Top 100 Wilton Manors, Florida home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Wilton Manors, Florida in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 441 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $405,000 in Wilton Manors.

Top 100 home sales in Wilton Manors for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ram Wilton LLC601 29th Drive$5,510,000
2640 Ivy Apartments LLC2640 Eighth Ave.$2,720,000
Ram LLC999 23rd Drive$1,680,000
Wilton Manors Realty LLC615 26th St.$1,400,000
Derek Kyle Nixson and Tod Jeffery Driskell232 23rd St.$1,335,000
Aaron Waldman2809 14th Ave.$1,300,000
Heather Waddell2017 Seventh Ave.$1,245,000
Richard Dennis234 23rd St.$1,235,000
John Fomook and Charles Lee1955 Seventh Terrace$1,225,000
Harold J. Carrow III and Donn Brian Murphy2015 Seventh Ave.$1,208,400
Aaron Vincelette and David Soons2119 15th Terrace$1,200,000
Saverio Marcus Fato (revocable trust)2035 Sixth Terrace$1,150,000
Raymond L. Thivierge2319 15th Terrace$1,099,000
Mark and Janet Patton2201 17th Terrace$1,075,000
Tatiana MacHado and Nora Negrin2125 18th Ave.$1,060,000
Kerry Tim Mills405 25th St.$1,050,000
Les Immeubles Commerciaux Murray Inc. and 9158-9937 Quebec Inc.2218 17th Ave.$1,024,000
Kenneth J. Arruda and Paul F. Skowronski2308 Seventh Ave.$999,000
Brian S. Levine (revocable trust)1948 Seventh Terrace$990,000
Konstantin Yevinzon and Yana Lempert2216 19th Ave.$950,000
Gregory Warren Martin2218 15th Terrace$950,000
Bradley S Wedding and Isis Elena Mejia Delgado2409 19th Ave.$930,000
Jeffrey J Kozak and Roy E. Davis Jr.1916 24th St.$927,000
James L. Wofford2108 First Ave.$925,000
Michael H. Kalb217 21st Court$902,500
Matthew Lloyd Steimel2841 14th Ave.$900,000
Lance K Waagner225 21st Court$887,000
Viktor J Hess and Alan H Karo309 21st Court$880,000
Austin Flannery2317 19th Ave.$875,000
Armando Oliva and Thomas Matthew Swingly2111 Fifth Ave. 1-6$875,000
Jason M Zannis and Ryan Yahya Karimi1025 28th Drive$850,000
Russell Clay Brockwell and Robert J. Murray113 21st St.$841,100
Dmitry Kochkin and Ekaterina Sineva2106 17th Ave.$840,000
Larry Wexler2405 Seventh Ave.$837,500
Larry Wexler2409 Seventh Ave.$832,000
Gary Tripoli2201 11th Ave. 1-2$824,000
Max Davis1935 Third Ave.$812,000
Mark H. Blecher and Lary D Aasheim2825 Third Terrace$800,000
Bruce Elvis Picanso2217 14th Ave. 1-4$788,000
David S. Rice2706 17th Terrace$785,000
Jared T Kuyt2125 14th Ave.$785,000
Kyle Oleary and Paul Oellien2225 14th Ave. 1-4$782,000
Charles T. Sochat2441 19th Terrace$770,000
Jeffrey J Kozak and Roy E. Davis Jr.2825 Third Terrace$760,000
Gourab Khan and Jason Mangelsen2817 14th Ave.$755,000
Patrick D. Ackerman2148 27th Drive$750,000
Douglas Jay and Karen B. Sullivan2157 Coral Gardens Drive$750,000
Brent D Kuenning and Charles Reynolds2133 19th Ave.$750,000
Daniel Louis Flynn and Edward Blair Townsend2112 15th Ave.$750,000
1607 25 LLC1607 25th St. 1-5$750,000
Michael D. Foley 2018 (revocable trust)37 28th Court$725,000
Bv Florida LLC2032 26th St. 1-6$720,000
Angel and Antonia Rosario2933 12th Ave.$717,500
Nigel Wayne Duhaney200 21st Court$715,000
Randy Greene2937 Ninth Terrace$715,000
Carey James and Savannah Rae Drake2201 20th Ave.$700,500
Allen Ripley Nance Jr.2833 14th Ave.$699,000
Christopher O'Neill2716 10th Terrace$698,000
Christopher J. Mangi and James S. Lombardo517 23rd St.$675,000
Imoudu Kingsley Itsede and Leslie James Durbin2924 10th Ave.$674,150
Michael E. Eramo 2012 (revocable trust)2840 17th Ave.$670,000
Richard Fulks and Christian Wilcox608 30th Court$665,000
James Edward Davidson1632 28th St.$660,000
Lenny Eichsteadt and Sealed641 24th St.$660,000
Land Lake & Sea LLC2817 10th Ave.$660,000
Wesley D. Strickland2732 16th Ave.$655,000
John Pearson Fahr and Edward Vincent Pesce2632 Third Ave.$655,000
Gregg Checani801 24th St.$653,000
Carolyn Julier2400 19th Ave.$650,000
Saverio Juan Ivanovich and Lea Ruiz Remolona2133 Third Ave.$650,000
Michael Foy Mitchell and Mark S. King2808 16th Ave.$630,000
Debra A. Perrin-Davis and William J. Davis308 20th St.$630,000
Mark S. McKenzie, Mark S. McKenzie (revocable living trust) and David H. Stephens (revocable living trust)2132 Fifth Ave.$629,900
Zakai Ben Chaim2301 Sixth Terrace$625,000
Patrick W. Winniewicz and Michael A. Barnes400 28th Drive$614,900
John M. MacKey and David M. Kalczynski632 28th St.$612,500
Benjamin Malensek and Marcus Astafan2626 Ninth Ave. 1$612,000
Francisco Antonio Diaz-Pallares and Julio Cesar Meza2616 Seventh Ave.$611,000
Brendan Patrick Hourigan and George Joseph Figliozzi2308 19th Ave.$610,000
Vincent Degracia and Jerrolyn Crooks-Degracia810 21st Drive$610,000
David Goldberg (revocable trust)2148 17th Terrace$608,300
Quocation LLC2424 Sixth Ave.$605,000
Albert Villemure2400 18th Ave.$600,000
Alberto Fernando Mattos216 30th St.$600,000
Michael C. Mali1819 26th Drive$600,000
Debora Cerasoli2720 First Way$599,000
Joachim Mulligan and Tina Gricius2803 12th Ave.$592,500
Philip John Pettit2631 14th Ave. 402$590,000
Jake D. Myers and James B. Hammons533 27th Drive$586,000
William Matthew Hurst and Christopher Lee Murlin1932 Coral Gardens Drive$585,000
Michelle Bauman2206 16th Ave.$585,000
Wendy J Klein640 28th St.$585,000
Reese S Newell2601 Seventh Ave.$585,000
Anthony Imperioso2300 Fifth Ave.$580,000
Jonathan Cesar Barker and Andrew Hooi Hon Tan2644 Ninth Ave. 9$579,000
Michael Civello2809 First Ave.$579,000
Baru Paradise LLC2300 Third Ave. 1-2$579,000
Justin Cleva and Sean Peterson Schnell316 27th Drive$575,000
Duncan and Jill Walters1009 30th St.$575,000
Seven Stars Property LLC1416 23rd St. 1-2$575,000

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