Top 100 Manhattan, Illinois home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Manhattan, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 233 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $265,000 in Manhattan.

Top 100 home sales in Manhattan for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Doug Nelson and Stacy L Scalia23555 Schoolhouse Road$570,000
Tysen C. and Toni M. Lutz24042 Old Farm Road$568,000
Jared and Lindsay Adams13750 Bruns Road$555,000
Thomas James and Kimberly Lynn Callaghan12965 Smith Road$545,000
Dimitrios Panagiaris and Maria S. Baraboutis24211 William Drive$493,275
Michael J. Francek23909 Roberts St.$490,000
Jacob Bacharz Guenther25210 Schoolhouse Road$489,900
Robert A. Pickens24209 Schoolhouse Road$481,000
Katherine and Stuart Donovan24049 Schoolhouse Road$445,000
Kevin and Megan Durbon24064 Lily Drive$442,900
James J. Wiorkowski and Jennifer L Sonne12641 Arberry Court$440,000
Roy E. and Carrie B. Wardinski23745 Saddlecreek Drive$439,000
Charles D. and Susan L. Gray13941 Wilderness Lakes Drive$432,900
Richard and Jean Mandella23910 Mary St.$429,990
William and Madeline Garrett24131 Lily Drive$424,000
Thomas J. Smith23835 Schoolhouse Road$420,000
Ryan S. and Jessica J. Dunn24012 Heather Glen Court$420,000
Wilbur Paul C. and Karen H Curtin24140 Schoolhouse Road$408,500
Daniel and Colleen Therese Beemsterboer24347 Illini Court$395,000
Michael Joseph Hufnagel and Kimberley Evelyn Wilson12125 Heather Glen Lane$394,900
Mark S. and Elizabeth M. Hribar16200 Pinto Lane$393,384
James D. and Melany L. Donnelly23953 Mary St.$391,101
Kevin B Schuster24502 Clydesdale Drive$389,000
Adam S. and Julie A. Decaire16316 Pinto Lane$388,127
Cristobal and Magdalena M. Robledo12916 Baker Road$380,000
Steven M Turnock24143 William Drive$379,602
Donna Lawler24220 Schoolhouse Road$375,000
Steven and Kylie Spencer24501 Arabian Ave.$373,000
Jason and Kelly McArthur14240 Rose St.$370,760
Joseph E. and Jorie L. Chesser24232 Schoolhouse Road$370,000
James A. and Jigeesha G. Przybyla16208 Palomino Path$368,237
Nicholas E. and Andrea N. Walker24005 Mary St.$365,075
Mark J. and Michelle E. Siorek14251 Marshall Drive$365,000
Stephen V. and Tracy Collaro16208 Pinto Lane$364,791
Joshua P. and Carrie A. Mitcheff14340 Rose St.$360,000
Troy A. and Jean A. Smith16310 Celtic Circle$355,000
Paul Bobak24203 Legoria St.$350,801
Steven Nichols13215 Manhattan-Monee Road$350,000
Joel Matthew and Tina Marie Revor14330 Margaret St.$349,000
Michal and Mercedes A. Parzuch16264 Palomino Path$346,495
Andrew and Erin Reddicks16325 Shetland Court$345,900
Kaylee and Daniel Tanjic14456 Audubon Trail$345,000
Christopher and Alexa Brockhaus14161 Bruns Road$344,900
Amy Marie Spee14301 Marshall Drive$344,879
Bobbi Ann Smith24432 Arabian Ave.$342,300
Raymond and Milena Strama24239 Legoria St.$341,799
Derek and Janet Velander14552 Basswood Lane$341,000
Katherine and Patrick E. McGill25663 Barrow Road$339,890
Michael D. and Nicole A. Manns24351 Shawnee Lane$335,000
Christopher Mazzone Jr. and Stephanie Mazzone14252 Arthur St.$335,000
Christopher and Caitlyn Pulice16148 Pinto Lane$330,400
Patrick J. and Joanne T. Caveney15825 Baker Road$330,000
Kevin and Sarah Deegan24404 Arrowhead Drive$329,808
Alondra Barrios23913 Highland Drive$329,000
Robert A. and Judy Kieras23947 Ian Court$328,000
Kyle Pikorz and Amy Lynch25353 Faraday Road$325,000
Taylor and Mladen Arsenovic14300 Marshall Drive$322,531
Tina M Benfante25620 Barrow Road$322,500
Steven and Meghan Hasman11915 Heather Glen Lane$321,000
Jeffrey W. and Beth M. Bunting24220 Jennifer St.$320,000
Sean McCormack and Katie Ann Nichols14820 Carver Crossing$320,000
Michael J. Srygler15500 Ridgefield Drive$320,000
Aaron Klimasara16316 Celtic Circle$320,000
Ryan and Lisa Proffitt12909 Bruns Road$320,000
Nicholas Joseph Heinz and Hayley Wren14840 Carver Crossing$319,000
Sandra and Sharon Karaba24534 Clydesdale Drive$318,316
Jeffrey R Mateja24411 Shawnee Lane$314,900
Michael and Michelle Dammer15609 Lakeview Drive$310,000
Kiel D. and Alyssa Horst25372 Shannon Drive$309,000
Mahmut and Deniz Aslan15505 Lakeview Drive$308,000
Raul Montes and Angelina G Binder24458 Arrowhead Drive$305,000
Ryan Nicholas Gulli and Evaggelia Sklavenitis25405 Spring St.$305,000
John Brinley15739 Rolland Drive$304,900
Nikole Jurecko16248 Celtic Circle$302,000
Arturo M Troncozo25051 Spring St.$301,900
Wayne and Nancy M. Diericks24000 Indian Trail$300,000
Randy J Szymanek and Violeta A. Mercado25263 Bann St.$300,000
Brett A. and Renee L. Kutina15747 Rolland Drive$300,000
Martin R. and Jillian M. Deaville304 Calla Drive$300,000
John Joseph IV and Courtney Ann Poropat15533 Lakeview Drive$299,900
Marissa L. and James Solorio25363 Shannon Drive$299,900
Mark and Kathleen A. Wolf16135 Creek Drive$299,000
Leonard and Kasi N. Sowinski25378 Shannon Drive$299,000
Gregory and Rita Hernandez24226 Legoria St.$295,050
Nolan Carl Reilly and Maureen Catherine Dolan24851 Buttercup Lane$295,000
Traci Gould-Lusciatti15916 Barrow Court$295,000
Clifford C. and Deborah L. Lindhorn25600 Riley Erin Road$294,948
Daniel and Nicole Klaric24769 Crabapple Lane$294,000
James White and Sydney R. Schleicher25251 Bann St.$293,000
Michael Cortez and Camille Semanic16265 Palomino Path$290,000
Alexander and Holly Suggs25383 Faraday Road$290,000
Christopher and Kristen Boswell24644 Route 52$290,000
Robert A. Hart24503 Arrowhead Drive$289,000
Brian A. and Denise H. Bembenek24233 Legoria St.$288,900
Tinay and Daniel Maddox25419 Shannon Drive$288,900
Michael P. and Nicole M. Walsh16176 Carlow Circle$287,500
James and Barbara Donahue25608 Riley Erin Road$286,774
Brian Kaleta1441 Prairie Estate Drive$285,900
Bartlett W. and Shannon M. Hoxworth111 Brett Court$285,000
Dillon Howell and Raquel Magoon25023 Cashel Bay Road$283,500

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