Top 100 Ankeny, Iowa home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Ankeny, Iowa in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 186 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $264,500 in Ankeny.

Top 100 home sales in Ankeny for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Desiree and Mathew Severidt2111 Woodside Court$1,200,000
Karla D. Holt (trustee)1861 86th Way$1,180,000
Matthew Biggerstaff4417 45th Court$808,920
Dona and David Yegge5121 Seneca Drive$800,000
Jason Swanson1210 53rd Court$720,000
Rami A. and Brittany Bajis2216 Abilene Road$660,000
Mary Kathryn and David Michael Hebert1707 30th St.$565,000
John and Stephanie Maines3904 11th Court$539,900
Alex A. and Heather L. Cathey1223 31st St.$525,000
David Scott and Jody Lee Worstell2120 Cascade Falls Drive$517,000
Nathan J. Adamson and Emily J. Behanish1412 Pine View Circle$491,000
Aaron Blass and Amber Augustine1903 19th St.$490,000
Kramer Family (revocable trust)2607 20th Circle$490,000
Brian and Lindsay Chavez1501 Westview Drive$455,000
Gregory Hand and Erin Tucker9468 27th St.$450,000
Cheryl and Cassie Kieffer2623 20th Circle$450,000
Laura K. and Matthew Woodward3821 Eighth Court$435,000
Erin J. and Dylan M. Mullenix2765 21st Circle$430,100
Terry Murphy and Tammy Peterson2402 Westbrooke Circle$425,000
Rachel Mary and Jordan Jay Recker710 45th Court$425,000
Zachary Richard Lough803 Ridgeline Court$420,000
Tyler Scott Sherrill3921 Sixth St.$410,000
Smit Dhakal1010 23rd Court$400,000
Jerry L. and Catherine R. Brown3419 Rockridge Road$400,000
Max V. and Rachel J. Miller702 17th St.$398,000
Casandra and Brenton Reese620 Springfield Drive$395,900
David L. and Marsha K. Johnson114 Countrywood Lane$390,000
Aaron J. and Melissa Nord521 16th St.$390,000
Brent and Jessica Paulsen1005 Campus Ridge Court$390,000
Kevin W Cherry4710 Fifth St.$385,000
Bradley Alan Stoermer5021 Michael Court$380,000
Jon and Christine Asper814 Laurie Court$372,000
David Chongchong Xu and Stephanie Uyen Xu Nguyen1802 Trilein Drive$370,000
Brad and Amy Welcher1401 Abbie Drive$365,000
Bryan Christopher Brame and Skylar Kaye Courtier2607 Northpark Drive$364,900
Taylor and Jeffrey Woods2716 21st St.$363,000
Praveen Kumar Gopinath and Sowmya A. Chandran2007 Westwood St.$360,000
Dominique M. and Roger Lee Bryant1619 Frisk Drive$360,000
Tamara R. and Mark E. Adams2302 North Creek Drive$359,580
Christopher A. and Hannah M. Johnson1312 Cold Harbor Drive$355,000
Megan and Jordan Flynn1409 Campus Drive$355,000
Brian and Emily Ayers4903 13th St.$353,500
Daniel B. and Kelsey K. Poe3303 15th St.$352,600
Paige Mieko Boyer and Cole Stephen Fisher904 Seasons Drive$350,000
Clayton Cheney2318 23rd St.$348,260
Robert and Rebecca Burkhartsmeier and Brandon and Alexyss Eley415 47th St.$345,000
Brian M. and Amanda J. Stubbs4203 Eighth Court$345,000
Justin T. Adams328 Driftwood Drive$345,000
Ishibwami Job Mamboleo and Mnyemu Fidel Ishibwami915 32nd St.$345,000
Rhett C. and Kaleigha J. Gainey3909 Snyder Blvd.$340,000
Jana Duckwall and Jeremy Hardie1204 25th St.$340,000
Ryan and Deborah Douglas1403 Williamsburg Drive$337,500
Terence M. and Robin Sullivan5201 Seventh St.$334,000
Amanda M. Dee1101 17th Lane$333,100
Karl Henry III and Suzanne Jeanette Lang2509 Parkridge Drive$333,000
Ronald and Debra Riehm2806 School Lane$328,250
Trevor and Julia Lynn Bourg5011 Sixth St.$325,000
Timothy and Rachel Sheeks2811 Sunnybrooke Drive$324,900
Andrew Joseph and Julie Erin Luttrell3810 11th St.$322,820
Brita and Travis Head3308 13th St.$320,000
Katie Ellen Fredericks501 17th St.$320,000
Amanda Kay Zimmerman4004 Westview Drive$315,000
Trang Kevin and Christine Luu Kevin, Nhu Vo, Thanh Nguyen and Van Bui3203 23rd St.$314,500
Emmie and Harrison Swift414 Westwood St.$314,100
Kendall and Sedonna Lyons4702 Fourth St.$314,000
Michelle Diane and Winsome Christine Hays3410 Applewood St.$310,500
Matthew Steven Jones825 Peterson Drive$305,000
Andrew Martin and Gabrielle Brown3903 Westview Drive$300,000
Bryce Mitchell and Kaitlyn Williams918 53rd Court$300,000
Shaun and Karen Bradley3004 Butternut Drive$299,900
Robert Gary and Dorothy Elizabeth Claypool2820 32nd St.$292,000
Parker and Emily Grant5107 Somersby Drive$291,000
Stephen and Judith Harkema1803 Scott Lane$288,000
Nina Baccam1109 Lowell Drive$286,000
John and Amber Sable902 Trilein Drive$285,600
Delbert Lee Middleton3616 Sadie Lane$285,000
Cole and Courtney Thompson1601 Innsbruck Court$285,000
John Garrett and Andrea Katija Stinogel736 Richland Court$283,500
Caitlin Devries and Kevin Burgoni2932 Meadow Ridge Drive$280,000
Melanie C Peterson813 Delaware Ave.$280,000
David J. Whitcher and Melissa A. Witcher1005 Kensington Road$279,900
Ryan Allen Brown309 49th St.$279,900
Milagro Delcarmen Nava and Santiago Nava Moran3120 Butternut Court$279,000
Kyle Burnett and Lisa Marie Nordine3311 Olde Ivy Circle$275,000
Nathan A. Aust and Jordan L. Nolan803 46th St.$275,000
Joseph Roy and Millie Faye Patterson1229 Third St.$275,000
Caleb and Jessica Gerst2522 32nd St.$275,000
Rebeckah Sue Hubbard (trustee)911 41st St.$274,000
Teddy E. and Rebecca J. Fletchall235 Lowell Drive$270,000
Nolan M. and Michaella E. Vollstedt514 Second St.$269,900
Jameson Klavins318 30th St.$268,000
Jeremy J Sikes401 Winterberry St.$267,000
Kaela Dewey2812 Chestnut Drive$265,000
Drew Marquardt710 Chaparal Drive$264,000
Scott A. Klinkel and Lauren J. Dewes3105 Brookeline Drive$260,000
Lance Donald and Mindy Law410 Sixth St.$260,000
Jamie A. Prantner4808 Trilein Drive$257,000
Connor J. Johnson2810 Village Circle$257,000
Liyuan J Delgado Porra and Tibayde M Tapia Naranjo3208 19th St.$256,000
Taylor Blazek706 School St.$253,000

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