Top 50 Land O Lakes, Florida home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Land O Lakes, Florida in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 93 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $298,000 in Land O Lakes.

Top 50 home sales in Land O Lakes for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
James G. Martin Jr.21335 Lake Vienna Drive$630,000
Charles David Beck Jr. and Judith Glover Beck20434 Lace Cascade Road$536,300
Carl and Colleen Shain8546 Westerland Drive$520,000
Jean M. Dockman (revocable trust), Jean M. Dockman (trustee), Willia P. Dockman Jr. (trustee) and William P. Dockman (revocable trust)19820 Strathmore Place$505,000
Selma Pasagic and Steven M. Marino22424 Oakville Drive$495,000
Maryam Kazempour Esmati and Seyed Mehdi Miri23521 Abercorn Lane$475,000
Beatriz C Jenkel3011 Downan Point Drive$467,000
Matthew Gregg and Geoffrey Lalena8312 Swiss Chard Circle$465,000
David and Marie Claude Atteberry3678 East Lake Drive$465,000
Frederick and Wendy Jackson3311 Marble Crest Drive$455,000
Leticia and Roberto E. Perez3318 Marble Crest Drive$440,000
Sarah Rodriguez and Robert Then8728 Winsome Way$415,000
Christina and Ramez J. Lahham3225 Marble Crest Drive$410,000
Aleah and Brendon Armstrong3129 Ashmonte Drive$387,000
Hueyin M. and Janice M. Kaya23350 Dinhurst Court$385,000
Denisse A. Cambria and Hanh H Tran25229 Bunting Circle$382,700
Damian Hernandez Guerra and Yainal De La Torre Perez2437 Glenview Drive$380,000
Christopher and Sylvia Gray5836 Candytuft Place$371,100
Keith and Sharon Hamilton2752 Blueslate Court$369,900
Susanne Johnson10449 Deerberry Drive$369,900
Paul Scheppf8828 Crystal Creek Court$365,000
Danielle Letizia Bockus4454 Walnut Ridge Road$359,900
Denise Ann and Slade Matthew Deyulis25302 Sherwood Drive$359,900
Rebecca Dejiulio and Kellen Gower8226 Summer Brook Court$358,000
Andrey and Svetlana Storchevyi2825 Blueslate Court$355,000
Katherine Rilley4817 Everhart Drive$355,000
Denise and Michael Wagner20024 Hidden Glen Drive$354,500
Kelly W King5151 Hartwell LP$350,000
Duke Energy Florida LLC2353 Raden Drive$350,000
Linda C. and William G. Hyer8332 Bluevine Sky Drive$346,000
Keiron Ramoutar23960 San Giovanni Drive$343,000
Giuseppina Goodman8301 Auburn Rise Court$340,400
Daniel A. and Stacey Ann Dosier24909 Hyde Park Blvd.$335,000
Kunal Manhar and Leena Patel Sejpal3723 Beneraid St.$335,000
Andrew and Kristin Bluehs9230 Zincoe Lane$329,000
Judi D Levan19852 Lonesome Pine Drive$327,000
Lorena Marie and Marcus Allen Phillips19152 Sunset Bay Drive$321,000
Michael Robert and Michelle Lynn Bond3651 Duke Firth St.$321,000
Shaquana Harper and Paul Sewell3641 Brickell Court$320,000
Jessica Peterson and Lucas Egan Winterhalter3844 Fieldflower Court$319,000
Devin Fleming17531 Balmaha Drive$315,000
Jeffrey and Michelle Stamps23908 Hastings Way$315,000
Hector Lociel Perez9552 Baton Rouge Lane$310,000
Joseph Leon Moore Jr. and Schearice Denise Moore3846 Stornoway Drive$309,900
Andrew and Lesa Pernham23726 Hastings Way$299,900
Ariel Cruz and Cruz Jules Amber Rivera18828 Parapet Place$298,000
Justin Charles and Larissa Ashley Johnson3435 East Lake Drive$298,000
Aaron Michael and Rebecca Highet Beebe21212 Preservation Drive$297,500
Clara A. Broeders and Erica Wilkes2241 Foggy Ridge Parkway$295,000
Johanna L Acuna and Frank Zadroga21749 McCallie Court$295,000

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