Top 50 Moreland Hills, Ohio home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Moreland Hills, Ohio in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 68 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $375,000 in Moreland Hills.

Top 50 home sales in Moreland Hills for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Parkwood Trust Co. and Stephanie W. Miller (living trust)35450 Woodland Road$3,525,000
Deborah L. and George K. Mehok37150 Jackson Road$1,450,000
100 Mountain View LLC0 Mountain View Drive$1,250,000
Adam Friedman15 Cableknoll Lane$1,200,000
Joseph Purton and Peter Vertes38095 Chagrin Blvd.$935,000
Andrew and Shannon Zelman105 Woodburn Drive$925,000
Cynthia B Hartz and James C. Ritchie90 Riverstone Drive$885,000
Andrew R. and Lily Simon25 Woodburn Drive$856,750
Douglas and Julie Bloom20 Easton Lane$755,500
Brett and Courtney Zelman60 Juniper Lane$745,000
Janine and Robert Scher75 Juniper Lane$745,000
Jessica and Jonathan Sumers100 Twin Acre Court$742,000
Norbert and Sandra Truderung0 Glen Rear$700,000
Flashhouse Cle East LLC75 Lochspur Lane$640,000
Robert F. and Victoria Ware4080$605,000
Olga Demidova37045 Chagrin Blvd.$600,000
Valley Point LLC0 Chagrin Blvd.$550,000
Jeffrey and Katherine Wenham105 Hunting Trail$540,000
Avery Warner55 Farwood Drive$537,000
Jamie and Matthew Goldberg55 Farwood Drive$537,000
Carl Y. and Rafa Saab35 E. Juniper Lane$531,800
Jesse A. and Lauren Sobol55 Stonewood Drive$530,000
Remo Difranco and Sabrina S Moscatiello220 Sterncrest Drive$515,000
Amanda L. Harris and David J. Cole30 Stonehill Lane$499,000
Rachael E. and Samuel A. Goldberg10 Fox Glen Road$482,500
Charles Docs10 Skyline Drive$470,000
John MacChiarella and Katie Kostura34700 Jackson Road$455,000
Chipmunk Hill LLC268 Bentleyville Road$435,000
Isa L. and Zoltan Hargitai162 Strawberry Lane$413,000
John K. Ament and Shannon Harrell31200 Emery Road$399,000
James M. Hurley and Meghan E Scully160 Glen Road$399,000
Lauren E. R. and William G. Copeland4024 Ellendale Drive$398,000
Jason and Mary Breininger65 Hemlock Lane$390,000
MacDonald Properties LLC34550 Chagrin Blvd.$385,000
Anton Komar and Natalia D Tararova38075 Chagrin Blvd.$365,000
Nathan and Stephanie Grubbs376 Miles Road$362,000
Anchalee and Benjamin Natelson3901 Ellendale Road$350,000
Michael Moses Amended & Restated (declaration of trust)165 Hickory Lane$345,000
Stefanie I Schreibman0 Chagrin River$340,500
Pamela D Lynch160 Murwood Drive$340,000
Patricia Ann Rubens and Sidney B. Grant95$339,000
Eric P. and Sthefany Seegott75 Strawberry Lane$327,500
Larry Bloch Homes LLC0 Chagrin Blvd.$320,000
Mario J Kaseda38929 Berkeley Ave.$315,000
Allison S. and Anthony F. Ray39155 Woodland Road$287,000
Corey B Roth180 Canyon Drive$285,000
Mary S. Bobeck33650 Jackson Road$275,000
Brian &Karen Frederick (living trust) and Brian R. and Karen J. Frederick0 Ellendale Road$273,000
Jonathan and Stephany Bass0 Mountain View Drive$265,000
2014 Properties LLC140 Glen Road$258,000

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