Top 50 Coon Rapids, Minnesota home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Coon Rapids, Minnesota in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 68 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $330,000 in Coon Rapids.

Top 50 home sales in Coon Rapids for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Devon Bank12014 Alder St.$486,000
Accept Holdings and Relocation LLC12974 Crooked Lake Lane$481,000
Bradley Lynn T. and Renee L. Vanasse Lynn T.12974 Crooked Lake Lane$481,000
Nancy Brown and Amy Lindsoe12041 Kumquat St.$450,000
Lacey Joleen Mack8455 Mississippi Blvd.$445,000
Stephen and Annette Smetana325 124th Ave.$427,000
Davar J. and Chanel V. McGee961 87th Lane$425,000
Brianna Brolin8564 Mississippi Blvd.$410,000
Cole T. and Sara Oosterhuis2285 129th Lane$410,000
Stephen Berryhill1353 109th Ave.$396,000
Quynh Hoang and Matthew Nguyen11883 Avocet Circle$390,000
Gary and Lenora Fredman3700 122nd Circle$390,000
Matthew Mills and Olivia Larson2222 132nd Ave.$386,000
Ryan R. and Jacob D. Carlson12285 Jay St.$385,000
Janice Jopke and Walter Jopke Jr.9899 Redwood St.$385,000
Ryan Smith and Chelsie Beyer2140 102nd Ave.$380,000
Emmanuel and Rozana Deeire1485 119th Lane$369,900
Wish Vue11401 Ivywood St.$367,000
Michael A. and Crystal R. Ahles and Phyllis A. Ostrander10430 Uplander St.$364,900
James and Oretha Wilson2132 103rd Ave.$363,000
Mariam M. Bamba13138 Grouse St.$358,000
Raymond Steven2964 126th Lane$357,500
Emily Fassbender and Maxwell Wolf3236 131st Ave.$357,000
Jeffrey R Halbert and Tanya Scully330 123rd Ave.$356,357
Tara Williams and Alexander Stecker12285 Grouse St.$355,000
Jennifer Tran Vo and Kong Yang10361 Uplander St.$353,000
Corey Day and Jennifer Bunker-Devine12936 Quinn St.$351,500
Mailia Moua10384 Thrush St.$350,000
Marcelina Rumbo Alvarado1428 120th Lane$350,000
Seth Allen and Brittany Marie Weber11651 Juniper St.$345,000
Noel Levi and Linsey L. Rippy12440 Holly Circle$345,000
Alyssa and Jeramiah E. Serfling11547 Flintwood St.$341,000
Haley Marie Skillings1462 98th Lane$333,400
Shirley and Michael Alex2425 118th Ave.$330,000
Ralph and Lyn Gustafson and Luke Alexander11670 Kumquat St.$330,000
Laura R. and Scott A. Steiskal2853 116th Ave.$327,000
Kathy L Kolb and Albert Jacob Schmalenberger12802 Swallow St.$320,000
Nicole M. Gullickson and Cody M. Cornell550 112th Lane$317,550
Erin and Ryan Bonikowske132 105th Ave.$315,000
Tom Feng Vang and Kristy Noukue Xiong10129 Uplander St.$306,000
Magen M Seymour and Judith A. Shinabarger2321 113th Ave.$306,000
Catherine Nodora and Timothy James Forsyth11925 Magnolia St.$305,000
Lisa Spanel709 121st Ave.$300,000
Marie K. Sedesky11510 Kumquat St.$299,700
Bradly J. and Michelle R. Edstrom420 97th Ave.$290,000
Emily Ann Dykstra and Bryan McIntyre960 106th Lane, No. 24$285,500
Desiree Swarm10021 Norway St.$282,500
Andrew Mika930 106th Lane, No. 14$275,000
Kay Kingston602 85th Ave.$266,296
Kayla Skoglund308 108th Ave.$265,000

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