Top 50 Avon, Ohio home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Avon, Ohio in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 50 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $399,000 in Avon.

Top 50 home sales in Avon for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Stephen A. Chipchase (trustee), Nancy A. Chipchase (trustee) and Chipchase Family (revocable trust)33651 St. Francis Drive$655,000
Jennifer and Daniel Heinrich4029 Truxton Place$650,000
Michael and Ciara Querubin34442 Laurel Way$640,000
Charles Cameron and Angela Marie Blair36774 Park Drive$565,000
Michael and Kelly Sclimenti2370 Glenwood Lane$565,000
Brittany and Nicholas Neff3674 Truxton Place$561,000
Antonia Marie and James Patrick Moriarty35888 Wyndemere Way$530,000
Aaron Kronz and Morgan Maloney2811 Redwick Court$526,000
William Hanna and Grace Mahfouz3419 Napa Blvd.$500,000
Kimberly and Gregory Grundey4725 Belmont Court$480,000
Gregory L. and Bethany L. Watkins35974 Bentley Drive$480,000
Nathaniel T. and Erica Marie Rosko2568 Seton Drive$480,000
Michael G. and Jessica Muenster2374 Glenwood Lane$480,000
Juan R. and Laura J. Roman1693 Ash Drive$479,999
Brittney Stone34439 St. Maron Blvd.$459,000
Gregory and Stephanie Beyer35589 Ithaca Drive$456,000
Steven Charles and Kimberley Dawn Karam2478 Fairfield Drive$450,000
Ryan and Jessica Nagel39001 Meadowbrook Court$450,000
Daniel G. and Ann M. Merkel4261 Vilamoura Drive$450,000
Frank William and Monica Lin Brown39295 Camelot Way$440,000
Rachel M. Bilczo33710 Vineyard Park$430,000
American International Relocation Solutions LLC2518 Fairfield Drive$425,000
Anthony John and Pamela Schiavone2518 Fairfield Drive$425,000
Timothy England1516 Peach Drive$425,000
Jeffrey M Jerome and Jennifer M Hanes4642 Derby Drive$410,000
Patrick and Katie Donnelly33406 Red Oak Ave.$388,000
Janelle A. Williams and Andrew P. Digby32867 Walnut Drive$386,000
Jonathan G. Samerigo38451 Foxglen Ave.$370,000
Heta and Jay Gadani2362 Chelsea St.$356,000
Yan Zhang and Yaqun Peng1419 Ledgewood Lane$345,000
Russell P. Stockhaus (trustee), Diane L. Stockhaus (trustee) and Russell P. Stockhaus and Diane L. Stockhaus (revocable living trust)39307 Camelot Way$342,000
Omar Al Qadan39100 Princeton Circle$340,000
Travis T. and Alexis J. Kimoto3120 Center Road$330,000
Esteleen Prieto38000 Doovys St.$328,000
Ashley and Christopher Champion2223 Wisteria Way$312,500
Richard Buesi2400 Worthington Place$265,000
John J. and Kim M. Cho34427 Puth Drive$260,000
Joanne Theresa Hoppert2369 Manchester Lane$259,900
Kimberley L Franklin35414 Detroit Road$250,000
Laraine K. Krieger (trustee) and Laraine K. Krieger (trust)2400 Worthington Place$250,000
Michael James Janasko and Caroline Burch34329 Puth Drive$220,000
Edward A. Jansen37936 Caroline Drive$205,000
Alba Perriu2920 Shakespeare Lane$182,000
Edward F. Harbie1830 Doovys St.$180,000
Thomas Stevenson and Yu Wang36795 Chester Road$180,000
Barbara A. Barron2771 Shakespeare Lane$180,000
Charles and Karen Riedy107 Shakespeare Lane$159,000
Mohamed Alalwani105 Shakespeare Lane$155,000
Iaj LLC1732 Center Road$135,000
Leslie and Kirk Strodtbeck and Toni Shobey35740 Riegelsberger Road$100,000

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