Top 50 Coon Rapids, Minnesota home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Coon Rapids, Minnesota in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 51 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $308,000 in Coon Rapids.

Top 50 home sales in Coon Rapids for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Leonard M. and Heather Draine175 124th Lane$482,000
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)1448 132nd Lane$419,400
Randall A. and Emily Mateo12093 Ilex St.$408,000
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)1062 94th Lane$400,300
Jodi P Sigel and Nancy K. Powers13119 Yukon St.$390,000
Kennedy Austin and Kristine Anne Mondor12240 Juniper St.$382,000
Cathleen M. and Timothy Sullivan1528 129th Ave.$360,000
Chika Jacob and Nkechi Philomina Ude2308 132nd Lane$360,000
Christopher Bulena11400 Palm St.$355,000
Jeffrey Svedin1885 132nd Lane$348,000
Kevin M. Rodriguez12978 Jay St.$347,000
Reginald and Carrie James13219 Quinn St.$345,000
Gabriela Salas2417 118th Ave.$341,000
Leanna Wiedman and Jason Lazarz10725 Xavis St.$340,000
Bashula and Guyo Beleso664 107th Lane$340,000
Juan and Grace Ramos330 105th Ave.$340,000
Fatoumata Trawalley12332 Ivywood St.$335,000
Rachael Tschida and Tyler Zemke12387 Ivywood St.$332,000
A Minnesota Corp. Ctw Group Inc.10005 Grouse St.$330,700
Avery Pint1031 106th Ave.$330,000
Stella Xiong2155 110th Lane$324,000
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)8320 Redwood St.$315,000
Michael J. and Ali Fjerstad1005 121st Lane$315,000
Salam A. Girmay10481 Quince St.$315,000
Olabimpe and Omosola Aladedunye2551 115th Ave.$310,000
Thunder and Stephen Heyer11750 Marigold St.$308,000
Nancy Yang2900 119th Lane$307,900
3DS Investment and Property Management LLC11410 Crooked Lake Blvd.$300,000
Tammy L Wittmer and Justin P. Witttmer2606 115th Lane$299,500
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)11317 Crooked Lake Blvd.$297,360
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)11425 Round Lake Blvd.$295,555
Jonathon Jacob and Patricia Joan Herbsleb923 Woody Lane$288,000
Michiah Greene1745 131st Lane$280,000
Jebadiah Wayne Price1660 107th Ave.$275,000
Lisa Thao461 110th Ave.$275,000
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)606 109th Ave.$266,400
Adam and Amie Weeks11943 Eidelweiss St.$256,500
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)955 108th Ave.$251,338
Veronica Nyangacha985 106th Lane, No. 53$246,000
Jessica Shultz11771 Juniper St.$245,000
Kathleen A. Yanko3466 131st Ave.$239,000
Delante Deshawn Quick-Chambers11044 Swallow St.$225,000
Kevin Cheng10120 Redwood St.$212,850
Lynne M Rhyne12076 Yellow Pine St.$212,550
Scotco LLC2232 113th Ave.$211,000
Bayron Fernando Penafiel Coronel and Shirley Pacheco Soledispa11748 Magnolia St.$201,000
Alana M. Blomberg8796 Norway St.$200,000
Charles Watts1910 Coon Rapids Blvd., No. 9$190,000
Jesse Blomquist12068 Wintergreen St.$182,000
A-1 Property Services LLC400 105th Lane$87,500

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