Adams County had a median home sale price of $140,000 of 127 homes in July 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Adams County in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 127 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $140,000 in Adams County.

Top 100 home sales in Adams County for July 2021
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Judith G. and Robert Weirather-3110 Timberline Drive$555,000
Elizabeth A. Thompson and George R. Thompson Jr.Quincy3029 Evangeline Road$485,000
Jason and Heather Leindecker-2950 Spring Lake Road$475,000
Jason and Carissa Yount-3430 Timberline Drive$450,000
Aravinda Kumar and Haritha YepuriQuincy1112 43rd St.$441,000
Tina J SpragueQuincy4121 Abbey Ridge$438,000
Pamela M Williams-2610 St. Anthony Road$410,000
Kathryn Seckman and Sean OharaQuincy2837 Cheswick Road$400,000
Michael A. and Breanna L. TroupQuincy3212 Acadia Way$400,000
Ryan and Rebecca RiggsQuincy2604 16th St.$379,000
National Residential Nominee Services Inc.-527 Sunset Drive$352,000
Freeman A. and Kimberly A. Rosencrans-527 Sunset Drive$352,000
Michael S. and Sylvia BolingQuincy2738 16th St.$342,000
Erin and Adam J. Hilgenbrink-1023 1453rd Lane$340,000
Matthew Robert and Rebekah Ann BrewerQuincy1801 Maine St.$335,000
Richard and Patricia McNay-708 Eagle Trace$335,000
Gary D. and Christina B. Bunte-3309 Wynridge Road$330,000
Stacy A. Haynes-1849 1050th Ave.$300,000
Mary Jane Bauer (trustee), Joann M. Bauer (trustee), MJB (living trust) and JMB (living trust)Quincy3627 Stone Crossing$274,900
Lucas P. Booher and Katelyn M Obert-1066 2250th St.$270,000
United Community Bank (trustee) and Angela K. Stover (trust)Quincy1914 24th St.$249,000
Kevin and Michele StinnettQuincy1810 Wilmar Court$247,000
Paul and Melissa ReynoldsLiberty901 Crystal Court$241,000
Evan and Kayla Klauser-3417 Country Meadows$240,000
Jeremy W. and Mandi M. WeaverQuincy617 Kimberly Drive$234,000
Wade L. and Katelynn S. Pellman-500 Spring Lake Drive$232,000
Wade L. and Katelynn S. Pellman-500 Spring Lake Drive$232,000
Wade L. and Katelynn S. Pellman-500 Spring Lake Drive$232,000
Michael L. and Alicia M. Jones-2436 Curved Creek Road$224,000
Joshua and Amy ByrdQuincy2443 Bradmoor Drive$220,000
Benjamin A. and Wendy J. Hamilton-1841 2453rd Lane$210,000
Paul C. and Retha L. McColez-3602 Mill Creek Valley Road$210,000
Gerald A. and Susan A. Trusley-1720 Rim Road$208,500
Tracy Lynn LudwigQuincy217 14th St.$205,000
Gerald and Kathleen SchlueterQuincy4311 Bishop St.$195,000
Paul and Debora KinscherffLiberty200 Quincy St.$195,000
Trenton Dwight and Katie Jo HendersonQuincy105 Woodlawn Road$189,000
Alec and Alizanndra AskeyQuincy2433 Cedar Creek Court$185,000
Roger L. and Penny L. PhillipsQuincy1222 Emerald Drive$180,000
Matthew R. Alger-4119 48th St.$180,000
Jordan Nichols and Reagan Ludwig-1211 Spring Lake Hills$180,000
Larry E. and Melinda S. SimmonsQuincy720 Santa Maria Drive$180,000
Makenzi S HendersonQuincy2201 Hampshire St.$176,500
Emilee M LeffersQuincy448 Holly Drive$175,650
Malissa A. StarmanQuincy1816 Golden Grove$175,000
3LA LLCQuincy202 24th St.$175,000
Jose A. Diaz Calderon-3401 Ellington Road$174,900
Christine Stupavsky-2314 Melview Road$170,000
Ashley Oenning-3101 Schildt Lane$170,000
Mark and Janet RenoQuincy2924 Riverside Terrace$169,000
Kye J. and Nicole M. EchternkampQuincy1701 Aspen Drive$165,900
James OrrQuincy612 20th St.$160,000
Steven A. and Kelley L. TraubitzQuincy2143 Cherry Lane$160,000
Jared Dean and Sarah Cassandra RansomQuincy1531 Spruce St.$158,000
Liberty Luck LLC-2963 Highway 104$156,911
Stephany L KyerQuincy2021 Chestnut St.$151,100
Anthony M LogsdonCamp Point332 Kentucky St.$150,000
Lori A. OliverQuincy4812 Elm St.$150,000
Jacob M. Jagodzinski and Elizabeth M. Kipp-1806 Highway 24$142,500
Chandra GrahamQuincy4405 Cedar Ridge Drive$140,900
Jessica VowelsQuincy1032 24th St.$140,000
Matthew L. SchmidtQuincy804 Woodbridge Drive$140,000
Barbara Ann Kish (trustee) and Barbara Ann Kish (trust)-3328 Dee Drive$140,000
Leanne L HivelyQuincy2303 Lind St.$140,000
Jennifer K YoungQuincy809 17th St.$135,000
Joshua T. GoodwinQuincy3311 Harrison St.$134,900
Voyen Inc.Quincy300 27th St.$133,000
Timothy A. and Margaret MonettiQuincy2317 Waters Court$133,000
Logan GriffardQuincy3616 Queen Anne Ave.$132,500
Samuel L. KrotzQuincy738 21st St.$129,000
Cameron C. and Hannah R. ReesPayson308 Sumac St.$128,000
Ricardo CastilloQuincy1637 Spruce St.$127,000
Bryce William PetersQuincy1417 28th St.$125,000
Meagan ElledgeQuincy2223 Vermont St.$120,000
Diana and Jared RushQuincy733 19th St.$120,000
Katherine S. ReddickQuincy2810 Elm St.$116,000
Zachary F. Benson and Kendall A. GramkeQuincy837 16th St.$115,000
Cheryl A. and Wayne A. KrusQuincy2244 Broadway St.$115,000
Evelyn MarshallMendon502 Chestnut St.$115,000
Christine M. Stupavsky-368 Highway 96$113,000
Tuley Properties LLC-374 Highway 96$113,000
Anthony DuehrenQuincy1841 Cherry St.$112,500
Andrew L. Dittmer and Brittni N CobbQuincy2426 Lind St.$110,000
Lacey D LewisQuincy3020 Lawrence Road$110,000
Nathaniel LupoQuincy609 15th St.$109,900
Lauren BentzingerQuincy1617 Melrose Drive$105,000
Sara M. PhillipsQuincy1616 Melrose Drive$100,000
Tyler PieperQuincy915 22nd St.$100,000
Michelle M HigginsQuincy3210 College Ave.$100,000
Nicholas J. BockeQuincy725 Hilltop Drive$100,000
Justin and Brooke EbbingQuincy1805 Melodie Court$99,000
Joshua Michael GreuselQuincy2015 Harrison St.$97,900
Owen C. SheltonQuincy637 19th St.$97,500
Danyelle B PolingQuincy1703 Oak St.$94,000
Kevin A. KingslandQuincy708 15th St.$93,700
Dennis M. and Andrew R. BoudreauQuincy2805 Vermont St.$91,000
Tim E KayserQuincy3713 Meadow Drive$90,000
Jason L MooneyhamQuincy1513 Spring St.$89,900
Darren L SmithQuincy1128 20th St.$89,000
Michael Neiswender and Lauren Delayne WintersQuincy2845 College Ave.$86,000

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