Top 50 Savage, Minnesota home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Savage, Minnesota in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 53 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $419,000 in Savage.

Top 50 home sales in Savage for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Matthew and Bethany Loney9025 137th St.$635,000
Jason C. and April Schmidt14811 Kelleher Court$576,000
Vyacheslav Miroshnichenko9210 Hillcrest Drive$560,000
Larry and Andreya Tornes8624 154th St.$560,000
David M. Picka and Kathy S. Picka (living trust)13220 Pennsylvania Ave.$550,000
Angela and Andrew Lee13530 Foxberry Road$537,000
Travis M. Rodgers13905 W. Virginia Ave.$527,500
Jonathan Clase and Whitney Smith13960 Maryland Ave.$520,000
MacArthur and Sara Moser4308 150th St.$511,500
Samantha and Matthew Mundy13517 Hillsboro Ave.$510,000
Steven and Jessica Vanpuyvelde8936 Heatherton Ridge Drive$500,000
Kevin M. Brenner13095 Yosemite Ave.$500,000
Shaun and Shelli Warburton5978 North Ridge Drive$495,100
Martha Hernandez13940 Louisiana Ave.$479,000
Leslie D. Ferris Jr. and Saul Fernando Pineda Castro8355 Carriage Hill Alcove$475,000
Mark Christofel and Leah Nordlund13135 Utica Ave.$475,000
Otlenz and Brittany Joseph5201 Edgewater Drive$465,000
Jeffrey James and Patricia Byrnes5600 139th St.$450,000
Dustin D. and Keli T. Hanson5643 139th St.$442,500
Cristobal Baltierrez Salsazar, Aurelia Escarpita De Baltierrez and Roberto Baltierrez Escarpita14516 Princeton Ave.$440,000
Alex and Julie Ann Bee4631 South Park Drive$440,000
Jades Investments LLC5978 North Ridge Drive$438,100
Wendy Selnes15022 Monterey Ave.$431,000
Ryan D. Sherry5740 Oconnell Circle$430,773
Michelle Bonin13162 Meadow Lane$430,000
Nicole Jelle4965 Credit River Drive$429,000
Diane Sonnenberg14512 Beverley Lane$419,000
Keith Michaels8957 Windsor Ave.$415,000
Zillow Homes Property Trust, a Delaware Statutory Trust12721 Glenhurst Ave.$413,000
Michael R. Ross5101 W. Hidden Valley Drive$411,000
Heather Kay and Charles Davis7330 Kestrel Trail$410,000
Ibraahiim Omar and Nasri Daahir14465 Kipling Ave.$410,000
Tyler L. and Shannon L. Schrupp6701 154th St.$400,000
Bryan Hernandez14534 Quentin Ave.$400,000
Adam T. Donkers14117 Ottawa Ave.$380,000
Eric Hennig and Erin Nicole Meisenbach14039 Providence Lane$358,000
Abeba Woldesenbet and Engdasew Tameru13584 Yosemite Ave.$355,000
Laura Thompson and Jeremie Philip Legand13115 Monterey Ave.$350,000
Katie Jo Amundson and Samuel Widder4931 139th St.$340,000
Vicentico R. Lamb12322 Hillsboro Ave.$336,200
Krystle Marie Klosterman5249 143rd St.$336,000
Estefany Perez-Marquez13737 Vernon Circle$335,000
Theodore and Tammy Cahill7151 153rd Terrace$326,500
Jeffrey David Kressler and Kristin Rene Kessler4213 125th St.$312,000
Ryan Brummund8319 Cedarview Circle$300,000
Daniel Thesing14529 Lockslie Trail$286,000
Piseth No13458 Brunswick Ave.$280,058
Susan Searle7652 Southridge Court$275,000
Alyssa Pfarr7555 Southridge Court$234,000
Linda Pierce14514 Lockslie Trail$228,000

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