Weekly recap of Hollywood home sales during May 23-29, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 23-29, 2021. The median sale price was $292,650.

39 Eastmont Road
Hollywood Central$325,000
Buyer: Jacob M. Zebede
Seller: Bruce E. Constance and Jeffrey M. Bloch Constance and Marvin Holland

1329 Funston St.
Hollywood East$195,000
Buyer: Meyer Bodner
Seller: 4812 3RD Avenue LLC

610 S Park Road
Hollywood Central$220,000
Buyer: Niesi LLC
Seller: Jude Casimir and Aretha Nelson-Casimir

3807 Simms St.
Hollywood Central$370,000
Buyer: Mark and Liza Novikov
Seller: John T. and Silvia S. and Erika Browne and Michael T. and Erika Walsh

1400 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$208,000
Buyer: Stephanie Jean Scott
Seller: Floyd C. and Patricia L. Ash

1354 N. 12th Court
Hollywood East$80,000
Buyer: Dominic S Spataro and William and Carole J. Iasielo
Seller: Michael F. Barrett and Patricia A. Barrett McDonough

646 Briarwood Circle
Hollywood West$186,000
Buyer: Christine Cardozo
Seller: Patricia A. Jacks-Beattie

2201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$310,000
Buyer: Roger Hammal (revocable living trust) and Huguette Christophe Hammal (revocable living trust)
Seller: Joseph A. Cardillo

211 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$180,000
Buyer: Matthew and Karen Schulte
Seller: Nicole Christoff (revocable trust)

2243 Farragut St.
Buyer: Aysha Habbaba
Seller: Angel Maiuri

2236 Jackson St.
Hollywood East$108,000
Buyer: Antonela Catano
Seller: Cristina Ramos (revocable trust)

2713 Harding St.
Hollywood East$425,000
Buyer: Vivian Garcia and Ian Robison
Seller: William and Isabel Bright

6901 Sheridan St.
Hollywood West$225,000
Buyer: Alfredo Rodriguez
Seller: Robert and Nancy Romeo and Naney B Bram

5670 Fletcher St.
Hollywood Central$314,900
Buyer: Jose A. Ramos and Yakelin Ramirez
Seller: Ryan Emmer

2800 Van Buren St.
Hollywood East$320,000
Buyer: Boss Cleaning Services Inc.
Seller: Rafael and Mary Heidi Angarita and Mari Hade

2215 Greene St.
Hollywood East$115,000
Buyer: Juan & Family Investments LLC
Seller: Andrey Nedospelov

4030 N. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$950,000
Buyer: Darin S Leigh and Allison Diego
Seller: David Raben and Anabel M Lewis

326 Harrison St.
Hollywood East$260,000
Buyer: Patricia and Earl Langenberg
Seller: Pedro and Odalys Font

1135 Doveplum St.
Hollywood East$415,000
Buyer: Pablo Eugenio Pernia Perdomo and Gianna Corrales Sequera
Seller: Gillian M O'Neill and Gillian O'Neill (revocable trust)

1626 Fletcher St.
Buyer: Pama Secret LLC
Seller: Ccr 1626 LLC

1201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$440,000
Buyer: Phillippe J. and Jane L. Carrie
Seller: Jeffrey Rothstein and Malcia Rothstein (revocable trust)

2331 N. 58th Ave.
Hollywood Central$295,000
Buyer: Jose Ramirez
Seller: Stephanie M Leblanc and Georgia C. and Brian J. and Alexander S. Hocke

4001 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$359,000
Buyer: Varhran Sardaryan
Seller: Investments Dreams of Faith LLC

6128 Garfield St.
Hollywood West$245,000
Buyer: Jasi Services Inc.
Seller: Carl E. and Roger A. Gurganus

1500 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$21,900
Buyer: William M. Brody
Seller: Patrice Brody Sessa

2905 Pierce St.
Hollywood East$125,000
Buyer: Juan Ramon Bonifacio Tavarez and Rosa M. Rodriguez
Seller: Phuong Xuan Nguyen

3850 Washington St.
Hollywood Central$135,000
Buyer: Eduardo Fabian Prus
Seller: Brad Elaine and Rand Ackerman Elaine and Sherri Pickard

6350 Wiley St.
Hollywood West$170,000
Buyer: Philip Hurry
Seller: Louis A. and Laurie Gomer

2223 Park Lane
Hollywood Central$98,000
Buyer: Kim Paulette Krause
Seller: Juanita Marquez

4034 N. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$950,000
Buyer: Gilberto Aguila and Irina Estrada
Seller: Gilbert and Diane Suarez

3101 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$1,072,500
Buyer: David and Patricia J. Stewart
Seller: Adriana P Borysowski

6108 Cresthaven Court
Hollywood West$220,000
Buyer: Dima Solutions Inc.
Seller: Janos Komar

707 S. 19th Ave.
Hollywood East$85,000
Buyer: Alejandro Pluyer
Seller: Rina Roman

100 S. Dixie Highway
Hollywood East$227,500
Buyer: Magin Arturo Perez
Seller: Hollywood Station Holdings LLC

1551 N. 12th Court
Hollywood East$78,000
Buyer: Steve and Mary Schug
Seller: Debra Malfitano and Kathleen Spina

1430 Sheridan St.
Hollywood East$85,000
Buyer: Graham Property Investments LLC
Seller: George James Kallas

5839 Grant St.
Hollywood Central$250,000
Buyer: Keno Salomon
Seller: CS Property Management LLC

6452 McClellan St.
Hollywood West$365,000
Buyer: Harry Orvil
Seller: Efrain Nunez Jr.

2201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$218,900
Buyer: Laura Gevorgyan
Seller: Andrew Goodman and Castor Families (irrevocable trust)

2800 N. 46th Ave.
Hollywood Central$174,000
Buyer: Spencer Ellis
Seller: Susan and Thomas and Carol R. Harlos

711 N. Northlake Drive
Hollywood East$1,505,100
Buyer: Sinisa Mikalacki and Paula Correa-Mikalacki
Seller: Michael Robert and Dianna Remaly

1600 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$296,000
Buyer: Iliana Rozemberg
Seller: Ilia Gradel and Valerie Clap

6430 Roosevelt St.
Hollywood West$277,600
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: Tammy S. and Walter Gerard Trujillo

1943 Monroe St.
Hollywood East$89,000
Buyer: Ekaterina Yagodina and Denis Bodnya
Seller: Orlando Raez

2000 Buchanan St.
Hollywood East$100,000
Buyer: Sebastian Lara
Seller: Pierre-Luc and Rejean Fortier

2000 Buchanan St.
Hollywood East$100,000
Buyer: Sebastian Lara
Seller: Bonnie Villa Apts Inc.

2242 Simms St.
Hollywood East$310,000
Buyer: Jeremy and Shaheen Bullard
Seller: Ancar Global Co. LLC

1510 Dewey St.
Hollywood East$500,000
Buyer: SK Florida Homes LLC
Seller: Inessa Pozdnyakova

2101 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$312,500
Buyer: Robert Northwick III
Seller: Mary A. Cerciello

2234 Roosevelt St.
Hollywood East$470,000
Buyer: Natalia Folcini
Seller: Rpg Home Solutions LLC

2812 N. 46th Ave.
Hollywood Central$220,000
Buyer: Edward Blount
Seller: Dimitra Charitidou

1900 N. 44th Ave.
Hollywood Central$520,000
Buyer: Michael and Pamela Kohanbash
Seller: Steven J. and Linda Ellis

3850 Washington St.
Hollywood Central$175,000
Buyer: Hossein Abousaeedi
Seller: Daniel Clement

1478 Commodore Way
Hollywood East$2,350,000
Buyer: Messod Felix and Susan Zelinger Amar
Seller: Marlon D. and Erin S. Goldstein

1201 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$285,000
Buyer: Patricia G Murray
Seller: Melisande Dore and Arlene Dee Rose

1425 Arthur St.
Hollywood East$139,000
Buyer: Addison W Augustin
Seller: Maria Elena Waked

2301 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$430,000
Buyer: Patricia Patterson
Seller: Catania 605 LLC

4600 Pierce St.
Hollywood Central$395,000
Buyer: Willie James and Tammy Walden
Seller: Beatriz Araujo and Jonathan Robert Smith

100 S. Dixie Highway
Hollywood East$205,000
Buyer: Sady Ramirez Yepes
Seller: Hollywood Station Holdings LLC

542 S. Rainbow Drive
Hollywood Central$370,111
Buyer: Ramy Karo
Seller: Sabine Noel

4001 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$550,000
Buyer: Dmitri Alan Gordon
Seller: De Emesco Corp.

6464 Pershing St.
Hollywood West$450,000
Buyer: Elad Raphael Shachar and Talia Chaya Mizrahi
Seller: Javier Joel and Carole Campisi Cruz

2751 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$369,150
Buyer: Kmtg Property Management & Investments LLC
Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and American Home Mortgage 2007-1 (investment trust)

711 N. 72nd Terrace
Hollywood West$325,000
Buyer: Charlie Chen
Seller: H Allan Tucker

101 Berkley Road
Hollywood West$104,000
Buyer: Meudy Armada and Pascual Lajarin
Seller: Sandra Weiner

3229 McKinley St.
Hollywood Central$407,500
Buyer: Carlos A. Gasteazoro-Martin and Anamae Hassan Bosquez
Seller: Adam O'Sullivan and Anita O'Sullivan

2543 Pierce St.
Hollywood East$300,000
Buyer: Noel Antonio Zamora Rodriguez and Pegah Faramarzi
Seller: Yuriy Eolyan

838 Harrison St.
Hollywood East$640,000
Buyer: Matias Guillermo Nunez Sanllehi and Michelle Theresa Sanseverino
Seller: Antonio Manuel Dos Santos Calisto Pato and Jennifer Ashley Griggs

3001 S. Ocean Drive E.
Hollywood East$327,000
Buyer: Luis Alberto and Maria Isabel Sobrevilla
Seller: Deborah Wilkinson

3150 N. 36th St.
Hollywood Central$550,000
Buyer: Eli Dagan and Menucha Rochel Spalter
Seller: Neil S Braun and Braun Family (revocable trust)

3015 Lakewood Lane
Hollywood Central$290,000
Buyer: Avraham Natan Avrishomi and Shterna Sarah Malasky
Seller: Judith Koch, Koch Family Trust and Arthur M Birken

2501 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$372,000
Buyer: Orson Pino and Ivette C Vega
Seller: Justa O. Aguiar (revocable trust)

4804 Sheridan St.
Hollywood Central$273,000
Buyer: Ilan Shaltiel
Seller: Madonir LLC

1410 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$322,000
Buyer: Nestor David Durango Dickson
Seller: Julia M. Duarte Da Rosa

1830 Dixieanna St.
Hollywood East$140,000
Buyer: Tzay Lin Hsieh
Seller: Christine Goldstein and Irene J. Mennella (trust)

6112 Garfield St.
Hollywood West$269,900
Buyer: Eduardo and Donna Dayrit
Seller: Bobby Brown Jr. and Meghan R Brown

2317 Roosevelt St.
Buyer: Gleb Belozerov and Larisa Belozerova
Seller: C & F Real E Management Inc.

810 N. 70th Ave.
Hollywood West$140,000
Buyer: Ramzan and Crushied Roshanali
Seller: Hanna R. and Sara B. Amstutz, Sehrma E Roth and Rebecca Carruth

2510 N. 38th Ave.
Hollywood Central$290,300
Buyer: Joanne Sue Jupiter
Seller: Monica Cardona

5915 Hope St.
Hollywood Central$305,000
Buyer: Jorge L. and Rachel Carrillo
Seller: Alba Soriano and Francisco Rodriguez Pena

231 Briarwood Circle
Hollywood West$160,000
Buyer: Anita Belle Lorenz
Seller: Maria Dumanowsky and Marie Bihun Dumanowsky-Cabrera

6325 Grant Court
Hollywood West$310,000
Buyer: Rolando Miro and Dayana Risell
Seller: Rosa Perez

2519 Harding St.
Hollywood East$271,000
Buyer: Ypa LLC
Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB (trustee) and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust V.-B

2846 Adams St.
Hollywood East$265,000
Buyer: Daniel Goehmann
Seller: Marie A. Dufour and Stephen Bonville

3801 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East$410,000
Buyer: Jorge A. Navarro Tobon and Claudia E Restrepo Arboleda
Seller: Miami Luxury Homes LLC

3001 Lakewood Lane
Hollywood Central$299,000
Buyer: Michael James Scopinich
Seller: Patricia and Marvin Glick

1224 Taylor St.
Hollywood East$1,680,000
Buyer: Louise Schatzi Kassal (living trust)
Seller: Zaki and Sylvie Fallot Ftaiha

708 S. Southlake Drive
Hollywood East$600,000
Buyer: Beker 2021 Family Trust
Seller: Donald Herzog

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