Top 50 Downers Grove, Illinois home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Downers Grove, Illinois in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 91 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $260,000 in Downers Grove.

Top 50 home sales in Downers Grove for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Downers 1034 LLC1034 Warren Ave.$1,700,000
Z Property 75 LLC1550 75th St.$1,400,000
Eric Steven and Amanda Roe Romsey4510 Seeley Ave.$1,250,000
Eric O. and Soraya Faber1245 Hawthorne Lane$1,075,000
Demetrio Cardone4136 Douglas Road$950,000
Yeung M Suen4063 Sterling Road$898,000
Jason and Jacqueline Szalanski4730 Elm St.$745,000
Peter and Meghan Tamosaitis6135 Osage Ave.$530,000
Philip C. and Julie K. Johnson1023 Mistwood Lane$515,000
Brian and Ellen H. Dee216 Shady Lane$497,000
Warren and Justine Legner540 Davis St.$495,000
Kenneth Caton5329 Main St.$450,000
Brandon D. and Antonia L. Gabry4826 Forest Ave.$442,500
Justin J. and Brook L. Barnas5416 Webster St.$431,000
Cecil E. Wolberton4836 Oakwood Ave.$430,000
John R. Gormley Jr. and June E Dale930 Curtiss Ave.$425,000
Michael Doan922 Warren Ave.$421,000
Thomas M. Hosinski5924 Belmont Road$394,000
Patrick & Paul Enterprises Inc.4609 Puffer Road$366,500
James A. and Elizabeth M. Kauz510 Claremont Drive$360,000
Brian J. and Samantha K. Piazza4908 Drendel Road$360,000
Nicole L. Rogers (trustee)2026 Warren Ave.$360,000
Tyler C. and Arielle K. Blair1724 Borman Place$350,000
Robert and Julie Marie Orozco5306 Victor St.$350,000
Stacey Vucko5443 Brookbank Road$342,000
Thomas William Coats and Nana Mkheidze2124 Midhurst Road$339,000
Joshua Matthew Drews and Kathryn Fifth Pillischafske5409 Lane Place$332,000
Timothy Thomas and Margaret Eller Lichtenste4005 Elm St.$329,000
Nathan and Donna Geers6806 Fairmount Ave.$325,000
Flordeluz M Leonida1425 Concord Place$325,000
Lisa Schuh6029 Grand Ave.$320,000
4612 Renos LLC1208 62nd St.$320,000
Jsutin Maack1321 Saylor St.$312,000
Meagan Martin6949 Meadowcrest Drive$310,000
Derrick Wayne Henderson6312 Fairview Ave.$310,000
Brett T Harrington4621 Fairview Ave.$309,000
Ashley and Brandon Deets6630 Blackstone Drive$305,000
John and Diana Jakelja1143 Gilbert Ave.$300,000
David G. Vorsanger and Lisa A. Gilzow6033 Blodgett Ave.$293,500
Ryan and Joey Marie Coughlin7050 Foster Road$284,000
Not Available5300 Florence Ave.$275,000
Ryan James Homes LLC5255 Carpenter St.$274,500
Alec R Frazier and Sarah A. Masucci4704 Cross St.$274,000
Christopher and Clara Jagielo1731 Janet St.$271,000
Daniel Oxhaku and Semiranda Mulla2001 Oxnard Drive$265,000
Nancy J. Carson6512 Wells St.$260,000
Legends Investment Group LLC5625 Aubrey Terrace$260,000
Jeffrey C. and Megan Pancini5809 Webster St.$255,000
Rosanne N. and Keith R. Potter4407 Pershing Ave.$243,000
Margaret Manzer930 Rogers St.$242,500

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