan Marie Louis Pockrus310 Timbers Bluff Trail$225,000
Gabino Bivian1026 Catalpa St.$222,000
Benjamin J. and Kristi J. Jones283 Miller St.$220,000
Kim M Kulovitz291 Fairway Drive$219,500
Paul R. Oldenburg1881 Monhegan Ave.$218,000
Natalie Salinas and Janice Wilken434 Woodward St.$212,500
Justin T. Pomaranski272 Miller St.$212,000
Iris E Sanchez602 Chestnut Lane$207,000
Danny V Halama and Julie Wielgat1558 Fox Hound Trail$202,000
Andre Knight and Danzella Jones280 Sunset Blvd.$202,000
John Southitt and Kim Douthitt544 Hodges St.$198,000
Michael J. Gonzalez and Jennifer L Blackburn549 Indiana Ave.$197,900
John Bednarowicz and Ashlee Gertler1015 Oak Drive$194,000
Matthew S. Kasper304 Quail Hollow Drive$188,000
Susan and Lawrence Panici315 Spring Cove$187,500
Dana R Karstensen633 Melrose Lane$185,000
Timothy R. and Rosellen Heniff462 Pasadena Ave.$185,000
Brian McDermott30132 Autumn Drive$182,000
Alternate Properties LLC976 Lange Ave.$180,000
Brooke E Alleva and Ryan A. Richardson442 Autumn Drive$178,000
Latisa A. Dewit1415 Somerset Drive$175,000
Jesse A. Gabris and Kelly E Truesdale423 Pasadena Ave.$175,000
Melissa E Rodriguez1416 Trail Side Drive$172,000
Vidal Fonseca1459 Trail Side Drive$167,000
Hayden Karstensen524 Melrose Lane$165,000
Joshua R. and Denise Gidlund434 Prairie Ave.$155,000
Jennifer K Magruder1658 Woodbury Bend$150,000
Sonia Polin1458 Fox Hound Trail$145,000
Jonathan T. Larson1373 Fox Hound Trail$145,000
Francesca Farruggia1384 Fox Hound Trail$144,900
Anthony Nerie421 Woodward St.$135,000
Scott A. Morgan452 Orchard Lane$134,900
Marilyn Minotti520 Chestnut Lane$133,000
Diane Pickens548 Penfield St.$133,000
Sonia B Walsh1354 Fox Hound Trail$132,000
Philip and Tammy Hitzelburger412 Prairie Ave.$131,000
Michelle R Snell1318 Fox Hound Trail$130,900
Veta M Owens625 Birch Drive$130,000
Amy Marie Privett1432 Fox Hound Trail$129,000
Ronald Eugene Bonneau701 Indiana Ave.$125,000
Carl R. and Kelsey N. Grages666 Indiana Ave.$120,000

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