Top 100 Cleveland, Ohio home sales for September 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cleveland, Ohio in September 2021, according to

In September 2021, there were 638 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $81,850 in Cleveland.

Top 100 home sales in Cleveland for September 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Elisabeth E. and Peter C. Young10800 Edgewater Drive$1,500,000
West 3RD Holdings LLC3533 Seymour Ave.$850,000
Lisa A. Lewis and Merley B Neal4162 146th St.$639,754
Jeffrey P Wahba and Rachel L. Parks4816 Franklin Ave.$549,900
David and Rebecca Ripley6204 Clinton Ave.$540,000
Edward W. Levin11601 Wade Park Ave.$536,500
Colin Fedor and Kaitlin Sappio4111 Clinton Ave.$479,900
Eichelberger Chen 2017 Family Trust, Jon S Eichelberger and Yushuang Chen14732 Wemple Road$416,663
Michael Vano & Joanne Vano 1983 (trust) and Michael Vano4259 131st St.$401,526
Mrc Real Estate Management LLC3021 43rd St.$395,000
Zachary W. Buescher3014 Franklin Ave.$389,900
Entrust Group Inc.1371 64th St.$385,000
Hope Edwards and Joshua D. Sommovilla6305 W. Clinton Ave.$340,000
JIT Sunuwar and Nar M Sunuwar4296 Ridgeland Circle$335,000
Coby and Matthew Turner1891 Fulton Road$327,500
Guardian Fund LLC9024 Yale Ave.$314,749
CG2632 LLC9024 Yale Ave.$314,749
Guardian Fund LLC9914 Adams Ave.$302,294
Creekside Pines LLC9914 Adams Ave.$302,294
Waseem A. Khawaja1950 83rd Place$300,000
Nbc Ltd.1416 110th St.$298,542
Judith H. and Mark W. Pestak2069 38th St.$295,000
John T. Martimore and Julie J Andrijeski1460 84th St.$285,000
Jonathan S. McGpry and Nicole M Echko6910 Franklin Ave.$285,000
John P. and Michelle A. Woidke15815 Munn Road$285,000
Creekside Pines LLC14000 Christine Ave.$282,503
Sean Davis16525 Fischer Road$280,000
Joe Nauman16619$275,000
Charles J. Wilis10618 Lee Ave.$270,000
K2 Rentals LLC2910 Bridge Ave.$262,000
Carolyn Platt and Eric Hoddersen13415 Shaker Blvd.$261,000
Gina Rich and Zach Jarrell1834 38th St.$260,000
Aaron M. Geissinger and Fiovdaliza Volenik3608 Payne Ave., Unit 102$260,000
Karma Mortgage Solutons Inc.2447 Seventh St.$260,000
Bridget T Tambe and Victoria E. A. Laney10622 Lee Ave.$257,000
Hassan Ali1938 Coltman Road$252,500
Lisa Ciarrone and Mark Davidson3303 157th St.$250,500
Rasheeda A. Phillips3718 Henritze Ave.$250,000
Rebecca Fisher and Timoothy M Breidenstein8008 Lake Ave.$250,000
M Edith Rasell1995 58th St.$250,000
Joshua and Shannon Rentz17230 Bradgate Ave.$250,000
Stephen V. Ambrosio14309 Bidwell Ave.$246,000
Andrew Kamin and Stacey Baron3614 Warren Road$240,000
Jeffrey Hujnh5307 Bridge Ave.$240,000
Manachem Brafman2805 Queen Ave.$239,000
Murphy Family Trust and Cindy A. and Jon L. Murphy17201 Lipton Ave.$238,832
Aerin and David Porcile16106 Munn Road$238,000
Jason F Hunsaker2725 Queen Ave.$235,000
James and Lisa C. Nichols3727 Warren Road$235,000
Mitchell Hall3193 165th St.$235,000
Jonathan R. Dykin and Rachael Tango18039 Larchwood Ave.$231,500
Abigail L. Watson and Rachel Chapman4522 Broadale Road$223,000
Sarup Family Trust and Pawandeep S Deepak1721 Clark Ave.$220,000
Grace M Cohan17118 Ernadale Ave.$220,000
Alexa Sullivan and John Ellinthorpe4311 Bush Ave.$218,921
Daniel J. and Mary T. Riley3518 Granton Ave.$217,000
Maria Shinn and Michael Bouck1302 Galaxy Drive$215,000
Ashley and Robert A. Hazeldine3926 162nd St.$210,000
Erin E Murphy4387 Park West Oval$210,000
Katherine G. and Nina E. Stiles18010 Nottingham Road$209,000
Voisard (trust) and Faye and Mark Voisard14801$208,791
Guardian Fund LC14801$208,781
Dontez J Gill4224 36th St.$208,000
Marcus A. Peck14324 Bidwell Ave.$200,000
Heidi E. and Jacob S. Medlong2709 Oak Park Ave.$199,900
Francisca E Phaw and Peter Saw14800 Alger Road$199,900
Lisa and Sir A. Evans1326 106th St.$197,500
4619 E 144TH LLC0 Denison Ave.$197,000
Benjamin J. and Erin G. Kipp17009 Truax Ave.$196,000
1371 West 61ST Street (trust)1371 61st St.$195,000
Damayra Reyes3929 Hyde Ave.$195,000
Carol A. Chapple0 W. Schaaf Road$194,500
Amber E Miller17615 Milburn Ave.$192,000
Penelope and Robert Horton15010 Dana Ave.$190,000
Marcos A. C Alvarez and Yelitza C G Labron6901 Woodhaven Ave.$190,000
Craig A. Evert and Jolie Kolassa3117 142nd St.$189,500
Jessica Homer and Scott Corsi4521 191st St.$187,000
Nfs Interest LLC2096 32nd St.$185,000
Bradley Dumas2602 Vega Ave.$185,000
Amanni Herbawi and Jennifer P Montgomery1831 30th St.$185,000
Joseph D Beyer1133 Ninth St., Unit 412$185,000
Daniel J. Simpson3394 157th St.$184,500
Peerinvest 003 LLC3523 Walton Ave.$184,000
Leah M Pusateri1720 Merl Ave.$184,000
Derek P Wilson and Gizella Wilsom16401 Elsienna Ave.$182,000
David R. Almeroth835 Marcie Drive$182,000
Your Half LLC5304 Tillman Ave.$180,000
Alexander Roman and Veronica Albino4407 171st St.$180,000
Gregory L Solow14801 Caldwell Ave.$180,000
Joseph A. Scaperato1646 Holmden Ave.$176,500
5613 Northcliff5613 Northcliff Ave.$175,000
Eric and Mary K. Hammond3461 99th St.$175,000
Lauren Dockery3161 Ashwood Road$175,000
Victorian Renovations Project LLC7507 Rutledge Ave.$175,000
Ladonna N Pierce15720 Normandy Ave.$173,000
Larry M Barlow3411 Chatham Ave.$172,000
Ruby Acquisitions LLC17421 Oxford Ave.$170,000
Julie Walters16606 Chatfield Ave.$170,000
Moses and Rebekah H. Kim6028 Wakefield Ave.$170,000
Amber King4231 50th St.$170,000

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