Weekly recap, August 29-September 4, 2021 home sales in Miramar

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of August 29-September 4, 2021. The median sale price was $405,000.

12851 S.W. 31st Court
Miramar Central$335,000
Buyer: Ann Carmelle Belynda and Phillipe McCarthy Gabriel
Seller: Sonia Duncan and Sonia Jamieson

2813 Alcazar Drive
Miramar East$370,000
Buyer: Carolyn Troche
Seller: Yves Emmanuel Delice

4800 S.W. 152nd Way
Miramar Central$394,200
Buyer: Andrew Thomas and Shantrecia Felder
Seller: Lucille and Lucile Altidor

1906 S.W. 181st Way
Miramar West$595,000
Buyer: Andrew S. and Latoya Suah
Seller: Jacques and Michela Eskenazi

19170 S.W. 29th Court
Miramar West$620,000
Buyer: Librada Paz and Reina Cea
Seller: Hector E Paz III

17422 S.W. 33rd St.
Miramar West$528,000
Buyer: Timothy J Spencer and Kaitlin M Giammarino
Seller: Amit Gupta and Ekta Mittal

4965 S.W. 159th Ave.
Miramar West$600,000
Buyer: Simon Little
Seller: Kofi Nyamekye Ellis and Sahle-Ann Karina Forbes-Ellis

1920 S.W. 124th Way
Miramar Central$495,000
Buyer: Jhoany Ochoa and Janneli Gonzalez
Seller: Carlos and Patricia Darzi Izquierdo and Patricia Darzi Marques

6508 S.W. 27th St.
Miramar East$15,000
Buyer: Jack Johnson
Seller: Youlae Smith

3924 S.W. 189th Ave.
Miramar West$1,100,000
Buyer: Chaker and Mee Hing Chahrour
Seller: Michael and Belinda Beaumont

3670 S.W. 162nd Ave.
Miramar West$675,000
Buyer: Nathalie Michaelle Casseus
Seller: Karine Moron

7844 Miramar Blvd.
Miramar East$180,000
Buyer: Corfu Homes Inc.
Seller: Alan and Mary Ann Styer

3014 S.W. 67th Lane
Miramar East$355,000
Buyer: Wilson Louis and Keta Agustin
Seller: JDM Housing Ventures LLC

2534 S.W. 157th Ave.
Miramar West$587,000
Buyer: Jun Chuan Zhang and Jia Chen
Seller: Srinivas Reddy and Gouthami Reddy Sama

1999 S.W. 94th Terrace
Miramar East$360,000
Buyer: Steve and Patricia and Ariel S. Gonzales
Seller: Denziel Westby Sr. and Winnifred McKesey (revocable trust)

7952 Shalimar St.
Miramar East$444,000
Buyer: Rashard Anderson
Seller: Alexander Torres and Shirley Perdomo Hernandez

13072 S.W. 54th Court
Miramar Central$520,000
Buyer: Jeffrey Lovera and Patricia Roldan
Seller: Alejandra Tamayo and John Perez

18009 S.W. 54th St.
Buyer: Nisha V Gobardhan
Seller: Adjai D Ramnarine and Nisha V Gobardhan

18023 S.W. 20th St.
Miramar West$579,000
Buyer: Michelle Bruno and Donal A. Mendez
Seller: Jose L. and Marla Prieto

2492 S.W. 161st Ave.
Miramar West$480,000
Buyer: Paulo Ricardo Klimick Pereira and Patricia Henriques Klimick
Seller: Andrew Cunningham Jr. and Angeline Holder-Cunningham

3341 Java Plum Ave.
Miramar East$46,876.50
Buyer: Alica and Manuel Josue Acosta
Seller: Alicia Acosta

5271 S.W. 159th Ave.
Miramar West$654,000
Buyer: Keandra Fulton, Gregory Charlot and Violet Ryland
Seller: Ann M. Taylor and Berthold Boyle

5020 S.W. 141st Ave.
Miramar Central$382,000
Buyer: Michael Leiser and Malen Nousari
Seller: Zillow Homes Property (trust)

9591 Ashley Drive
Miramar East$129,033.89
Buyer: David Rego Galvao and Lucia Belen Rynka Estevez
Seller: David Galvao

3521 S.W. 143rd Ave.
Miramar Central$221,896.50
Buyer: Jennifer Martell and Shirley Adkins
Seller: Jennifer Martell

13100 S.W. 44th St.
Miramar Central$260,000
Buyer: Maria E. and Joanna Rodriguez
Seller: Katherine Leal

2080 W. Preserve Way
Miramar East$181,000
Buyer: Javac LLC
Seller: Phd Development LLC

2242 S.W. 130th Terrace
Miramar Central$750,000
Buyer: Albert and Karla Stewart
Seller: Angel Vargas Jr.

4558 S.W. 134th Ave.
Miramar Central$460,000
Buyer: Celenia Antonio and Trinidad Gonzalez Antonio
Seller: Carlos Daniel Rando

4371 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West$215,000
Buyer: 2622 River Preserve LLC
Seller: Brian P Becarria

3000 Tarpon Drive
Miramar East$405,000
Buyer: Julia Esther Leal and Manuel Rodriguez Reyes and Elisabet Oliva Leal
Seller: Carlos H Bautista and Sarah Garcia

7321 Plantation Blvd.
Miramar East$375,000
Buyer: Marie Marc
Seller: Robert Jean

3101 S.W. 173rd Terrace
Miramar West$630,000
Buyer: Taline Rose and James Christopher Starr
Seller: Julissa Castellanos and Mercedes Gonzalez-Blanco (revocable trust)

2355 S.W. 162nd Terrace
Miramar West$490,000
Buyer: Dominique Adhemar
Seller: Paula S Marmol and Paula Saenz

2061 Renaissance Blvd.
Miramar East$205,000
Buyer: Dcg 2600 Ocean LLC
Seller: Sajan Chacko

2509 Centergate Drive
Miramar Central$256,000
Buyer: Priscilla Filosa
Seller: Karen Osetek Wiebe

12826 S.W. 50th Court
Miramar Central$530,000
Buyer: Milton and Edmea and Michelle B. Perpetuo
Seller: John and Barbara and Berthonis Fenelon

17021 S.W. 36th Court
Miramar West$430,000
Buyer: Leo Tatiyana and Ericka Sutherland Tatiyana
Seller: Syed Irfan Zaidi and Riffat Abidi

4405 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West$310,000
Buyer: Marcin and Cintia Herrera Ladowski
Seller: Cecele and Larry Hall

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