Top 100 Harrisburg, North Carolina home sales for 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Harrisburg, North Carolina in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to

In 2020, there were 396 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $309,250 in Harrisburg.

Top 100 home sales in Harrisburg for 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Shea Investment Fund 5 LLC4025 Stallings Road$1,813,500
Amethyst J. and Brian C. Mann9630 Reedy Lane$1,350,000
Courtney Paige and Joshua Lloyd Willis3520 McKees Court$729,000
Colin Brothers and Erica Brothers10579 Hickory Ridge Road$725,000
Abbey Kathleen and James Blackburn Manning3835 Grovesner St.$685,000
Huma Kasumbi and Imran Parekh4712 Myers Lane$632,500
Megan and Steven Baker3843 Thatcher Circle$620,000
Jerry and Kelly Redfern2058 Woodstream Road$590,000
Margaret L. and Michael J. Laskowski8535 Twickenham Terrace$572,500
Karen Lynne Benner7730 Windsor Forest Place$565,000
Holly N. H. and Pernell Moore9236 Sanger Court$560,000
Louis Mourelatos6306 River Front Drive$560,000
Mohammed Alshaikh, Mohammed Alsheikh and Dima Kailani4110 French Fields Lane$545,000
Milton Frazier3540 Grace Church St.$529,000
Aaron C. and Amy M. Fearne9533 Millen Drive$528,000
Ralph McGee III and Kimberly Zegil4412 Britley Lane$525,000
George W. Stapleton Jr. and Sabine Stapleton4101 Thames River Place$525,000
Braton and Sheri White8820 Thatcher Place$525,000
Jovita and Ryan Newman3836 French Fields Lane$525,000
Barbara Jeanne and Michael Shane Duke4388 Britley Lane$520,000
Christopher and Jennifer Glasser4684 Snow Drive$515,000
Marie Brown-Mercadel and Alvin and Marie Brown Mercadel8070 Heatherstone Drive$510,000
James E. and Leandra Walker7616 Windsor Forest Place$508,000
Mark E. and Michelle Cooper8519 Twickenham Terrace$501,000
Nei Global Relocation Co.9153 Kensington Forest Drive$500,000
Mohammed Aamir Najeeb Karimi and Saman Saad Siddiqui9153 Kensington Forest Drive$500,000
Fatoumata Bah and Mamadou Korka Diallo8551 Twickenham Terrace$492,000
Artrailyes Denise Carter3834 Hounslow Lane$490,000
Griffin Daniel and Nicole Rennie Rice9536 Millen Drive$488,500
Catherine Y. and Stephen W. Moore3926 Balmoral Ave.$487,000
Lori Campbell and Anthony McCullough4226 French Fields Lane$485,000
Katherine E. and Stephan R. Knorr9160 Kensington Forest Drive$481,500
Carol E. and Scott M. Hoover4106 Burnage Hall Road$480,500
Anna Lisa and James Aaron Dain10634 Sweethaven Lane$480,000
James Andrews and Katherine Eanes Amato4350 Queensbury Drive$480,000
Molly Vang and Thai Xiong8200 Craighead Road$480,000
Derek B. and Jewella B. Thomas2682 Red Maple Lane$475,000
Crystal and Robert Anderson8715 Savannah Road$470,000
Farouk Sattar and Zeeshan Farouk Makani8723 Savannah Road$470,000
Patricia N. Dixon-Johnson and Patricia N. Dixon Johnson3918 Grovesner St.$465,000
Joann Lee and Marvin Gibbs2070 Woodstream Road$465,000
Baf 1 LLC3616 McDuff Court$465,000
Katie Z. and Lue Vang2589 Shamrock Road$460,000
Jeremy and Mary Wall7989 Heatherstone Drive$460,000
Jennifer J. and Stuart A. Williams4361 Queensbury Drive$459,500
Chelsea D. and Steven E. Smith4672 Snow Drive$455,000
Kaneez Fatima and Atif Saeed9011 Kensington Forest Drive$455,000
Hailey Bost and Zachary Michael Horning3893 Hounslow Lane$455,000
Chauncey Equan and Latika Williams McLeod9383 Leyton Drive$454,500
Leonard Corley and Vanessa Thompson4364 Abernathy Place$450,000
Alayna Powell and Christopher Robst4307 Abernathy Place$450,000
Janice V. and Wayne A. Holt0 Leyton Drive$450,000
Peter and Seonghye Kim4226 Green Park Court$447,000
Brandon Richard and Jennifer Lee McGuire9403 Leyton Drive$447,000
Shaun Redmond4736 Myers Lane$440,000
Donnie L. and Ebony N. Berry4304 Abernathy Place$440,000
Lauren A. Himebaugh and James Andrew Kegarise9621 Callis Court$435,000
Abby and Shawn C. Lovins8831 Tarrington Drive$435,000
Angela Michelle and Brian Mull7901 Grimsby Circle$430,000
Jennifer D. and Ryan R. Schillo4412 Queensbury Drive$428,500
Joseph D. and Leigh Calton Peterson3106 Sea Island Lane$427,000
Anthony Paul II and Lisa B. Folino8825 Landsdowne Ave.$425,000
Dana and Mitchel Blue3622 Burnage Hall Road$425,000
Harold Vann and Jill Marie Bradshaw4711 Myers Lane$424,000
Yaoyao Dai and Benjamin James Radford8905 Landsdowne Ave.$423,000
David Jacob and Lauren Barbee Townsend3251 Cabana Way$420,000
Jeremy Lamar and Latresha Bennett Jackson7758 Pleasant Valley Drive$419,000
Amanda Buie and James Travis Rice4900 Sherbourne Drive$416,000
Ptnrp Sph One LLLP8905 Landsdowne Ave.$416,000
James Carlton4510 Courtyard Blvd.$415,000
Jack Borders (trustee), Vicky M. Borders (trustee) and Borders (living trust)3833 Hounslow Lane$415,000
Benjamin and Michelle Simpson8472 Whitworth Ave.$415,000
Christopher K. and Jennifer K. Hollar and Judy U. Pitts9712 Ashmore Lane$414,000
John D. and Victoria Mylabathula1977 Woodstream Road$411,500
Ribbon Home Spv II LLC4709 Straw Court$410,000
Robert and Stephanie Bowers Haigler8465 Mossycup Trail$410,000
Bindu Chintaparthi and Richard Williams2655 Red Maple Lane$410,000
Roeun Kuong and Vanary Savann7727 Pleasant Valley Drive$409,000
Karen Louise Lalama and Mark Richard Sellin10254 Culpepper Court$405,000
Raymond and Theresa Lepage8438 Locksley Drive$405,000
Deborah Graney and Joshua Alan Collins4616 Snow Drive$405,000
Katelyn Jessup4198 Abernathy Place$405,000
Uma V. and Venkat Ramanujam4893 Pepper Drive$403,000
David G. and Janice Cannon7622 Cotton St.$400,000
William James Canipe8018 Cotton St.$399,500
Gloria Margarita and Jose Gerardo Zelaya2641 Cherry Laurel Drive$395,000
Jenesha and Marvis Fetterson5337 Bedfordshire Ave.$393,000
Richard Wayne Henderson and Christy Leigh Kathke7927 Grimsby Circle$390,000
Candice M. and James R. Roberts7910 Tottenham Drive$390,000
Angel Jackson8453 Mossycup Trail$390,000
Kathleen A. and William B. Caudle7635 Cotton St.$390,000
Robert J. and Sandra M. Galante2645 Cherry Laurel Drive$388,000
Stanley Martin Companies LLC9089 Robinson Church Road$387,000
Vishwanath Sreeraman and Meera Sridhar10544 Springcrest Drive$387,000
Rulondo Tehran Anderson Sr. and Stacey Chatman Anderson2013 Beechmont Drive$386,500
Eric Patrick and Montie S.-J Konieczny2114 Oakcliffe Court$384,000
Keziah and Ryan Hubler408 Dogwood Lane$382,000
Gary and Margaret Healy Malool5020 Flagstone Court$382,000
Dawn Evans-Hayes and Dawn Evans Hayes8807 Savannah Road$381,500
Chelsea Lynn and Timothy Shane Connolly5375 Bedfordshire Ave.$380,000

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