August 29-September 4, 2021: Tamarac home sales

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There were 50 reported residential sales in Tamarac for the week of August 29-September 4, 2021. The median sale price was $235,000.

8040 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West$170,000
Buyer: Jemoag Real Estate LLC
Seller: Francisco and Yolanda Castro

8111 N.W. 58th Court
Tamarac West$279,755
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: William and Cynthia Luiggi Gilbert

8050 W. McNab Road
Tamarac West$90,000
Buyer: Henley and Patlyn Forest
Seller: Aida J Moreno

5914 Riverside Ave.
Tamarac West$245,000
Buyer: Amiose L Metayer
Seller: Kan-JYH Chern

4921 N.W. 54th St.
Tamarac East$138,981
Buyer: Lisa Griffith-Emery and Lisa E. and Michael R. Emery
Seller: Lisa Griffith-Emery and Michael R. Emery

7813 N.W. 69th Terrace
Tamarac Central$386,000
Buyer: Sasha Williams and McKinley Leonard
Seller: Coritta and Rupert Boyd

7715 Southampton Terrace
Tamarac West$255,000
Buyer: Otha Thomas and Rhonda Lynn Collins
Seller: Michael P. Banas

7725 Yardley Drive
Tamarac West$182,500
Buyer: Nichole Giddings
Seller: Richard Michael Stewart, Michelle Susan Horowitz and Marvin & Natalie Stewart (revocable trust)

9525 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$104,000
Buyer: Diane Leslie Rubinstein
Seller: Lois Berlowitz and Helen Bredhoff (revocable trust)

9090 Lime Bay Blvd.
Tamarac West$53,500
Buyer: Jose Miguel Delgado
Seller: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

6095 N. Sabal Palm Blvd.
Tamarac East$146,000
Buyer: Barrington and Shearon Young
Seller: Jose F. Lascano and Jose L. Alvarado

6016 N.W. 77th Ave.
Tamarac West$285,000
Buyer: Sebastian Llamosas
Seller: Marlene Wolff

7970 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West$130,000
Buyer: Beljusa LLC
Seller: Marlo Novak

5803 N.W. 82nd Ave.
Tamarac West$272,000
Buyer: Rolando Lazaro Martinez Sierra and Daisy Maria Torres Gonzalez
Seller: Florida Foreclosure Management LLC

9563 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$176,000
Buyer: Debra Nadler Reding
Seller: Peter E. and Lidya Marin

5603 Melaleuca Drive
Tamarac East$410,000
Buyer: Oneil and Sadasha Crosdale
Seller: Timothy Trojan, Nancy Fahmy and Marc and Nora Votto

4705 N.W. 49th Drive
Tamarac East$203,000
Buyer: David Manohar
Seller: Valor Ventures Inc.

8400 Lagos Decampo Blvd.
Tamarac West$69,900
Buyer: Juan Carlos Sixto Valdez
Seller: Michael R. and Johna M. Bellet and Joseph W. and Arlene Janet Inglut

5907 London Lane
Tamarac West$310,000
Buyer: Rafael Properties LLC
Seller: Abiodun S. and Olukemi Latilo

4207 N.W. 47th St.
Tamarac East$235,000
Buyer: Daphne Wilson and Kenute Wilson-Anderson
Seller: Madison Alamosa Hecm Reo LLC

2518 N.W. 53rd St.
Tamarac East$295,000
Buyer: Jesus Silva Hernandez
Seller: Sheila Jane and Cody James Rogers

4412 Woodland Circle
Tamarac East$275,000
Buyer: Gold Peace Holdings LLC
Seller: Lior and Limor Auslander

9596 N. Belfort Circle
Tamarac West$140,000
Buyer: Jose and Maria E. Borges
Seller: Steven G Miller

9796 N. Belfort Circle
Tamarac West$125,000
Buyer: Raymond H. Faulkner Jr. and Birdie J Faulkner
Seller: Martin A. Palacios, Ysabel Sanchez Paredez and Ysabel Sanchez Paredes

6351 N. University Drive
Tamarac West$149,000
Buyer: Sandra J Gyles
Seller: Joseph A. and Elizabeth D. Labarbera

7755 Yardley Drive
Tamarac West$185,000
Buyer: Patrina Freckleton
Seller: Linda Lee Furspan

8045 Sanibel Drive
Tamarac West$235,000
Buyer: Leotis D McNorton
Seller: Dahlia Denise McIntosh

7886 N.W. 84th Terrace
Tamarac West$307,200
Buyer: Johnny M Rojas and Juliana Fernandez
Seller: Maxine L. Melnick (revocable trust)

7113 N.W. 108th Ave.
Tamarac West$350,000
Buyer: Mark Baldwin
Seller: Nancy K. and David M. Theriault and Nancy K. and Nancy L. Ford

4576 N.W. 16th Terrace
Tamarac East$248,000
Buyer: Arturo Guerra Alfonso
Seller: Joely Spencer

9525 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$142,000
Buyer: Dan and Sandorne Yunger
Seller: Leona Margolis

7670 Westwood Drive
Tamarac West$175,000
Buyer: M & MF Studio LLC
Seller: Aventino 712 LLC

6710 N.W. 89th Ave.
Tamarac West$430,000
Buyer: David E. Garcias and Diana M Adrianzen
Seller: Capital Dream Team Mortgage Investments Inc.

5708 N.W. 85th Ave.
Tamarac West$299,000
Buyer: Kathleen and Keith Cooper
Seller: Martin B. and Carol J. Berke

7608 N.W. 96th Terrace
Tamarac West$283,000
Buyer: Pedro Manuel Roa Hidalgo and Johnny Teran Briceno
Seller: Ana Maria Catania

9537 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$156,500
Buyer: Barbara K. and George Lee Ricks
Seller: Edwin D. and Carmen B. Lopez

8116 San Carlos Circle
Tamarac West$234,900
Buyer: Lucas Marin Tabares and Tien Bui
Seller: Peter Edward Perez

7300 N.W. 59th St.
Tamarac Central$315,000
Buyer: Eduard Caballeros Castellanos
Seller: Jean Claubert and Antoniotte Marc

8400 Lagos Del. Campo Blvd.
Tamarac West$65,700
Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court, Janos Farkas, Aniko Lakatos and Attila Aranyos

7035 N.W. 101st Ave.
Tamarac West$360,000
Buyer: Peggy A. Miller and Carrie Hull
Seller: Arnaldo and Evangelina Torre

7202 N.W. 70th Ave.
Tamarac Central$300,000
Buyer: Herb Allen Krantz and Ivonne J Lannin
Seller: Pf Development LLC

10009 N.W. 81st Court
Tamarac West$400,000
Buyer: Sandra E McGrath
Seller: Y & M Realty Investments LLC

8025 Colony Circle
Tamarac West$140,000
Buyer: Juan Pablo and Liseth Yliana Londono
Seller: Blachere LLC

10120 N.W. 71st Place
Tamarac West$375,000
Buyer: Andrew and Sarah Suarez
Seller: Celimo and Ana Aragon

2709 N.W. 52nd Court
Tamarac East$220,000
Buyer: Alvaro C Villatoro
Seller: Beverly Ives

6466 Pinehurst Circle
Tamarac West$235,000
Buyer: Hector O. and Deborah M. Munoz
Seller: Brain V Henning and Lucia Marquez-Henning

7910 N.W. 72nd Ave.
Tamarac Central$281,800
Buyer: Khadine Richards and Andrew Nicolas Rose
Seller: Kenyon E Powell

5829 N.W. 57th Ave.
Tamarac East$275,000
Buyer: Wilfredo J Melendez Arias and Mirelys G Colina Garcia
Seller: Charlie and Daniela Osorio

9587 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$130,000
Buyer: Theodore Vun
Seller: Lillian Lunenfeld

8380 Lagos Del. Campo Blvd.
Tamarac West$95,000
Buyer: Raymond Cassagnol
Seller: Maria E., Esther, Madison Lucia and Alexander Julian Hernandez and Samantha Mildred Merz

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