26 homes sold in Highland Park, Texas with a median home valuation of $1,442,195 in January 2020

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These are the top 10 home valuations for Highland Park, Texas in January 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In January 2020, there were 26 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $1,442,195 in Highland Park.

Top 10 home valuations in Highland Park for January 2020
Robert Tazewell Speer the (living trust)4517 Fairfax Ave.$1,187,350
Jeffry Lafar and Kathlene Sue Simmons and Simmons (living trust)4421 Southern Ave.$1,311,330
Diane L. and Steve G. Tobin3805 Mockingbird Lane$1,430,000
Tiffany Hill Luedtke4557 Belfort Ave.$1,454,390
Bell and Beverly Beckham4517 Beverly Drive$1,685,290
Patrick McGee4636 Belclaire Ave.$1,706,410
Rachel Ann Goldberger and Shawn Orme4501 Lorraine Ave.$1,810,000
Catherine R. and John Brian Zacharias4572 Arcady Ave.$1,921,150
Kamela Hollis Aboussie and Kenneth Edward Aboussie Jr.4300 Lorraine Ave.$2,483,690
Ezekiel Kaufman and Chan Joo Park4304 Potomac Ave.$2,517,760

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