Lake County had a median home sale price of $170,000 of 470 homes in June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Lake County in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 470 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $170,000 in Lake County.

Top 100 home sales in Lake County for June 2021
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
A C C InvestmentsMadison7700 Warner Road$950,000
Kevin M. and Traci A. LancyMentor8237 Lake Shore Blvd.$869,900
Donald J. and Heather L. RiddleWaite Hill9715 Smith Road$720,000
Robert and Adrian BankstonWilloughby Hills36100 Maple Grove Road$700,000
Donna Hawkins and Matthew StephensLakeline33701 Lake Shore Blvd.$670,000
Franjo and Emily VladicWaite Hill4750 Figgie Drive$650,000
Andrew Jordan and Katherine May GrierWilloughby Hills2389 Pine Valley Drive$650,000
Joseph C PasserellWilloughby4668 River St.$625,000
Quinton C. and Margaret Michelle ChapmanKirtland Hills9035 Little Mountain Road$615,000
Maureen and Peter T. Zeller and Christine Z. and James R. PapaNorth Madison7593 Lake Shore Blvd.$599,900
James W. and Kimberly M. TeknippPainesville11555 Monarch Court$570,000
Jason A. and Nadezhda A. MillerWilloughby Hills34205 Rosewood Trail$569,900
Ashley RobertsMadison5656 Ledge Road$555,000
Brian P Barninger and Mindy MenkeMentor7637 Ellington Place$550,000
Michael M. Sager and Melinda Jane ShimrockKirtland10430 Wilbert Drive$532,500
Frederick and Michele CarothersPainesville10946 Quail Hollow Drive$501,000
Mark J. and Barbara M. ContornoPainesville11010 Quail Hollow Drive$500,000
Peter G. and Mary D. JoyceWilloughby39505 Tudor Drive 4$496,900
Melissa N. and Jeffrey YuhasPainesville5745 Canyon View Drive$485,000
Frederick C. TeckmyerMentor9473 Timberidge Court$470,000
Joseph Daniel and Kellie Ann WatrobskiMentor8951 Doral Drive$455,000
Gerald J. and Chelsea R. RubinoKirtland9077 Westwood Road$445,000
Matthew FuscoPainesville7426 Hunting Lake$439,900
Karen and Kenneth B. JaniaPainesville10782 Ellison Creek$439,900
William F. and Halle K. DerocheWilloughby38694 Andrews Ridge Way$439,900
Cheryl A. AnselmoWilloughby Hills2897 Oakwood Drive$430,000
Daniel M. and Anita ErcegMentor7960 Oakridge Drive$420,000
Robert Mondore Jr. and Carol A. MondoreMentor7585 Lambton Court$420,000
Martin and Sharon GareauPainesville11380 Labrador Lane$412,000
Bryan and Lora NewhartPainesville7274 Players Club Drive 66$400,000
Victor J. and Maryann L. TaraskaPainesville11120 Bain Farm$400,000
Nicole Ann Galuschik and Christopher Collin LangerMentor7495 Spring Blossom Drive$390,000
George G. and Lori ChayMentor8678 Blue Heron Way$385,000
James G. and Patricia MekkerWilloughby Hills2864 Camelot Court$376,000
Oscar Rodriguez and Orlinda AbellanWilloughby5844 Atwood Place$375,000
Mary B. Groudle and Michael B. BakerMentor8307 Johnnycake Ridge Road$375,000
Russell AbramsMentor7622 Crimson Court$370,000
Thomas R. and Elizabeth C. LanningPainesville5985 Paine Road$369,000
Frank Jena and Linda M. Ferrato JenaMentor7365 Arbor Glen$366,500
Jason M BrothersWilloughby Hills35951 Maple Grove Road$362,000
Matthew J. Suster and Jennifer P MartinezKirtland9303 Dewey Road$354,900
Michael J. KaschakMentor5362 Wixford Lane$352,000
Brian and Kelli SedmakMentor9445 Whalers Cove$350,050
Alexander J SkulinaMentor7736 Ellington Place$350,000
Austin and Kimberly VoigtMentor8213 Manor Gate Way$350,000
Andrea J KellackeyWilloughby38814 Johnnycake Ridge Road$346,700
Alan J. and Rebecca R. MaslarMentor7610 Allegheny Drive$346,000
Vincent S. VitaloneWilloughby35195 Ridge Road$340,000
Sharon Ditko-BevioneMentor5164 Georgeanne Court$339,000
Eric Elliott and Colleen Ann AstonPerry3830 Dugan Farms Road$339,000
Daniel SelleMentor7512 Laurenj$336,000
Hannah K. CseploKirtland10109 Hillcrest Drive$333,500
Andrew R. and Caitlin A. YoderMentor7737 Fairview Ave.$331,000
Brian L Vrhovnik and Victoria D. VhrovnikMentor7793 Hoover Court$330,000
Kimberly Hudson and Theodore HachMentor9909 Knollwood Ridge$330,000
Michael J. and Shelby L. HrutkayMentor9616 Musket Drive$330,000
Jamie SmithMentor8608 Harvest Home Drive$325,000
Sean Michael and Nina K. Mikulandra KehoeWilloughby38385 Westminster Lane$325,000
Midas Management LLCWilloughby36426 Ridge Road$325,000
Andrew HartMentor8116 Mentor Ave.$325,000
Adam L. and Leah M. WoodruffMadison5832 Woodside Drive$322,500
Scott and Jenna WieseMentor5522 Grace Drive$320,000
Nathan C. and Jennifer McCoardMentor6800 Georgetown Drive$320,000
Kelly SnyderMentor6939 S. Camelot Drive$317,250
D. A. and Ann P. PimleyMentor6711 Shannon Lane$315,000
John K. and Sherry L. PetersenEastlake35870 Roberts Road$314,900
Haoyu Sun and Tingshuo ZhangPainesville6635 Fay Road$313,000
Matthew R. and Sarah GrayMentor7980 Mapledale Road$306,000
Yaakov M. and Rochel KaplanWickliffe28852 Serenity Lane$305,000
Jason and Christine Marie HenleyMentor5848 Grovewood Drive$305,000
Louise E. MaroldMentor6692$303,000
Britta P. and Raymond E. NoonanKirtland7709 Hidden Valley$301,700
Karen LawrenceWilloughby4794 Highland Drive$300,000
Christopher P. and Mirella WainaPainesville7545 Preserve Trail 3$300,000
Kevin E. and Kathryn A. StockmasterWilloughby1570 Arbor Drive$300,000
Ronald Davis Jr.Painesville6921 Ravenna Road$296,000
Joseph R. and Rosina C. HorvathKirtland Hills9169 Little Mountain Road$295,000
Melvin C. and Jo M. MichelsonPainesville10491 Ravenwood Lane$290,000
Michael J. E. and Jessica A. SnyderWilloughby38165 Glenbury Lane$290,000
Michael A. Cappa and Jenna M ConsoloWilloughby1588 Westover Drive$290,000
Frank J. and Nicolette A. PiscioneriMentor7255 Allendale Drive$290,000
Seth A. and Carolyn S. ClergetMentor7896 Buckthorn Drive$289,900
Audra Marie and Ryan Douglas WisniowskiMadison2764 Haines Road$289,000
Amber and Shaun WoolleyPainesville509 Cebarberry Court$287,000
James and Sarah LylePerry3900 Dugan Farms Road$287,000
John E. Riddle and Nicole E PeschoMentor8250 Steeplechase$286,250
Robert F. Carleton and Stefany Carolina Lopez PantojaMentor7836 Hidden Hollow$286,000
Brian and Leigh PerrinoWilloughby4966 Waldamere Ave.$285,000
Christina Janel PooleNorth Perry4196 Middle Ridge Road$285,000
Stanley M. and Victoria N. GroskopfMadison3776 Wood Road$285,000
Donald R. Cooley Sr. and Shuronda R Mason CooleyMentor8656 Hendricks Road$285,000
Deborah A. LewisMentor8693 Prairie Grass Lane$285,000
Jami Burke and Bradley S MorrisonPainesville1487 Greenfield Lane$285,000
Samantha and Andrew Scott StrohekerMentor7601 Brainard Drive$284,900
Christopher E. and Lora M. BoyerMentor9030 Johnnycake Ridge Road$284,900
Laurie L Lette and Joseph M GreerNorth Perry4210 Middle Ridge Road$282,500
Jessica K. and James D. FullerPainesville11935 Concord Hambden Road$280,500
Julia MastandreaWilloughby38408 Piccadilly Square$280,000
Ramon D. and Becky L. FoltzKirtland9101 Westwood Road$280,000
Brandon KnottMentor9101 Ambleside Drive$280,000

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