Top 50 Addison, Illinois home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Addison, Illinois in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 73 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $259,000 in Addison.

Top 50 home sales in Addison for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Niles First Re LLC905 Westwood Ave.$2,600,000
Store Master Funding XVII LLC905 Westwood Ave.$2,600,000
Davey Tree Expert Co.2 Lombard Road$2,300,000
Romexterra Investment LLC750 Annoreno Drive$1,680,000
Factory 206 LLC206 Factory Road$1,385,000
Lgt Management LLC679 Winthrop Ave.$1,000,000
608 W Winthrop LLC608 Winthrop Ave.$960,000
Deep Consultants LLC659 Swift Road$651,000
Donald A. and Fidelia Avila463 Clubview Court$550,000
Vipulkumar Bhailalbhai and Hetalben Patel965 Stonehedge Drive$525,000
Mohammad Zohaib Taqvi1315 Sable Drive$480,500
Soyla Cardenas and Mumtaz Japanwala1320 Sable Drive$475,000
Adolfo Sanchez and Dora Marquez970 Stonehedge Drive$460,500
Ezequiel Castaneda224 Michael Lane$430,000
Henry and Gayle L. Dominicis2421 Nicola Court$410,000
Sameer Sakaria821 Stone Court$406,000
Deborah Mascarella404 Wilson Lane$355,000
Manuel D. and Rita Herrera806 Veterans Parkway$355,000
Performance Builders Inc.433 Palmer Ave.$350,000
Maryanna Callas Sehr and Peter J. Callas750 Lombard Road$339,000
Aarron Gonzalez and Jennifer Lomeli1843 Sherry Lane$326,000
Jonovan and Rosio Souchet800 Cherry St.$326,000
Not Available17 Red Oak Ave.$325,000
Chinnamma and Thadathil Kurian Varghese263 Baynard Road$322,000
Darius A. Shams and Erika Valdivia1714 Stone Ave.$320,000
Christopher and Michele Davenport473 Pioneer Drive$312,500
Mark A. Marcus and Ramsina O Naddo431 Regal Court$297,500
Miguel Osorio1255 Foxdale Drive$285,000
Edwin Renteria1170 Millns Court$285,000
Ravi Gangaraju1825 Holtz Ave.$283,500
Samantha J. Cerf1318 Byron Ave.$283,000
Jose Peralta828 Heritage Drive$279,500
Thomas J. Power and Kay a Power664 Eggerding Drive$272,000
Hari K Pasupuleti607 Lincoln Ave.$265,000
Mayra Avendano and Praxed Andrade260 Diversey Ave.$260,000
Lukas J Traylor and Erika Sanchez Ontiveros1835 Amelia Lane$259,000
Alvaro D Mercado Delgado296 Wesley Drive$259,000
John T. Zippman1101 Millns Court$256,000
Francisca and Alejandra Herrera240 Michigan Ave.$255,000
Catherine Mudd1355 Amelia Lane$250,000
Norma A. Davalos266 Wesley Drive$245,000
Jose A. Gaytan204 Winthrop Ave.$245,000
Roberto Perez Garcia and Monica Castillo415 Cherry Hill Court$245,000
David Garcia Ramirez448 Cherry Hill Drive$237,000
Maurel Montero Ruiz220 Wrightwood Ave.$235,000
Miguel Campos501 Moreland Ave.$230,000
Miguel Angel Pino Gabriel and Maria Pino454 Villa Ave.$228,000
Samuel Jose Diaz Jr. and Martha E. Diaz105 Highview Ave.$221,000
Redeveloped Properties LLC541 Forest Drive$210,000
Omar Hernandez137 Highview Ave.$205,000

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