196 homes sold in Dallas County with a median home sale price of $326,950 in July 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Dallas County in July 2021, according to BlockShopper.com.

In July 2021, there were 196 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $326,950 in Dallas County.

Top 100 home sales in Dallas County for July 2021
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Fareway Stores Inc.Clive2385 161st St.$1,790,000
Lucas R. and Kate C. WolfeWaukee600 Southfork Drive$790,000
Susan and Philip J. LeesonUrbandale16032 Oakwood Drive$751,597
Nolan G. and Kelly A. GrimmWaukee1755 Hawthorne Ridge Drive$750,000
Gregory and Tammy DehaaiWest Des Moines918 65th St.$745,000
Kristine Ann and Kevin Lee Plagman-24643 River Bye Road$740,000
Shannon Bridget ObrienWest Des Moines788 63rd St.$710,000
Douglas and Georgia Brianne ThomasonAdel24716 Quail Ave.$690,000
Matthew E. and Traci L. VitekUrbandale16112 Goodman Court$676,369
Jacob F. and Kelly J. PfundhellerWaukee1685 Bell Drive$665,000
Bradley and Tammie Schroeder-27225 Kenyon Summit Road$660,000
Rebecca and Daniel CoxWaukee1655 Hawthorne Ridge Drive$642,500
Laura Schippers and Frederick W. JohnstonWaukee655 Daybreak Drive$633,000
Benjamin Allen and Brenda JauerUrbandale14431 Sheridan Ave.$600,000
Scott and Ying AddingtonClive14218 Wildwood Drive$600,000
Antonio Martinez and Brittany C PrechtClive2685 163rd St.$600,000
Shane A. and Laura L. Jorgensen-32377 Ave.$585,000
Zachariah R. and Nicole R. BraseUrbandale5014 160th St.$584,900
Lori Lynne and Dominic Louis LavoratoClive14562 Lakeview Drive$575,000
Richard W. and Breanne M. Bemis-35143 Vintage Trail$575,000
Michael G. and Erica A. BealsUrbandale15200 Maple Drive$575,000
Luke F. Rubie-33078 Fox Creek Drive$565,000
Brock Williamson and Hollie Mason-20158 Mill Creek Lane$565,000
Andrew and Kathryn NewmanClive16844 Alpine Court$565,000
Stephanie Christine Warywoda and Eric Dean KrahnClive2875 167th St.$561,000
Thomas Hosfield and Andrew Coan-33071 Hi View Knoll$559,900
Matthew J. and Jessica R. NickellUrbandale3515 150th St.$555,000
David and Jolene Todd-23110 Valley View Trail$550,000
Derek and Shawna Ripke-24459 288th Trail$540,000
Frederick GarrinUrbandale4210 161st St.$540,000
Melissa M HilbertWest Des Moines6070 Aspen Drive$540,000
Jessica Rose and Chad A. RichterWaukee820 Owl Ridge Lane$530,000
Evan J. and Jennifer PoeAdel821 10th St.$520,000
Satish Kumar Yeluri and Aparna GaddipatiClive2777 167th St.$515,000
Jason La CavaUrbandale16310 Goldenrod Drive$513,660
Dana D. and Barbara ChristiansenWaukee235 Bailey Circle$507,000
Andrew and Molly WilliamsWest Des Moines947 84th St.$505,000
John and Jenna MarionWest Des Moines978 84th St.$502,000
Andrew M. and Kara A. Knupp-18802 R Ave.$500,000
Dane E. and Kaitie A. WorleyUrbandale15912 Hammontree Drive$489,900
Patrick D. and Jamie SteeleClive4280 166th Circle$485,000
Sri Lakshmi Sangi Reddy and Ujwal Reddy ThumalapallyWest Des Moines9286 Tamarack Drive$482,500
Henry and Rebecca MillerClive2761 V Ave.$474,000
Brent E. and Samantha K. Schwenneker-20874 260th St.$470,000
Jerrod A. Gaskill and Ashley N. PetersonVan Meter2440 Winston Circle$469,900
Shari J ThiesClive4472 169th St.$465,000
Erik Raymond and Megan Melissa BoykenUrbandale15908 Wilden Drive$464,900
Jarret and Tena BiermanWaukee1000 Cypress Court$459,501
Eric and Jessica BoucherWest Des Moines1125 93rd St.$455,000
Gregory N. and Ashley L. RisiusUrbandale5410 164th St.$453,028
Brianna and Peter ErnzenWest Des Moines9297 Sugar Creek Circle$451,500
Robert BrownWaukee635 Dellwood Drive$450,000
Dongfang LI and Shaomin YaoClive15024 Bryn Mawr Drive$448,000
Molly M Novotny and Jeffrey P Novotny Jr.West Des Moines8530 Century Drive$440,000
Katie Ann AviseClive16708 Verona Hills Drive$439,900
Yaxiong ZhangWaukee470 Bowman Drive$439,900
Melynda Sue HumphreyClive3062 Berkshire Parkway$430,000
Shivakrishna and Soujanya KoviClive3633 166th St.$429,557
Robin and Peter Jay JensenClive2721 160th St.$429,000
Matthew Stillman and Erica JamesClive16508 Boston Parkway$424,990
Benjamin and Kayla MorrisonUrbandale4410 160th Circle$420,000
Javaughn N. and Katelyn M. BuschClive3662 164th St.$420,000
Joshua Daryl and Laryssa Marie MadsenUrbandale4714 148th St.$415,000
Mollie G. and Spencer C. SobbaWaukee1935 Olson Drive$413,000
Noah D. and Kristie L. ReynoldsUrbandale5526 165th St.$410,000
Paul A. and Connie A. ProughUrbandale15403 Ridgemont Drive$407,000
Erik L. and Katie HowgWaukee505 Tallgrass Lane$407,000
Steven and Mary ScullenWaukee473 Brookridge Circle$406,900
Brian D. and Grace M. KellyUrbandale16007 Tanglewood Drive$400,000
Eric and Rita McLarenWest Des Moines8250 Boulder Drive$399,900
Corey GrieserUrbandale4406 162nd St.$389,900
Ashlee and Tyler NicholsAdel1814 14th St.$385,000
Nicholas and Emily SchumacherWest Des Moines6405 Orchard Drive$382,000
Jane M. AngstmanWest Des Moines8659 Silverwood Drive$381,000
Mason and Kyra WellsClive2085 149th St.$375,000
Bright and Caroline AtubraWaukee30 Bailey Circle$374,900
Nicholas J. Buchanan and Katie F. RenteriaWaukee85 Broderick Drive$374,000
Nathan Tarr and Jamie HuntUrbandale15603 Winston Ave.$373,000
Chad and Denise MixdorfWest Des Moines9605 Larchwood Drive$368,000
Ntabwiza Shukurani and Ester NikwigizeClive4457 166th St.$366,900
Brian and Rebecca FosterDe Soto316 Chestnut St.$366,000
Clifford R. HanksUrbandale4015 152nd St.$365,500
Tim and Gwendolyn J. BrettmannWest Des Moines645 65th Place, No. 113$365,000
Matthew CarsonClive4470 164th St.$365,000
Shawn and Jody E. KellenAdel1009 Baileys Grove Drive$362,000
Joshua and Marisa RichterClive15024 Rosewood Drive$360,000
Tyler Vanhooreweghe and Jessica KoetheUrbandale15221 Winston Ave.$360,000
Bradley A. Van Alst and Sarah A. ProbstWaukee1400 Rosenkranz Drive$354,000
Tamara Jeanne and Randy Calvin CarpenterAdel1306 Court St.$350,000
Jessica M. BraksiekWaukee400 Legacy Pointe Blvd.$350,000
Martha J. and James W. LundeenClive2357 150th St.$348,800
Adam Hansen and Jo Anne M WaltersWaukee1520 Bristol Drive$345,000
Gariel Lee James and Kelsey Juliana KlinefelterClive2731 158th St.$345,000
George T. Davis IIIWaukee65 Waddell Way$340,000
Alison Mitts and Roger Haines-5535 148th Circle$340,000
Timothy G TerryWest Des Moines7767 Cottonwood Lane$330,000
Casey W. and Jamie M. Johnson JonesWest Des Moines7684 Aspen Drive$330,000
Linda and James McCreightWest Des Moines7878 Wistful Vista$328,900
Conner Lee and Alison Renee JuilfsWaukee825 Westgate Drive$325,000
Blaine Michael and Cecilia Lopez MoyerVan Meter5250 Katelyn Ave.$322,000

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