Top 50 Mountain Center, California home sales for 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Mountain Center, California in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 63 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $458,000 in Mountain Center.

Top 50 home sales in Mountain Center for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Camille Enterprises LLC35371 Butterfly Peak Drive$1,390,000
Frazar Gail L. Family Trust60628 Table Mountain Road$1,250,000
Hop Patch Holdings LLC59313 Hop Patch Spring Road$1,180,000
Jeffrey Lynn and Andrea Catherine Bracken59570 Devils Ladder Road$1,150,000
Robin K. Perdomo (trust)61300 San Vito Circle$1,025,000
Mark S. Garfield, Mark and Laurie Garfield (trust)71125 Star Shadow Road$850,000
Anthony Charles and Maggie Alegria Henderson37043 Goldshot Creek Road$823,000
Lion Peak Rsa LLC36728 Lionpeak$819,000
David Michael Madigan and Andrew Paul Velberg36285 Tool Road$795,000
Peter and Chris Peters60477 Devils Ladder Road$775,000
Terrance L. and Lana Pepin60266 Hop Patch Spring Road$752,000
Michael Baginski and Philip Chilson56375 Big Horn Drive$675,000
Brian F Rapp and Tyler N. Flood56970 Indian Springs$650,000
Brandie Shipley and Johnny Shipley Jr.36621 Lion Peak Road$640,000
Brandon and Valerie Hoskins60900 Devils Ladder Road$635,000
Kristofas P Butkys and Kelley R Oconnor60405 Scenic Drive$630,000
Robert Eugene Blake and Jack Wade Cox Jr.60495 Yucca Trail$630,000
Rex Francisco Rowe and Kiyomi Lopez59387 Hop Patch Spring Road$629,000
Michael Dean and Stephanie Jeanne Vandenberg35681 Butterfly Peak Road$629,000
Blair Alan and Rachel Webrand53247 McKenzie Lane$625,000
Timothy E. and Cheryl A. Forbes, Tim and Cheryl Forbes (trust)59430 Avenida La Cumbre$620,000
George Elliott and Ambrosia Howell59562 Hop Patch Spring Road$610,000
Brandon and Lesley McCurley36211 Tool Road$599,000
Joe Vennie Hinojoza35680 Tool Road$585,000
Clement Edward, Nancy Ann, Brian Edward and Jill Andrea Tremblay36186 Butterfly Peak Road$575,000
Sandra Hyatt-Ruggiero and Ruggiero Louis Michael & Sandra Hyatt-Ruggiero Family Trust59967 Devils Ladder Road$550,000
Julie Laughton69777 Burlwood Drive$550,000
Adrian N Cadena36430 Butterfly Peak Road$518,000
Jeremy L. and Monica Irene Parsons60189 Devils Ladder Road$504,000
Aaron and Brooke Thompson59905 Avenida La Cumbre$500,000
Bryan and Melissa De Loss59533 Hop Patch Spring Road$475,000
Sean G. Fischer and Seve (trust)61323 Chillon Heights$458,000
Daniel F. and Dora L. Maher59911 Hop Patch Spring Road$450,000
Alan Doyle Foley58761 Avenida Los Feliz$450,000
Ryan Hope60525 Santa Rosa Drive$412,000
Jacklyn Theresa White59225 Avenida La Cumbre$392,000
Helen Martha Randolph David and Joshua Randolph Enriquez Randolph David28246 McCall Park Road$385,000
Muller Jane Rita 2019 (trust)69215 Buck Drive$380,000
Heliana Tannus and Andre Tannus McGarry60766 Table Mountain Road$371,000
Jeremy Eugene and Melina Fern Prior28625 McCall Park Road$360,000
Shirley A. Scott61731 Indian Hill Road$360,000
Brandy L Eaton and Aaron W. Marshall69660 Burlwood Drive$344,000
Denise R Adams59317 Highway 74$319,000
David J. Landry and Alison R Kelemen70355 Mountain Park Road$319,000
Colin Lindsey and Denise Day Lindsey59325 Highway 74$315,000
Marina Gil59302 Donna Mae Place$310,000
Timothy Leroy Ellenz60675 Scenic Drive$300,000
Jose L. and Gloria Reyes and Reyes Family Trust68500 San Carlo$250,000
Wayne and Sharon Kay Leerssen and Malia Monroe59275 Highway 74$235,000
Jesus and Yanet Figueroa56510 Mitchell Road$235,000

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