Top 100 Lighthouse Point, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lighthouse Point, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 448 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $553,750 in Lighthouse Point.

Top 100 home sales in Lighthouse Point for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Lighthouse Point Newport Property LLC3100 46th St.$6,400,000
David G. Jenkins2550 31st Court$6,400,000
Joseph Michael Sipes2457 26th St.$5,250,000
Donald D. Godwin LLC2430 32nd Court$4,150,000
Marc Jay Zeitler (life estate), Carmen Zeitler (life estate) and Zeitler Family Trust3131 27th Ave.$4,100,000
Kirk H. and Marilee W. Lindgren2620 41st St.$4,083,913
Scott and Katharine Moss3401 26th Ave.$3,890,000
Robyn Ann and Kevin J. McCarty and Robyn Ann McCarty (revocable trust)2430 32nd Court$3,750,000
Daniel C. and Maria B. Staton2500 35th St.$3,500,000
Jason and Victoria Strochak2961 27th Ave.$3,495,000
Matthew George and Sabrina Ann Williams2319 28th St.$3,400,000
Reed Russell Atamian2631 43rd St.$3,100,000
Taylor L. Lambert4120 31st Ave.$3,073,400
James Tristan Lambert4110 31st Ave.$3,016,577
Jan and Becky Carlsson2520 49th St.$2,900,000
Vincent E. Rusciano2420 49th St.$2,800,000
Judy Austin (revocable living trust)2511 43rd St.$2,800,000
James Lee Armstrong2410 48th St.$2,600,000
Darren and Catherine Cline2349 30th Court$2,550,000
Samuel P. III and Kellee Ann Terroso2380 30th Court$2,518,950
William C. Lucia Family Trust2360 48th Court$2,500,000
David A. and Sheryl L. Normandin2353 26th St.$2,450,000
Amy L. Webber and Matthew R. Webber (trust)2401 34th Court$2,445,000
Todd Ostrokolowicz3801 28th Ave.$2,400,000
Lotta Development LLC2530 32nd Court$2,355,000
Leon and Larisa Turetsky2324 28th St.$2,350,000
Jeremy and Kathryn Beaverson4001 24th Ave.$2,300,000
Ronald and Amy Storch4230 31st Ave.$2,300,000
Lhp 33 LLC2321 33rd St.$2,250,000
Douglas Barnum and Monique Fay2349 28th St.$2,225,000
Fernando Vergara4921 28th Ave.$2,200,000
Marc A. and Jennifer S. Wites3249 31st Ave.$2,200,000
Craig and Fanny E. Currie2530 31st Court$2,175,000
Randall Q. and Sarah M. Cail4811 27th Terrace$2,150,000
John Joseph and Darryl Conway Walsh4140 31st Ave.$2,150,000
Scott and Cindy Provin2421 31st Court$2,149,000
Pamela Poland and Robert Amis2411 35th St.$2,125,000
Andrea Ann and Steven Squitieri3731 31st Ave.$2,112,500
Robert Aiello2810 47th St.$2,100,000
Dirk Douglas and Jane Furman Dejong2530 35th St.$2,085,000
Anthony and Sarah Piszel4851 29th Ave.$2,050,000
Anthony Nigro and Jodi A. Mosiello2345 30th Court$1,995,000
Anthony Milan Trajkovich3700 26th Ave.$1,965,000
Scott Thielen2318 29th St.$1,950,000
Daniel and Jennifer Hink Labov2375 30th Court$1,940,000
Cara A. Singer2800 47th St.$1,900,000
Kevin G Attar2811 36th St.$1,890,000
Mark Pomirtchi and Anna Veletskaya3911 26th Ave.$1,865,000
Lighthouse Point Apartments LLC3700 22nd Ave.$1,800,000
Ashley Lynn and Jonathan P. Savona3711 26th Ave.$1,790,000
Gene and Terri Hoyt2420 48th Court$1,760,000
Michael and Frances Pockhai3111 48th St.$1,725,000
Brian and Myriah Boettler4250 24th Ave.$1,720,000
Dominick Marzano2648 24th St.$1,675,000
Jeffrey A. and Giovanna E. Rud4250 27th Ave.$1,640,000
Teresa Klodnicka and Neri Franzon2431 48th Court$1,625,000
2664 Lhp LLC2664 24th St.$1,625,000
Victor and Maryann Lerro2315 25th St.$1,579,000
John Michael Devechio Jr.3150 28th Ave.$1,562,500
Jonathan Owoc2311 33rd St.$1,550,000
John C. Desimone and Desimone Family (living trust)2430 48th Court$1,500,000
Hartmut G. and Figen Filiz Gassmann2548 22nd Ave.$1,500,000
Jeremy Oren and Debra Lynn Brown2809 32nd St.$1,495,000
Christopher N. Blythe (revocable trust)2510 48th Court$1,485,500
Jaime Nunes3416 31st Ave.$1,480,000
Brendan A. J Courtney2341 48th Court$1,470,000
James R. III and Sabrina Graves2328 25th St.$1,450,000
Anne J. Mazzella and Louis Vencent Mazzella 2015 Family Trust4241 23rd Terrace$1,435,000
Raymond D. and Eileen M. Wiltshire3761 25th Ave.$1,410,000
B Stephen Tedeschi Jr.2321 48th St.$1,402,500
Michael and Laura Pizzelanti3701 26th Ave.$1,400,000
Axel and Nil Rende2888 33rd St.$1,400,000
Myles James Harris2444 27th St.$1,372,647
Jason Kissoonlal2831 48th St.$1,360,000
William J. and Danielle M. Altier3911 25th Ave.$1,350,000
Richard J. and Debra S. Limegrover3020 47th St.$1,350,000
Ronald Stephen and Linda Sue Schlaupitz2601 50th St.$1,315,000
Kimberly A. Crowley (revocable trust)2324 28th Court$1,300,000
Richard J. Hall (trust) and Catherine A. Hall (trust)2911 47th St.$1,297,000
Steven G. and Jennifer N. Miller2800 39th St.$1,285,000
John and Melissa Chluski4901 27th Terrace$1,250,000
Dominik Szabo4411 24th Ave.$1,250,000
Shane and Jessica Weldon, Maurice E. Mathieu Jr. and Robin K Mathieu2421 48th St.$1,250,000
Nancy Palmer-Veile and Roger D. Veile4030 25th Ave.$1,225,000
Robin Lynn Pande and Lisa Marie Trajkovich3720 27th Ave.$1,215,000
Susan E. Jackson4850 27th Terrace$1,200,000
Adam D. and Erin Povlitz3731 30th Ave.$1,200,000
Tobias Braun4440 29th Ave.$1,200,000
Stephen R. and Karan L. Seneca2733 26th Ave.$1,200,000
Ira and Lavinia Rosner2511 32nd Court$1,200,000
Zsk Realty LLC3247 27th Terrace$1,200,000
Walter J. Glowacki4011 26th Ave.$1,195,000
Tod Alan and Cheryl Ann McMillan4900 28th Ave.$1,175,000
Patrick D. and Kuala L. Bless3741 29th Ave.$1,175,000
John B. and Jeanette R. Hitchcock2521 35th St.$1,170,000
Jacob and Susan Friedman4010 23rd Ave.$1,150,000
Juan Collada4460 29th Ave.$1,150,000
David and Tamela Mason4111 30th Terrace$1,120,000
Lawrence O. and Roberta Backus Turner4210 30th Terrace$1,100,000
Rcr Homes LLC2710 44th St.$1,100,000

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