Top 100 Dubuque, Iowa home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Dubuque, Iowa in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 129 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $180,000 in Dubuque.

Top 100 home sales in Dubuque for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Lois J. Karpinske and James P. Dillon1850 Links Glen Drive$864,000
Timothy D. and Mary Beth Althaus1780 Plymouth Court$459,000
Benjamin D. and Molly C. Pacholl2538 Hacienda Drive$406,000
Angela A. Schuster and Mitchell R Hager1210 Valentine Drive$399,000
Garrett and Alexis Bollant6507 Wilshire Lane$380,000
Stephen J. and Suzanne F. Butt460 Woodland Ridge$375,000
1941 & 1951 Madison St. Apartments LLC1951 Madison St.$375,000
John J. and Joan A. Fangman550 Fremont Ave.$327,000
Katherine Elizabeth Kruse1815 Asbury Road$312,000
Taryn R. and Cory J. McCarthy3369 Peach Tree Lane$305,000
Lars and Joan Johnson3160 St. Anne Drive$301,000
Swiftrino LLC1380 Belmont St.$298,500
Richard G. and Gail J. Bridges441 Woodland Ridge$297,000
Paul M. and Diane M. Sievers2351 Harvest View Drive$290,000
Jill A. Barganz1209 Highland Place$289,000
Gregg J Erickson and Katlyn E Eidness3517 Lunar Drive$285,000
Tanner J. and Lexie Reisen499 Tamarack Court$280,000
Steven R Avenarius and Kari J Avenarius960 Valentine Drive$276,000
David W. and Allison P. Jacobsen2086 Judson Drive$275,000
Shawn D. and Rachel M. Splinter1387 Tomahawk Drive$260,000
Paul J. and Sarah Tschiggfrie1283 Blackhawk Drive$253,000
Matthew Nohr and Abigail Fangman608 Fenelon Place$252,500
Thomas J. and Cynthia J. Kiefer3214 Lake Ridge Drive$251,500
Adam Smith and Elisa R Sutherland1535 Pego Court$250,000
Jared J Oster1001 Richards Road$250,000
Colin and Christina Sinnott3196 Foxborough Court$250,000
Tabatha Shaffer and Caius Qualls Jr.2090 Harpy Eagle Court$250,000
Bryce Coby Shults and Abbey Marie Wilder960 Kane St.$242,000
Amy and Mitchell McClaskey2156 Suzanne Drive$240,000
Cody L. and Bethany A. Haeft88 Cambridge Court$240,000
Ronald R. and Janet A. Stumpf1556 Donovan Drive$236,000
Mary A. Letsche1250 Grandview Ave.$235,000
Keith M. and Rebecca A. Smith2194 St. John Drive$234,500
Amy M. Davidshofer501 Obeche Court$234,100
Matthew W. Pearson and Melissa R Burkart1756 Richie Drive$233,000
Garrett T Trilk65 Booth St.$225,000
Rebecca Paulus1920 Lincoln Ave.$222,000
Kirstin George2305 Pasadena Drive, Unit 67$219,000
Matthew and Elizabeth Goedken1097 Rush St.$215,000
Johnathon W Stevens1674 Butterfield Drive$215,000
Gary L. and Heidi J. Newsom3429 Glencove Lane$215,000
James M. Sarra Jr. and Heather M Sarra2275 Pasadena Drive, Unit 50$207,500
Nicholas Andrew and Elisabeth and Elisabeth Farley Elder1655 Main St.$205,000
Alexis M. Lyons2266 Woodlawn St.$202,500
Mariah N Reeves2843 Shiras Ave.$201,900
David T. and Colleen A. Lindecker1215 University Ave.$201,500
Tanner Gross1688 Enid St.$201,500
Adam J. and Caitlin Kaiser3155 Nightengale Lane$200,000
Nathan Christie2227 Chippewa Drive$197,500
Charles P. and Katrina N. Mobley1283 Rush St.$196,100
Austin A. and Deidre M. Hively1021 Cleveland Ave.$196,000
Nicholas and Rebecca Colman2531 Windsor Ave.$195,000
Mary E. Foster1765 Glen Oak St.$193,000
David J. and Maurella Oppelt725 Davis St.$191,000
Jacob Devin and Rylea Jane Morgan Kos Anderson639 Grandview Ave.$190,000
Brandon M. and Heather Jo Leibold1735 Adair St.$190,000
Krk Properties of Dubuque LLC1555 Wood St.$190,000
Brian D Lacy and Tracy C Hofkes2955 John F Kennedy Road$189,900
Nathaniel J. Stoffel and Monique Overlock1125 Glen Oak St.$188,000
Connor Jackson and Kaylie D Bender2660 Greeley St.$186,500
James John Clark Sr.2191 Key Way Drive$185,000
Brandon D. and Katherine L. Bries1723 Richie Drive$185,000
Megan M. McCready1350 Curtis St.$182,000
Lauren E. Bemis and Adam G. Klein2145 Chaney Road$181,000
Stephanie A. and Nicklas Farber1360 Curtis St.$180,000
Jacob and Anna M. Shultz143 Cherokee Drive$178,500
Martin F. and Pamela K. Schiessl909 Stone Ridge Place$177,000
Zachary Charles Wachter1190 Kane St.$176,000
Jeffrey V Turner1885 Carter Road$175,000
Justin J. and Alexa M. Oettinger2944 Muscatine St.$175,000
Adam G. Conzett and Briana J Uthe1081 Booth St.$175,000
Jennifer J Lenstra and John D. Hauptli2070 Deborah Drive$170,000
Colin Hasley2446 Elm St.$169,900
Nathaniel M. Thompson and Meghan Scovel1475 Curtis St.$169,000
Susan S. Staley2841 Burden Ave.$169,000
Hallie A. Martin and David A. Zoeckler645 Oneill St.$167,000
Spielman Rentals LLC2175 Avalon Road$167,000
Joshua A. and Hannah M. Bicknese975 Tressa St.$165,000
Mary V. Bahl653 11th St.$165,000
Jennifer and Scott Long3405 Meggan St.$165,000
Odetta L Frommelt2320 Prince St.$164,000
Crystal Neal3190 Shiras Ave.$162,000
Ryan M. and Alexia M. Sindt2265 St. Joseph St.$160,000
Dayton Marik95 Booth St.$160,000
Allison S. Yonda1992 Third St.$156,000
Robert Gerald Wright Jr.2943 Washington St.$155,000
Amy E. Leibold16039 Middle Road$155,000
Joshua and Noel Voigt1355 Ohagen St.$151,000
Angela M. and Andrew S. Jones2413 Pearl St.$150,000
Devin Scott Chambers1114 Garfield Ave.$150,000
Karla Marie Chapman667 Levi St.$150,000
Sydney M. Bonn24 Gandolfo St.$147,500
All American Rentals LLC742 Kirkwood St.$147,500
Cassandra L Brant2761 Beverly Ave.$146,000
3A Properties LLC742 Kirkwood St.$145,000
Rodney L. and Cynthia D. Carr2885 Washington St.$145,000
Joshua R. and Grace A. Volgarino460 Loras Blvd.$145,000
Alexander Peterson1673 Wood St.$143,000
McKayla Treanor1815 Clarke Drive$142,000
James J. and Cori M. Kunnert2465 Cherry St.$140,000

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