Top 100 West Des Moines, Iowa home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for West Des Moines, Iowa in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 100 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $253,000 in West Des Moines.

Top 100 home sales in West Des Moines for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Joshua and April Wilson1111 45th Court$1,350,000
James Edward Brick and Gail Michaelle Sullivan1501 42nd St.$940,000
Roger K. Rev Brooks (trustee) and Saulene M. Rev Richer (trustee)4621 Park Drive$915,000
Sheila C Mattoon5518 Little Leaf Trail$695,000
Ten Bears LC1157 Glen Oaks Drive$680,000
Ryan W. Koehlmoos and Carolina C Casals Dekoehlmoos5639 Ponderosa Drive$650,000
Cynthia Wold711 32nd Court$640,000
Michael R. Ramberg and Heidi George4842 Park Drive$610,000
Scott and Susanne Mortimer5754 Gallery Court$592,500
Patrick and Jennifer Ohzourk5951 Northview Drive$550,000
Janet K. 2012 Rev Berlin (trustee)4828 Park Circle$537,500
Erica Ann and Jason Michael Andersen4901 Stonebridge Circle$470,000
Tanner J. and Jessica L. Goolsby900 57th St.$460,000
Daniel W. Murray and Hoda Ahangari2500 Country Side Circle$449,000
Matthew Alex and Maddison Sturms5947 Wistful Vista Drive$443,000
Tanner Leth and Emily Leth Nissen5416 Aspen Drive$415,000
Austin Haywood3605 Aspen Drive$400,000
William T. Grask1019 21st St.$370,000
Alex C. and Angela W. Stork139 56th St.$357,000
Tia and Ronald Bret Hodne5633 Northview Place$340,000
Paul R. Tarsius and Rachel S. Paul Rajesh2723 Country Side Drive$339,000
Gregory J Applebee912 52nd Place$330,000
Morgan M. Miller and Joseph Nehring3217 Vine St.$322,500
Robert P. and Lisa R. Anderson5624 Northview Place$322,000
Regan M. and Jennifer N. G. Parker5069 Raintree Drive$312,000
Will Vanroekel and Rebecca Phillips513 51st St.$310,000
Derek Person4542 Meadow Valley Drive$307,000
Rachel Ong517 Colonial Circle$307,000
Blake and Amanda Burns1144 50th Place$305,000
Melinda and Christopher Ellingson4546 Ashley Park Drive$301,000
Nicole and Jose Reyes4800 Westwood Drive$299,900
Cory J. and Abigail Diane Pulido505 31st St.$297,500
Hattie Bagbey933 41st St.$293,000
Samantha Jo Nichols and Katherine Jean Nylen4920 Hawthorne Drive$292,000
Timothy and Ellen Vawter920 45th St.$290,000
Scott Eastin4104 Pommel Place$290,000
Ashlyn Rae Croft2491 Scenic Valley Drive$281,000
Keegan and Lydia Pullis2701 Elm St.$275,500
Sui Tial and Tluang Hmung310 38th St.$275,000
Matt and Latrice Wissink1232 24th St.$273,000
Kelly S Eastin1090 50th Place$270,000
Bailey Joseph Williams1425 Ashworth Road$270,000
Allen and Joan Muhs1945 Maple Circle$269,000
Tyler Sandquist120 27th Court$267,000
Caitlin Danielle Combs2225 Locust St.$265,110
Julie Pinks533 34th St.$265,000
Matthew Peters2473 Scenic Valley Drive$263,500
Zachary Nicoletto and Teresa Bash5128 Westwood Drive$259,900
Gary A. and Julie Levine633 21st St.$259,900
Derek and Danielle Nash540 34th St.$256,000
Ashley M. and Jeffrey Hutzell3604 Western Hills Drive$250,000
Joseph Colton Erickson4213 Francrest Circle$250,000
Twelve (trust) and Amigos Para Siempre (trust)549 34th St.$250,000
Bukuru Fauzia404 Ashworth Road$249,900
Sharon Dixon4400 Ep True Parkway 45$245,000
Belen Suarez and Victorio A. Sanchez Mendez1715 Vine St.$242,500
Jeffrey Michael and Elyse Jacqueline Rynning2441 Maple St.$239,750
Randall and Vivian D. Gaye1016 22nd St.$239,000
Angela J Schmidt2405 Fairlawn Drive$239,000
Jacob Swift and Shannon McGee2920 Vine St.$228,000
Peggy L Stanley4400 Ep True Parkway 44$224,000
Paige N. and Trenton M. Davis5329 Brookview Drive$220,000
Diann M Anderson5125 Tamara Lane$220,000
Matthew M. and Chaney E. Kurtz801 13th St.$213,000
John Thawng and Christ N Mawi553 32nd St.$212,000
William and Tracy Moore529 Seventh St.$210,000
Ryan W. Derichs832 Fifth St.$210,000
Siang Len Par and Hmun Lian Mang2817 Meadow Lane$202,000
Haley Ann Smith1055 Bradford Place$200,000
Andrew Olai Opsal1713 Grand Ave.$197,000
Steven L. Rev Flood (trustee)1234 18th St.$180,000
Kathleen F. Tafaro174 Evergreen Place$176,500
Riley M. Sailer and Trevor G Allen1145 52nd St. 1501$174,900
Riley T. Anderson811 Burr Oaks Drive 1002$174,900
Steven M Pals150 Prairie View Drive 1005$173,500
William J. Schany1400 52nd St. 29$172,000
Christopher Mart150 Prairie View Drive 312$171,000
Jeremy and Amber Lewis756 Knolls Court$170,000
Matthew Gerst2247 Grand Ave. 1$170,000
Thomas Andrew Jessen2223 Grand Ave. 12$166,400
Michael Z. and Teresa L. Novak and Victoria L. Cicha1070 50th St. 14C$165,000
Madeline Schoney301 Prospect Ave.$163,300
Sabrina Lynne Carper and Levi R Clark617 Eighth St.$160,000
Capital City Properties LLC640 50th St. 2206$155,000
Imogene Investments LLC132 Eighth St.$155,000
Irwin and Rosalie Zuckerman5448 Lake Ridge Drive$153,900
Susan L. Cook3305 Ep True Parkway 1001$150,000
Robert Alan Levinstein2241 Grand Ave. 3$145,500
Bailea E Pakkebier197 52nd St.$140,000
Kathleen Johnson533 Second St.$140,000
Elma Mujakovic4900 Pleasant St. 23$140,000
Maria Barth5244 Dakota Drive$137,000
Valerie S Marlow420 Ninth St.$136,500
Jami L Fitzgerald224 Holiday Circle 31$133,000
Scott Weaver206 Holiday Circle 38$133,000
Donna Smith1100 50th St. 1104$125,000
Jin Hwang5261 Dakota Drive$121,000
Monte Properties Inc.5265 Dakota Drive$117,500
Katie Jo and Joseph R. Fitzgerald240 Holiday Circle 35$102,500
II LLC120 Second St.$65,000

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