Top 50 Prior Lake, Minnesota home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Prior Lake, Minnesota in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 60 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $346,250 in Prior Lake.

Top 50 home sales in Prior Lake for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Roger Lee Dillard III3406 Sycamore Trail$980,000
Matthew and Michelle Grabow4895 208th St.$810,000
Erik and Connie Pesta17586 Sunrise Court$749,500
Carmelle G. and Jacob Cottrell15224 Fairway Heights Road$725,000
Allison and Steven Dockendorf17575 Sunrise Court$720,000
Anthony Bergner and Nicole Touroutoutoudis19886 Erin Ave.$673,000
Mai Ho2616 South Shore Drive$650,000
John and Ingrid Filcher3358 James Court$596,500
Duke-Joel M. and Geovanna K. Meier15015 Wilds Parkway$595,000
Carey and Hope Stortz5641 Trailhead Lane$590,000
1031 Pros Titleholder 1042 LLC14346 Dove Court$589,000
Erik James Alness and Caitlin Anne Powell20820 Lake Ridge Drive$580,000
Bradley K. and Melanie L. Rixmann14535 Pine Road$575,000
Stephen and Amy Courtney1603 Belmont Ave.$570,000
Nalaka Asanka and Lynn J. Wijesooriya15359 Wood Duck Trail$557,500
Christopher B. and Laurel J. Click4798 Partridge Court$550,000
Philip and Amanda Mahal16636 Brentwood Pass$525,000
Joshua R. Clarin and Leah J Wrazidlo17507 Rustic Hill Court$489,900
Jaeger Family Trust Agreement dated January 2, 20034170 Colorado St.$471,000
Kelsey B. Maijala4407 Fox Hunt Court$445,000
Christian Thomas and Stephanie Hulting14300 Lois Ave.$435,000
Chandler J. Olson III and Gretchen A. Merz14283 Fisher Ave.$400,000
Nicholas Michael and Megan Hagen16961 Willow Lane$380,000
Justin Patrick Sinkula4251 Lila Lane$375,000
Charles and Mariah Lee3319 Kent St.$375,000
Nathaniel D. Durtschi and Lindsay Ockwig17380 Sunray Circle$372,000
Tanner Hanson15533 Breezy Point Road$360,000
Gary W. and Shawna K. Schuler14292 Brookmere Blvd.$350,000
Johnny Cooper and Neymi Gonzalez16408 Itasca Ave.$350,000
Vicki McCutchan5821 Timber Trail$347,500
Benjamin and Ferin Anderson14991 Pixie Point Circle$345,000
Shirl Rodriguez3895 Raspberry Ridge Road$335,000
Dani Allen and Dylan Webster5674 Cedarwood Trail$330,000
Maren Elizabeth Anderson and David Sheerer5398 Bounty St.$330,000
Lisa Ann Moore16197 Itasca Ave.$330,000
John and Gail Theiringer17487 Deerfield Drive$325,000
Jared Russo and Rachel Tanner15245 Edinborough Ave.$325,000
M'Lyse Haugen14205 Fountain Hills Court$317,500
Christopher A. Lofquist and Kyra L. Schmock5664 Woodside Road$316,000
Michael Henderson and Rebecca Strommen14195 Aspen Ave.$315,000
Steven J. Stodieck16644 Anna Trail$314,500
Marilyn I. and Richard J. Andrews17252 Marshfield Lane$311,000
Bonita E. Lenzen16074 Cambridge Circle$310,000
Nik and Yelena Grinets15583 Wildwood Circle$290,000
Figjam LLC14227 Fountain Hills Court$290,000
Alex T. Overgard4320 Pleasant St.$285,000
Sergy and Diana Karpenko4972 Bluff Heights Trail$280,000
Donato I. Aponte3909 Station Place$280,000
Christopher T. Short15324 Wilderness Ridge Road$275,000
Jayson M. Kauffman14115 Wilds Path$270,000

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