Top 100 Dallas, Texas home valuations for September 2021

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Dallas, Texas in September 2021, according to

In September 2021, there were 990 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $161,810 in Dallas.

Top 100 home valuations in Dallas for September 2021
Molly D. Houston (trustee), Molly Houston Family Trust Dated August 12 2021 and Lisa A. Provenzano (trustee)5211 Farquhar Lane$2,890,810
Jeffrey A. and Kimberly Ann Chapman4851 Harrys Lane$2,549,640
Edna Shin Kim (trustee), Thomas Jung Kim (trustee) and Thomas Kim&Edna Kim 2019 (trust)6621 Forest Creek Drive$1,900,000
Jennifer and Kyle Kaspar4424 Manning Lane$1,889,470
Adrian Gawel and Gawel Anla Linkiewicz11225 Russwood Circle$1,777,680
Christopher Ronald and Lynne Broad4710 Irvin Simmons Drive$1,750,000
Sara Fallahi and Zachary Kingsberg6615 Northwood Road$1,675,000
Mary Elizabeth and Richard Leatherman4730 Royal Lane$1,640,000
Barry L Graham and Ronnie Lee Holly6905 Forest Glen Blvd.$1,613,360
Anne E. Harlow6237 Mercedes Ave.$1,579,660
Mills J&M Properties LLC6207 Rex Drive$1,563,750
Dannehl M. Twomey (trustee), Twomey Family Trust Dated June 11 1996 and Kevin M. Twomey (trustee)69 Kennington Court$1,420,770
John J. and Suzanna H. Reed7210 Centenary Ave.$1,418,490
Robert S. Bryan9641 Inwood Road$1,210,000
Charles L. Hutto3366 Blackburn St.$1,170,480
Richard C. and Sonja A. Turner7975 Caruth Court$1,110,520
10846 Crooked Creek Realty LLC10846 Crooked Creek Court$1,106,000
Guoyu Fu and Shixuan LI6415 Forestshire Drive$1,074,260
Tgh LLC1322 Kessler Parkway$1,066,870
Dixie S. and Edward H. Martin6947 Lavendale Ave.$1,053,000
Deborah L. Steinberg of Survivors (trustee) (trust)6903 Oak Manor Drive$1,027,560
&Deborah Steinberg Exempt James (marital trust) and Deborah L. Steinberg (trustee)6903 Oak Manor Drive$1,027,560
Laurie Adams Carroll6131 Prestonshire Lane$1,021,690
Angela D. and Jeffrey D. Cole5321 Tanbark Road$980,790
David M. Godat6721 Inwood Road$961,450
Freddie Alexander7714 Boedeker Drive$931,710
Freddie Penn Alexander (trustee) and Freddie Penn Alexander Dated July 20 2021 (revocable trust)7714 Boedeker Drive$931,710
Holly Lyall and James Robert Terhune6725 Bob O Link Drive$929,430
Maddie Jessica Kubiliun and Suraj J Patel10450 Coppedge Lane$907,970
Claire and Hugh Seligman3827 Versailles Ave.$906,500
Katherine Hall and Mark Zibilich6246 Willowgate Lane$902,050
Matthew S. Daniel9035 Lanshire Drive$880,000
J. Patrick and Teresita Rodriguez Doyle5523 Stanford Ave.$869,730
Jiwon and John Hughes4416 Bobbitt Drive$853,350
Tal Grossman and Tamar Navama7024 Yamini Drive$850,660
George G. Gleason II U. A. D. 12/16/09 (revocable trust) and George G. Gleason II (trustee)5318 Goodwin Ave.$840,000
CS 2017 (revocable trust) and Carla Jones Sousa (trustee)7049 Azalea Lane$835,440
Meredith Secker Zapata8169 Santa Clara Drive$834,940
Christina and Kevin Hudson5916 Anita St.$826,500
Jessica C. Straley Dated July 21 2021 (living trust) and Jessica C. Straley (trustee)5716 Vickery Blvd.$820,000
Highland Park VIP Fund LLC6631 Norway Road$806,520
Kathleen McGinn and Timothy John Aronson5641 Charlestown Drive$800,000
Amy Fitzgerald (trustee), Fitzgerald Dated September 10 2021 (living trust) and Matthew Fitzgerald (trustee)6175 Vickery Blvd.$798,250
Michael David Wadsworth (trustee), Mitzi Leigh Adams Wadsworth (trustee) and Wadsworth Dated January 1 2021 (revocable trust)4110 Dunhaven Road$783,640
Daddy Daughter Investments LLC12023 Excelsior Way$776,000
Roland Christopher Rhodes12023 Excelsior Way$776,000
Nancy Ellen Blanks (trustee) and Thomas Leron Blanks Family Trust5919 Twin Coves$774,100
Blalock David Travis and Blalock Traci Thorne6940 Currin Drive$750,070
Clyde&Anne Pogson U. T. A. Dated August 18 2021 (living trust), Anne V. Pogson (trustee) and Clyde H. Pogson (trustee)12112 Talmay Drive$747,690
Maryam Ahmadi6118 Llano Ave.$740,020
John B. and Mattie T. Ebersole8162 Santa Clara Drive$737,300
Alvaro and Anne Montoya3898 Van Ness Lane$727,450
Kris R Trafton5807 Velasco Ave.$725,220
Ginsborg Family Trust and Jeanne Ginsborg (trustee)7131 Greenbrook Lane$716,840
Melissa Miller3309 Hall Court$704,520
Dylan N. Bower and Michelle M Nemesi5714 Llano Ave.$700,050
Julie H Kosnik12114 Vendome Place$686,220
Belinda Jayne Henschel (trustee), Henschel Family Trust and Peter William Henschel (trustee)9118 Cochran Bluff Lane$675,230
Dawit B. and Milen B. Haile4240 Glenaire Drive$675,030
Gph Meadow LLC7039 Mason Dells Drive$670,320
Vision Custom Builders LLC12119 Marbrook Drive$664,470
Bill Brice Jr. and Gail Griswold8446 Forest Hills Blvd.$653,580
Boroughs Danielle Clare (trustee), Boroughs David Roy (trustee) and Boroughs U. T. A. Dated 9 21 2021 (revocable trust)3716 Northaven Road$650,170
Yi Hui Hsu and Benjamin W. Ng2211 Allen St.$644,230
Thomas Frei and Shawna Wilson4055 Throckmorton St.$641,370
Jeffrey Hunter Fleming41 Vanguard Way$639,750
Lauren R. Hawkins (trustee), Lenel L. Hawkins (trustee) and Lenel&Lauren Hawkins Dated October 31 2019 (revocable trust)1203 Waterside Circle$636,340
Michael Robert Hjertstedt and Stefan Strickland1030 Winnetka Ave.$625,730
Fernando Alcocer4330 Rawlins St.$625,110
Francis X. McGovern9336 Stratford Way$624,000
Sharif&Munir Custom Homes Inc.3822 Martha Lane$623,510
Sharif&Munir Custom Homes Inc.3822 Martha Lane$623,510
Meredith Alexander and Stephen James Hammer4648 College Park Drive$621,020
Alix and Matthew C. Sibley9903 Spirehaven Lane$618,910
Joshua and Kelsey Martak7317 Fieldgate Drive$615,940
11812-11818 E Northwest Highway LLC7023 Deloache Ave.$614,350
Heather Ann Goodstein (trustee) and Joreem (revocable trust)12147 Elysian Court$614,000
Jared Simpson and Holly Waggoner17322 Earthwind Drive$613,710
Eternia Properties LLC5706 Lindenshire Lane$603,390
Shannon L Brame7846 Yamini Drive$602,230
Anthony Louis Moschetto and Moschetto Lea Steinruecke5734 Vanderbilt Ave.$598,540
Moschetto Properties LLC5734 Vanderbilt Ave.$598,540
Rebecca Wade and William Joseph Firth IV7110 Westbrook Lane$597,930
Ali Alian and Rosita Ghazanfari3959 Clover Lane$594,060
Jordan C. Connell and Haley Elliott5115 Harvest Hill Road$586,850
Adam and Sherry-Anne Coleman8510 Midway Road$584,030
James&Heather Fisher Family Trust Dated May 22 20178002 Nimrod Trail$579,870
James&Heather Fisher Family Trust Dated May 22 20178002 Nimrod Trail$579,870
Kristin Theresa and William Richard Hehman3767 Duchess Trail$578,560
Christina and Richard Francis Gonzalez6831 Northport Drive$575,810
Christopher and Kelly Halloran6918 Merrilee Lane$573,770
Opendoor Property C LLC4910 Reiger Ave.$571,850
Kelly Suzanne Hermann6166 Goliad Ave.$571,430
Albert Coit3816 Bowser Ave. A$552,480
Keaton Russell Miller5418 Meadow Crest Drive$549,510
Mark David Jenkins1107 Canterbury Court$547,200
Viscerin LLC4445 Mill Run Road$546,620
Christian Ann and Nicholas Aaron Vonlanken10135 Hedgeway Drive$544,570
Alan Imberman and Raquel Ramirez6015 Shetland Drive$544,450
Matthew R. Daigle and Jennifer Pritchard5900 Mercedes Ave.$540,710

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