Top 50 Moline, Illinois home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Moline, Illinois in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 52 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $101,950 in Moline.

Top 50 home sales in Moline for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
John Benson3641 72nd St.$364,900
Koeller Family (revocable trust)3579 Eighth St.$352,500
Charles Stephens and Rojeanna Marsh1818 56 St. Court$342,000
Laura Blake and Kevin Paprocki2903 Second St.$270,000
Daniel Betancourt and Justine Kyle2902 30th St.$265,000
Steve Babeu3506 32nd St.$262,000
Megan Klocke and Matthew Simpson2636 10th St.$250,000
Ellen and Gerald Barr2916 44th St.$235,000
Margaret Johnson22 Thornwood Court$195,000
Bret and Katherine Dale2512 32 Ave. Court$180,000
Kristine Andersen and Stephen Thompson2803 32 Ave. Drive$177,000
Tim Sedlak3204 39th St.$150,000
Brad and Jamie Prunchak2043 53rd St.$150,000
Steven Carr717 22 Ave. Court$149,000
David and Kennedy Ortega2333 28th St.$139,500
Lora Gehlken1910 33rd St.$139,000
Chantelle Kopcho and Zayne Zaiss554 20th Ave.$138,000
Jenny Pettit and Nicholas Sells1922 Third St.$135,000
Kimberly B Scott1460 25th Ave.$129,900
Saquanta Riley433 20th Ave.$126,250
Patricia Cruz4207 17th Ave.$125,000
Derrick and Emily Andrae1304 39th St.$117,000
Anthony Soares2619 Sixth Ave.$110,000
Laura and Sandra Zischke5907 36 Ave. Court$110,000
Charles A. Trust Cartwright2615 18th St. A$105,000
Jptp LLC1800 14th Ave.$103,900
Erin E Herber and Dustin R Wilson2951 Eighth St.$100,000
Jptp LLC728 18th Ave. A$100,000
Jerome Reyes2423 11th Ave. A$95,000
Fidela and Gerard Porras3309 Third St.$95,000
Jose and Briseyda Munoz3729 11th Ave.$90,000
Brittany Brewer2632 13th Ave.$90,000
Jessica and Nathan Graves2923 13th Ave.$90,000
Brianna Allen2510 10th Ave.$88,000
Jasmine S. Berry Branigan1704 14th St.$82,500
Elyse Eddy1923 Fourth St.$79,000
Cederoth Properties Inc.2323 15th St.$75,000
Jptp LLC1832 16th Ave.$75,000
Kaleb and Jennifer and Kevin Smith2416 Seventh Ave.$74,900
SFR3-070 LLC1016 18th Ave.$73,900
Philomanna Petricig1033 41st St.$73,699
Alyssa McConnell209 14th Ave.$68,500
Arlind Celiku and Braim Islami2324 31st St.$68,175
Nathalie Difranco1109 12th Ave.$68,000
Debra and William Diedrich1818 Fourth St.$67,500
Midwest Homebuyers LLC1508 23rd Ave.$60,000
Lori Ann and Martin Debaillie4239 16th Ave.$58,000
Cederoth Properties Inc.1412 13th Ave.$47,000
Plmp Properties LLC417 37th St.$43,000
Midwest Homebuyers LLC830 15th St. A$42,000

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