Top 50 Redmond (unincorporated), Washington home valuations for June 2021

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These are the top 50 home valuations for Redmond (unincorporated), Washington in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 52 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $591,500 in Redmond (unincorporated).

Top 50 home valuations in Redmond (unincorporated) for June 2021
Christian H. Detlefsen, Ainsley S Tegrotenhuis and ...26133 34th St.$1,208,000
Timothy S. and Cameron C. Psiaki6821 240th Way$1,235,000
U.S. Bank National Association7308 204th Drive$1,246,000
Reed and Stacie Townsend8024 255th Ave.$1,655,000
Kameron and Margaret Lacalli20650 79th St.$287,000
Alan D Cozby19440 Redmond Road$307,000
Mark and Holly Ihrig20636 75th Place$309,000
Nicole J. M. and Blake L. Marter9212 211th Place$317,000
William R. and Eileen C. Lewis22857 130th St.$346,000
Janice L Munyon13233 Sun Break Way$368,000
Dillon Community (trust), Thomas P. Dillon and ...13245 230th Place$371,000
Thomas M. Archer and Krista L Crawley24141 122nd St.$382,000
Che Hsien Lee and Yi Chun Hsieh9822 223rd Ave.$392,000
Thomas A. and Phyllis Suttner Martin23753 Twinberry Way$403,000
Vinoth Kumar Sadagopan and Vidya Sridharan9834 223rd Ave.$408,000
William C. Grees III and William C. and Ruby A. Grees (revocable trust)12130 Big Leaf Way$436,000
Chelsi Hohnbaum and Roger Hansen3119 273rd Ave.$441,000
Diego Perez Botero and Catherine Eve Grossman4720 264th Ave.$442,000
Michele Priest14142 174th Place$471,000
Charles and Mary E. Hill17234 134th Place$474,000
Paul Kaare and Deana Jo Billington and ...23163 128th Place$496,000
Zili Fang9937 227th Way$501,000
Kumar Pratyush and Pallavi Lnu9253 227th Ave.$506,000
Vincent David and Lindsey Taylor Humphrey23708 70th St.$511,000
Pitak and Ann Leelaphisut9260 226th Place$511,000
Luo Mi and Yuanjing Xu13116 175th Ave.$514,000
Paul D. & Kirsten N. Williams (revocable trust)8907 228th Way$529,000
Andrew P. Dempsey28006 Main St.$546,000
Rahman Sherief Abdel26126 27th Drive$577,000
Sajal and Rashi Agarwal12903 176th Place$585,000
Deepak Paluru and Jayshri Mohan9959 229th Lane$598,000
Haiou Huangfu and Michael Weaver3343 Ames Lake Drive$605,000
Nallathimmayyagari Reddy and Geetha Pothapu23347 126th St.$606,000
Louis E. and Carol A. Gray and ...24148 131st Terrace$635,000
Kathleen J. and Richard E. Dill12719 Adair Creek Way$672,000
Richard E. and Kathleen J. Dill and ...12719 Adair Creek Way$672,000
Matthew and Meaghan Fox17212 144th St.$685,000
Sam D. and Samuel P. Sudore4712 272nd Ave.$685,000
Sreeram Narayanan and Remya Krishnan17042 133rd St.$691,000
Rudolph Balaz11865 194th Ave.$715,000
Maria and Michael Schafer21610 81st St.$726,000
Stanley and Adele Weiner and ...17110 126th Place$737,000
Marinez Fernando Silva22828 61st St.$777,000
Connor John Raymond and Connor Kathryn Nancy9054 236th Ave.$781,000
Gavin and Angela Chen23851 58th Place$789,000
Nitin Atri and Pratibha Bhatia5320 242nd Place$792,000
Mathew and Lindsey Ward21603 84th St.$794,000
Ryan and Jenny Peterson7008 232nd Ave.$818,000
Max and Bethany Shipley21419 68th Court$819,000
Jianhua Liu and Hong LI21634 67th St.$853,000

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