Top 100 Margate, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Margate, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 1,277 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $215,000 in Margate.

Top 100 home sales in Margate for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Renania Corp.1150 80th Ave.$4,500,000
Tamarac Ss Associates LLC375 61st Terrace$3,500,000
Margate Apartments LLC451 Banks Road 1-8$3,250,000
Matt and Nicole Heath6395 Ocean Drive$474,900
Keith Johnson and Ilona Gesmundo7530 29th St.$460,000
Norman Robert and Carol Rae Ford7456 22nd St.$450,000
Hernan Poveda and Adriana Canon7901 19th Court$445,000
Jermaine and Lashonda M. Brown6980 18th Court$445,000
Jeffrey D Burgess2199 Rock Island Road$445,000
Hericberto Velez-Morales and Carolina Velez3145 72nd Ave.$430,000
Algin Bryan and Carlus Coley2741 74th Ave.$430,000
Arnaldo Romulo Alvarado and Aida L Montalvo7700 Sunflower Drive$430,000
Zony Michele and Dan A. Muniz6954 19th Court$430,000
Frangenie Benoit3481 Greenview Terrace$428,000
Quentin White Jr. and Danielle White1908 80th Ave.$427,000
Marcea Marrissa Carrero and Alison Mosely6887 32nd St.$418,000
Shane Lowe7251 24th Court$413,500
Kristen Marie Guerra and Jose Escobar7140 30th Court$412,500
Patrick V. Baisley and Nikole E Jones6846 32nd St.$412,500
Joy Chambers Nicholas2929 68th Lane$411,000
Michelle Stacy McGregor7775 Highlands Circle$410,000
Tomeka N McKenzie3079 Bayberry Way$410,000
Jonathan Adam Rein and Hallie Alyssa Daly7680 Belmonte Blvd.$410,000
Sebastian Gonzalez Garcia3038 Marion Ave.$407,500
Alloy Golding-Williams3151 Bayberry Way$405,000
Omar McDonald and Marta M McDonald Nicholson7773 Highlands Circle$400,000
Diego Israel Coronel and Daniela Martinez3218 Marion Ave.$400,000
Maxwel Bernardo Tomaz1912 77th Ave.$400,000
Max Caze6955 19th Court$400,000
Edward P. Johnson and Ruth Ann Miller6984 19th Court$400,000
Tristan A. and Dulcie V. Rose2900 69th Ave.$399,000
Josefina and Girony Dort7660 23rd St.$396,000
Jason Patrick Brushaber2820 52nd Terrace$396,000
Eric St. and Stephanie St. Fleur2631 63rd Ave.$395,250
Maxie Antonio Callaghan7721 Highlands Circle$395,000
Fernando and Vanessa Lennon7527 25th St.$395,000
Damian Fronzaglia7600 18th Court$395,000
Robert and Audrey and Dustin Ward5340 29th Court$391,000
Pierre F Cadet7630 Normande Court$390,000
Owen and Davela D. Martina and Dowayne A. Martin6871 34th St.$390,000
Valter and Rosane Gravino Vieira5523 Ninth Place$390,000
Andrei Harris2850 69th Ave.$389,900
Andrea C Hamilton and Tana Dejean2103 73rd Lane$389,340
Chris-Paul Blair6336 Ocean Drive$389,000
Eduardo A. Valladares and Elzbeth Pineiro6620 Eighth Court$389,000
Rosemary Socolovitch3078 Bayberry Way$388,000
Rhea A. and Romar Anthony D. Rivera3430 Greenview Terrace$388,000
John Emil and Maria Elena Moffitt7432 Parkside Lane$388,000
Gregory L Estevez Suarez and Yochabel Alguino6735 Sixth St.$388,000
Justin Allen Block6326 Lakeshore Drive$387,900
Jeffrey and Jessica Ouimette6306 Lakeshore Drive$386,500
Angela M Marchione3098 Marion Ave.$386,000
Holand and Mireille P. Emmanuel2824 79th Ave.$386,000
Widlune Lana Adams3103 72nd Ave.$385,000
Mark A. Kring Jr.2850 Sable Circle$385,000
Vinee-Ann and Jose M. Tebar1803 78th Ave.$385,000
Alphonse F Mauro and Rosemary McGinn5381 29th Court$385,000
Mark A. Roloff Jr. and Kaitlin Roloff2918 51st Terrace$385,000
Barry W. and Karen James380 Martin Road$384,000
Lian Angel Villalobo and Valerie Carolina Zapata Santillan5901 Sable Circle$383,000
Pierry Tertulien1486 66th Ave.$383,000
Andy F Carberry and Pauline Silvera61 Palm Drive$383,000
Patricia Allyson Laury7793 Highlands Circle$381,000
Betania Alexis7696 Highlands Circle$380,000
Nick Felix, Nella Metellus and Nelta Titus3104 Marion Ave.$380,000
Mohammad Haider and Zesmin Rehana6927 27th Court$380,000
Eduardo Rafael Diaz6327 22nd Court$380,000
James P. Friedlander2818 52nd Terrace$380,000
Osmond Osborne4945 12th St.$380,000
Akk 6050 LLC6050 Ninth St. 1-4$380,000
Luis Ortiz and Rodecia Sabala6710 20th St.$378,000
Youkarh Saint Juste3061 Bayberry Way$377,000
Yoland Y Cooper6880 29th Court$376,000
Stanley Hooper6588 Buena Vista Drive$375,000
David Francis and Linda Charlene Arsenault1886 65th Ave.$375,000
Jose Rodriguez6660 20th St.$375,000
Glen A. and Diana A. Wiley6970 23rd St.$375,000
Thi Cam Loan Nguyen2116 76th Way$375,000
Begum Saudia Roan and Hadeeyah Rozan6921 Ninth Court$375,000
Christopher Belton and Manoucheka Isidor-Belton6111 Sixth St.$375,000
Lena R. Rossello112 Palm Drive$375,000
Nelta V. Delamar and Fritz Saintil Delamar5010 11th Place$375,000
Edilson and Rosane Braz7765 Highlands Circle$373,890
Lizzette Berrios and Rosanna Pichardo6954 Columbia Court$373,500
Sander Marc and Andeline Fortil Gesse7581 29th St.$370,000
Steven and Jovania Dietz3163 Bayberry Way$370,000
Joel Brady and Narda Walker3420 Greenview Terrace$370,000
Roosevelt Jean and Magalie Jean Baptiste6891 34th St.$370,000
Logan and Richard Kent7681 28th St.$370,000
Carolyn Jo and Chad Alan Lykins, Robert B. Cohoon, Cybill Lynette Trader and Jason R Trader1900 79th Terrace$370,000
Heber Adin Acevedo and Yesenia Aviles2040 69th Terrace$370,000
Shakita Arease and Marcus Vernard Mills2201 69th Terrace$370,000
Dinh and Trinh Van Le and Vang Thi Lephan7303 Royal Palm Blvd.$370,000
Deonarine and Shivana Maharaj7359 Cypress Drive$370,000
Richard Gainous Jr.510 69th Terrace$370,000
Dinesh K Warren5341 30th Court$370,000
Natalie M. Berdeguez and Eric Nieves6900 Martin Road$370,000
Kenneth Taylor521 62nd Ave.$370,000
William Hesler and Cleve Campbell5571 10th Place$370,000
Obsner Romnis Germinal and Bernadia Marc3212 Marion Ave.$369,900

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