Bronx, New York had a median home sale price of $450,000 of 1,220 homes in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Bronx, New York in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 1,220 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $450,000 in Bronx.

Top 100 home sales in Bronx for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Gross Foundation Inc.2550 Olinville Ave.$7,229,250
Cheryl Rosenberg4485 Fieldston Road$3,250,000
Cet Riverdale LLC645 252nd St.$2,437,500
3925 Wpr Realty Corp.4960 Arlington Ave.$2,300,000
Isaac Hakimi and Tamar Schiller4655 Dodgewood Road$2,200,000
Nicole Ann and Ian R. Kahn27 Sigma Place$2,118,000
Darrin Litsky and Deborah Cappell4611 Arlington Ave.$1,960,000
Gangajeet Sarabjeet838 Dean Ave.$1,525,000
John Martin and Anna MacHado Schoellerman4740 Iselin Ave.$1,512,500
Craig Mitnick and Elianna Pollak2715 Arlington Ave.$1,310,000
Jorge Martinez and Nelsy Ferrera and Jorge Martinez Ayala1530 Mace Ave.$1,300,000
Gregory J. and Meaghan K. Clancy464 King Ave.$1,275,000
Ane 3377 LLC3377 Sedgwick Ave.$1,250,000
Sandra Natalie Solomon-Barrett and Brenda Mundy916 Wilcox Ave.$1,221,900
David and Robert M. Barris and Rachel Abboudi2714 Netherland Ave.$1,130,000
1000 Woodycrest Realty LLC1000 Woodycrest Ave.$1,125,000
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.2715 Cruger Ave.$1,093,253
Gregory Holyk and Annika Marlen Sabinehinze4669 Tibbett Ave.$1,068,000
4820 Barnes LLC4820 Barnes Ave.$999,343
Justin and Lara Peterson95 Park Drive$999,000
Ronald Saintil and 385 West 263 Corp.385 263rd St.$999,000
Lori Ann and John Farrington6017 Liebig Ave.$975,000
Crotona Park North Plus LLC743 Crotona Park N.$970,000
2072 Anthony LLC2068 Anthony Ave.$970,000
Crotona Park North Plus LLC733 Crotona Park N.$955,000
Francis O. and Andrea E. Donkor3143 Seymour Ave.$953,460
1185 Washington Ave LLC1185 Washington Ave.$950,000
2119 Grand Ave Realty LLC2119 Grand Ave.$950,000
Eduardo Depena1021 Throgmorton Ave.$950,000
16 Wade Square LLC16 Wade Square$950,000
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. (trustee)3149 Wissman Ave.$941,686
Kelen Grijlava3179 Wissman Ave.$930,000
Ruth Shin and Tadas Jeremicius400 253rd St.$925,000
Lizandro Diaz Alfaro and Jose L. Villalta Garcia339 Quincy Ave.$910,000
LW281 LLC281 234th St.$903,398
Shante D Palmer and Desiree A. Liriano3043 Paulding Ave.$900,000
Khandakar Baki, Amena Chowdhur, Khandakar Tamon, Suhan Chowdhury and Jerin T Lisha1085 Pierce Ave.$900,000
Ewura Yaa A. Asiedu-Ntow269 Hosmer Ave.$895,000
Braulio and Dalfry Rodriguez637 Commonwealth Ave.$890,000
Wei Lin and Shuiying Chen1640 Jarvis Ave.$878,000
Michael Heredia2341 Story Ave.$875,000
Salvatore and Frances Candela2840 Waterbury Ave.$875,000
2072 Anthony LLC2070 Anthony Ave.$875,000
Robert Cummings3215 Mickle Ave.$870,000
Hang LI2955 Randall Ave.$865,000
Lingwei Huang and Yun Yan Gao2844 196th St.$861,500
Jianhang Xiao2234 Westervelt Ave.$860,000
Hawa Kondeh1815 Palisade Place$852,000
Dylan Dwayne and Brandon Czubak Dwayne1011 Wilcox Ave.$850,000
James W. and Christine P. Hendon2631 Arlington Ave.$850,000
Jeremy Chin and Jonathan G. Chin-Shepard3407 Kingsbridge Ave.$850,000
Z & M Sedgwick LLC2605 Sedgwick Ave.$850,000
Tanzina Akter and MD Sarker1842 Hunt Ave.$847,000
Barbara and James Donohoe254 239th St.$840,000
Brian Chapman4271 Kepler Ave.$835,000
Michael Rendino and Thomas Frawley1480 Stadium Ave.$835,000
Cherice S. Lim2154 Haight Ave.$829,000
Roma Lopez-Mercader and Billy Mercader5456 Valles Ave.$824,000
Alhousseyne, Ibrahima S., Mamadou and Fatoumata Bah832 231st St.$816,000
Francisco A. Guerrero Herrera, Rosita A. Moreno and Emerenciana Moreno Jimenez and Francisco F Saavedra Vivar2866 Lamport Place$815,000
Sabul Miah and Kousar Alam1946 Benedict Ave.$810,000
Serene Crystal Gregg and Rashod A. Monroe2149 Prospect Ave.$810,000
Luis Pena and Rosa and Jessica Castillo763 223rd St.$801,000
Emmanuel Carela1316 Kearney Ave.$800,000
Baokuei Lu2411 Wilson Ave.$800,000
Diane Ferretti-Perillo2621 Palisade Ave.$800,000
Ming Kuang Zhang and Jin Ru Jiang2053 Watson Ave.$800,000
Jiaying and Tian Ming Liu2237 Bruckner Blvd.$800,000
1369 Leland LLC1369 Leland Ave.$800,000
1521 Benson Realty LLC1521 Benson St.$800,000
Ana Collado and Jonathan Martinez1463 Needham Ave.$795,000
Euris M. Martinez and Francisco A. Vasquez4760 Carpenter Ave.$795,000
Joseph Terico III1272 Stadium Ave.$795,000
Gloria and Kurtis K. Calden261 238th St.$794,500
Liying Zheng3466 Eastchester Road$794,000
Yosef Saleh-Aljabri and Fahd Gharama2344 Ellis Ave.$790,000
Yadira and Dalitza Rodriguez690 Brush Ave.$790,000
2030 Morris Holdings Corp.2030 Morris Ave.$790,000
Humberto Kibel Jr. and Fiolina Kibel2240 Quimby Ave.$790,000
Jing Hang Zheng507 Hollywood Ave.$790,000
Cristopher S Burgos and Elisa C Piguave2017 Haight Ave.$789,000
Tano and Michelle Holmes and Clarissa Martinez635 140th St.$786,500
Gerardo Cardoso and Marilyn Cardoso Cabrera1137 Calhoun Ave.$785,000
Imran and Istiaq Ahmed1857 Holland Ave.$785,000
Jose A. Depena1521 Bryant Ave.$785,000
Shamika H Edwards923 213rd St.$781,000
N.A. Bank of America2413 Buck St.$780,613
Cynthia Y Brackett689 224th St.$780,000
Mohammed Alam and Laboni Perveen2515 St. Raymonds Ave.$780,000
Abu T. and Shaheen A. Rahman1366 Leland Ave.$780,000
Berihu Mesfin and Timnit Eyob1608 Parker St.$780,000
Eileen Rodriguez and Ana Rivera4156 Bruner Ave.$780,000
Lenecia Blackwood and Jennifer Bailey1033 225th St.$776,000
Eleazar Tapia Sanchez and Elizabeth Cruz Garcia2938 Wickham Ave.$775,000
MD Shah Alam and Shamima Nargis1344 Purdy St.$775,000
Jullie Andrea Pena Cristian and Oscar E. Jaramillo662 Burke Ave.$775,000
Ngozi O Ngwu-Nwaiwu and Ngozi O Ngwu Nwaiwu3216 Seymour Ave.$775,000
Liron Danay-Sinvani4058 Bronx Blvd.$775,000
229 West Kingsbridge LLC215 Kingsbridge Road$773,870
Rebecca Reichmann and Ricardo Tavares2575 Palisade Ave.$770,000

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