Mount Prospect, Illinois had a median home sale price of $301,000 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Mount Prospect, Illinois in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 647 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $301,000 in Mount Prospect.

Top 100 home sales in Mount Prospect for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Randall J Westman and Katelyn Schultz1121 Wheeling Road$1,075,000
Zachary J. and Andrea C. Schroeder413 Pine St.$815,000
Laurie A. and Brian J. Mundt405 We-Go Trail$775,000
200 Rand Rd Prop LLC204 Rand Road$775,000
Andrew and Katherine Sinnen1818 Bonita Ave.$754,000
Daniel G. and Cecilia Abrego916 Elm St.$720,000
Scott Alan Miller and Preciosa B Buhay-Miller110 Bobby Lane$690,000
Timothy M. and Ortensia A. Napolitano Feuerborn711 I-Oka Ave.$665,000
Maria L. Kurtjian Hernandez1120 Meadow Lane$645,000
Michael S. Hall (trustee), O. Hall Jessico (trust) and Michael S. Hall (trust)1460 Lonnquist Blvd.$635,000
551 Cap Group LLC551 Dempster St.$629,000
Jill M. and Raymond E. Doerner16 I-Oka Ave.$600,000
Peter and Vayoula Tourlis412 Craig Court$595,000
Keon and Hyewon Rachel Ryu1435 Bonita Ave.$592,000
Chloe J. Majkowski114 Emerson St.$582,000
Annie L. Au1707 Lincoln St.$571,500
Mathew M Ginson1030 Cardinal Lane$570,000
Michele Peradotti219 Maple St.$565,000
Rodina and Mohammad Khan811 Newberry Lane$565,000
Mlj Inv LLC525 Dempster St.$555,000
Sarah Walter and Thomas Stehura1204 Robin Lane$555,000
Angelo Albert and Stephanie Cannizzaro1703 Frediani Court$550,000
Gregg Devine and Hadley Skeffington-Vos500 I-Oka Ave.$550,000
Anemone Real Estate Group LLC712 Ivanhoe Lane$550,000
Margaret S. and Patrick Gabrel417 Pine St.$545,000
Jennifer S. and Daniel L. Zapler719 Emerson St.$543,000
Julie T. and George A. Bueno1718 Martha Lane$525,000
Andrew and Elizabeth Sharos213 Elmhurst Ave.$520,000
Colleen Tuleo and Jeffrey Bell222 Audrey Lane$510,000
Senada and Nail Zeherovic516 Deborah Lane$504,500
Lisa and Ryan Hellgeth711 Wash.-Pella Ave.$500,500
Jeffrey and Jill Kersten806 Burning Bush Lane$500,000
Ji in Kim and Hyeongjin Song2003 Kiowa Lane$490,000
Caroline Zaia and David Azra411 Helena Ave.$487,500
Christopher A. Walsh (trustee), Nancy D. Walsh (trust), Christopher A. Walsh (trust) and Nancy D. Walsh (trustee)417 Na-Wash.-Ta Ave.$480,000
Jane E. and Teaubrian D. Clark306 Hatlen Ave.$480,000
Catherine Puchalski1107 Linden Lane$480,000
Kajal and Vipul Patel1709 Freedom Court$475,000
Angela J Trus T Mangiamele, J. Mangiamele Angela (trust) and Dominic Mangiamele (trust)1219 Lonnquist Blvd.$465,000
Michelle E Platz and Peter F. Platz Jr.830 Heritage Drive$465,000
Stefanie and George Tselos128 Horner Lane$464,000
Jennifer K. and David McDonald119 Waverly Ave.$460,000
Venera Nurdin1001 Ardyce Lane$460,000
Alicja Rhodes113 Pine St.$460,000
Dorothy A. Baade-Haring and Richard R. Haring2828 Briarwood Drive$455,000
Jacqueline and Rick Richardson943 Quince Lane$455,000
Cyriac Chandy and Ronald Mathew303 Eric Court$450,000
Nicole Narcisa120 Fairview Ave.$450,000
Mary Kate McLaughlin and Joel De Leon718 Fairview Ave.$450,000
Kevin and Breanne K. Carro1008 Westgate Road$448,000
Matthew R. and Jeanine M. Ogorek801 Deborah Lane$447,500
Wilbur and Annette Velez1415 Althea Lane$447,500
Cynthia Ann Wong McCowin2711 Elayne Court$445,000
Mihindukulasooriya Dhammini Chamandi Fernando and Randeny Koralalage Tharindu Randeny900 We-Go Trail$443,500
Kari A. and Joseph S. Commare203 Orchard Place$442,000
Laura Butolph and Tyrone Adriani1202 Westgate Road$442,000
Rachel W. and Michael J. Nabolotny315 Marcella Road$440,000
Joyce Cristina and Joyce Martin1803 Estates Drive$439,000
Daniel L. and Amanda Ellis716 Louis St.$439,000
Nevin and Shelley Nelson316 Helena Ave.$435,000
Eugene Thomas Dubinski and Stacy J Bubinski400 Berkshire Lane$435,000
Laura Z. and Brian T. Maye314 Kenilworth Ave.$435,000
Penny A. and Brian Kasper918 Maple St.$435,000
Karlin A. Paone and Nicholas R. Baum1002 Gregory St.$435,000
Myungcheol Doo and Misun Kang1804 Hopi Lane$435,000
John P. and Laura Domagala1202 Ironwood Drive$435,000
Rani Ganesan and Erik D Gutierrez522 Emerson St.$433,500
Gabriela Chowaniak1404 Althea Lane$433,000
Mark A. and Vivian Lysakowski1136 Thomas Moore Terrace$431,500
Paul A. Reda and Emily B. Clinard900 Na-Wash.-Ta Ave.$430,000
David J. Raleigh and Laura J. Swanlund507 Sunset Road$430,000
Pat Giorgas and Anthony Sherlock1538 Buxton Court A2$430,000
Dara and Peter J. Kosich1724 Maya Lane$430,000
Lori and Christopher T. Martin1818 Azalea Lane$430,000
James D. McIntyre Jr. and Brianna L. McIntyre300 Waverly Ave.$428,000
Jessica Simon905 Tower Drive$426,500
Sam N. Lazechko and Taylor A. Justman102 Sunset Road$425,000
Guillermo Morales and Andrea Palmisano-Morales811 Waverly St.$425,000
Daniel A. and Karen A. Potter1612 Barberry Lane$425,000
Jordana and Mark Jayniel Gonzalez Ramos200 Emerson St.$425,000
Margaret P. and Ryan P. Phillips1701 Martha Lane$424,000
Michael and Kristen Seward906 Edward St.$420,000
Mtichel D. and Katie L. Kenoe17 Maple St.$420,000
Thomas P. Krauss106 Elm St.$420,000
Kristin L. and John M. Lutton519 Pine St.$420,000
Laura M. Lowe and James A. Tabel811 Na-Wash.-Ta Ave.$420,000
Amanda M. and Tyler S. Gratz1115 Greenwood Drive$420,000
Justin Lehocky and Sasha Sadeghizadeh1627 Dogwood Lane$420,000
Philip Selin and Philip Ajith1110 Juniper Drive$420,000
Abraham Roy and Jacob Seenamol612 Bob-O-Link Road$419,000
Ryan Thomas and Stephen White Ellis631 Edward St.$418,000
Joanna Salomon and Jacek Trzaska1761 Carib Lane$415,000
Diana Padron-Halpin and Bryan M Halpin4 School St.$415,000
Jacob M. Stolmeier and Elizabeth M. Powers417 Russell St.$411,000
Evelyn and Kevin J. Omalley803 Carol Lane$410,000
Danielle Addante and Brian Roginski817 Na-Wash.-Ta Ave.$410,000
Aaron M. Jackson1721 Rusty Drive$410,000
Meghan Ryan1807 Pheasant Lane$410,000
Kerrin K Riley221 Maple St.$410,000
Gloria and Joseph Kang1412 Columbine Drive$410,000

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