Top 100 Cedar Rapids, Iowa home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cedar Rapids, Iowa in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 215 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $163,000 in Cedar Rapids.

Top 100 home sales in Cedar Rapids for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Cedar Rapids Legacy Property LLC220 66th Ave., Unit 1$3,100,000
Ann L. and Anthony Osei F. Safo1647 Timberlake Run$920,000
Hans Jurgen and Lynn Marie Jess1677 Timberlake Run$770,000
Mark R. and Leann R. Erenberger450 First St., Unit 603$710,000
Kathryn M. Gerken6636 Cottage Hill Lane$705,000
Janet R. and Janet R. Beal (trust) and Beal Thomas H. (trust)3507 Meadow View Court$675,000
Christopher C. and Sarah K. Sadler3816 Cedar Grove Court$590,000
John E. and Jodi M. Venteicher3524 Kegler Court$525,000
Robert A. and Kelly A. Faerber2240 Country Club Parkway$500,000
Annette and Tyler Threatt8407 Spanish Road$493,500
Jonathan and Lisa L. Klein6713 Ashwood Court$483,000
Drew Arnold and Suzanne Irene Pierson4800 Morelle Road$480,000
Nicole and Matthew M. Munyakazi9543 Featherstone Drive$453,000
Jordan and Julie Kruse5722 Shiloh Lane$435,000
Theresa E. and Gary L. Jensen3701 Oakridge Court$400,000
Kirk and Alisha Hauskins6817 Stone Terrace Drive$398,466
Mead Van Hardy1605 Timber Court$397,000
Patrick J. and Aubery R. Reidy7828 Marquette Drive$397,000
Lisa and Nathan Zbylicki7525 Princeton Drive$389,000
Vinayak Nagaraja and Pallavi Gopalakrishna6001 Teakwood Court$376,000
Phong T. and Chim Van Quang7808 First Ave.$374,938
Michael Toom3010 Parkview Court$365,000
Joseph T. and Mary Hoyt2562 Indian Hill Road$350,000
Claire L Atwood, Atwood John T. (revocable trust) and Claire L. Atwood (revocable trust)4823 Bovary Court$346,250
Brandon S. and Hannah J. Schiltz7106 Lindsey Grove Road$340,000
Taylor Kuhn1110 Blue Stone St.$333,000
Jennifer R Burkart and Garry Wayne Mitchell8602 Aldridge Drive$310,000
Michael J. and Jeannie L. Sattler3860 Belden Court$307,000
Justin A. Beck and Paige R Pickart6621 J St.$300,750
Charles Leo and Marjorie Ann Spicka3403 Royal Drive$300,000
Joseph J Chapman6408 Prairie Sage Drive$295,000
Nikki Leanne Lynn and Amber E Cheever7224 Rolling Ridge Drive$292,000
Juan Manuel Martinez Cruz and Alejanda Martinez1302 Jackson Woods Court$280,000
James E. Baird and Jacoby Beard411 Waterbury Lane$279,900
Raj Properties LLC900 Second St., Unit 301$275,000
Gabrielle and James Fisher537 Limerock Drive$274,900
Scott L. and Julie A. Shaw Thompson457 68th Ave.$266,250
Jaymi L Johnson416 Wilton Drive$265,000
Jason Todd Stepanek12308 Club Road$262,500
Anne and Darin Lunde306 Stoney Creek Road$260,000
Javier J. and Rosa E. Salazar6919 Park Road$260,000
Jayakumar Dhandapani and Tamilselvi Rajagopal828 Crescent View Drive$260,000
Gavin and Adriene Bassett720 73rd St.$256,000
Auguy K Kalala and Merveille K Tshita3513 Random Court$255,000
Diana Marie Snyder1364 Elmhurst Drive$255,000
Sydney L. Hiserote1125 Koudsi Blvd.$254,000
Ryanne Janae and William James Molinari1227 Glenwood Drive$250,000
Beau N Klostermann409 68th Ave. Court$250,000
Alexander R. and Stacy R. Fitzsimmons4614 Pearl Ave.$245,000
Ida Jean and John F. Young3716 Second Ave.$245,000
Riley Daniel Batterson and Paige Morgan Beatty411 Zelda Drive$243,500
Ryan P. and Kirsten E. Collins155 Brentwood Drive$239,000
Colby Gibson5215 Ruhd St.$238,000
Patricia A. and Larry D. Balster4066 Water Point Court$237,000
Travis and Danielle Emerson7603 Quail Trail$235,000
Emma Lee Ehrke6909 Brentwood Drive$234,900
Chandler D. and Kate E. Heisler302 Red Fox Road$234,000
Larry and Mary Weber6712 Waterview Drive$233,000
Dpn Investments LLC2744 Tower Drive$230,000
Rachel and Andrew Shannon2319 Ridge Trail$229,000
Ben H. Kjome9426 Grand Oaks Drive$225,000
Derek D. and Randyl B. Meyer Lamaack5025 Twin Mound Drive$222,000
Manuel and Kimberly Isaac959 Cedar Crest Road$220,000
Starlet Smith267 Crandall Drive$219,900
Sylinda S Foster6285 Muirfield Drive$217,500
Jebril Brown314 30th St.$215,000
Puviarasan Munusamy and Rajalakshmi Rajendiran972 Acacia Drive$215,000
Zachary and Mindy Johnson2330 Chestnut Court$210,000
Dylan and Adelaide Robson615 Ninth Ave.$209,900
Mra Real Estate LLC136 Echo Lane$205,000
Nicole P Franc3814 Water View Court, Unit 9$200,000
Sierra Jane and Blake Andrew Hargens2333 Brookland Drive$199,000
Jeffrey J. and Annette M. Peterson2017 Balsam Drive$195,000
Laura B. Lea1830 Driftwood Lane$192,500
Alysha A. Cornelius325 Lewellen Drive$190,000
Tony Tangkhpanya5311 Dostal Drive$188,000
Melissa Danly4440 M Ave.$185,500
Jana M Sopher3810 Tomahawk Trail$185,000
Mason E. and Roseann K. Taylor3865 37th Ave., Unit A$185,000
Ethan and Stephanie Graham1620 Hinkley Ave.$185,000
Emily I. Reminiskey415 24th St.$185,000
Theresa Kaye McKinley1902 20th St.$184,900
Joseph Birl Cummins III129 22nd St.$184,000
Nichole M. and James Keegan3023 Meadowbrook Drive$179,000
Lynnette C Gale4201 Vine Ave.$179,000
Mercedes Galarraga59 Post Road$178,000
Justesse Bonganga Wassa and Pacifique Muenga Kitu45 Woodstone Lane$177,000
Cedar Rapids Community School District4150 Jackson Drive$176,250
David A. and Linda S. Luther205 35th St. Drive$176,000
Thomas O. Morey and Stacy L Sutton3116 Sue Lane$175,100
Jillian Stone and Timothy Hefel391 30th St.$175,000
Janice E Coleman532 30th St. Drive$175,000
Diana Gomez4410 Loraine St.$172,950
David B. Bowers and Teresa L Morse2026 Bever Ave.$171,000
Mra Real Estate LLC709 Barkwood Drive$170,000
Raymond Michael Dorsey2050 Knollshire Road$170,000
James Robert Benjamin and Crystal Soukup927 Owen St.$168,000
Jason Dean Thomas and Beverly Clymer1421 Seminole Ave.$168,000
Adam Pino3112 Carroll Drive$168,000
Blooms Homes LLC3820 Skylark Lane$165,000

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