Top 50 Spring Hill, Florida home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Spring Hill, Florida in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 71 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $275,000 in Spring Hill.

Top 50 home sales in Spring Hill for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Sunbelt Investors Asset Co. LLC12165 Rockford St.$697,909
Anay Carbonell Fiallo13125 Hazelcrest St.$505,000
Ewa Anna Stefek and Rafal Drozdzal14196 Finsbury Drive$480,000
Op Spe TPA1 LLC13830 Rudi Loop$479,000
Lpf Blvd Tampa LLC14207 Bensbrook Drive$410,000
Mark A. and Melissa L. Parker13436 Amanda Ave.$400,000
Timothy A. Hayes and Joyce A. Suffecool13000 Fish Cove Drive$400,000
Maria R. and Thomas M. Onorato10418 Upton St.$393,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.6056 Airmont Drive$391,600
Deborra Montgomery and Helena N Folasa14678 Bensbrook Drive$391,000
Derrick Paul and Brittney Marie Glace12349 Willowtree Court$385,000
Kasa Luxe Group LLC14081 Bruni Drive$375,000
Joanne White11655 Fairfield Court$370,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLC7785 Holiday Drive$360,000
Jena J Grinnell and Thomas D. Grinnell Jr.5321 Greystone Drive$340,000
VM Pronto LLC13754 Covey Run Place$340,000
William R. and Sherri Bryant6226 Burning Tree Lane$339,000
Liwei Ding and Fazil Ali13443 Mandalay Place$330,000
Fkh Sfr Propco J LP6301 Newmark St.$326,800
Lisa Alo and Rudolph Allison Dawn9182 Patio Court$325,000
Lpf Blvd Tampa LLC8382 Natoma St.$320,000
Robert Fomby Jr. and Rhonda Gayle Fomby5231 Berrien Ave.$320,000
Rosemary Colombo Bush and Lynn Loughlin11432 Hyde Park Way$320,000
Lpf Blvd Tampa LLC9374 Jena Road$315,000
Sfr Jv 2 Property LLC4151 Candler Ave.$306,000
Pagaya Smartresi FL Fund Property Owner II LLC3460 Tomahawk Ave.$300,100
Nandino De Jesus Alvarez Vasquez and Marilyn Del Carmen Baez De Alvarez3286 Coronet Court$300,000
Sandlor Street LLC10272 Swanson Court$300,000
Robert and Lori Kreder1347 Alster Ave.$300,000
Scott R Walker3092 Appleblossom Trail$290,000
Crowne Property Acquisitions LLC4346 Bluewater Ave.$287,700
Gregory Vv Belcher and Joleen Halloran4346 Craigdarragh Ave.$287,500
Kari J Friedmann8379 Begonia St.$285,000
Anthony James Hendrix and Kristina Lynne Bienasz11037 Gifford Drive$276,000
VM Pronto LLC7117 Cambridge St.$276,000
Robert Goodlet and Michael John Goodlet Meijer12919 Linden Drive$275,000
Wieslaw and Halina Cudnik411 Quane Ave.$270,000
Jiovanny Hector and Ada E. Zumaeta4233 Dristol Ave.$267,000
Charles M. and Christine C. Simeck2253 Springmeadow Drive$265,000
Sharon K. Misero and Jeffrey N. Reed4248 Riviera Court$260,000
VM Pronto LLC3328 Blythe Ave.$257,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLC7172 Toucan Trail$255,000
Carolyn Jane and Diana Sheprak and Gloria Ann Redmond5526 Newmark St.$251,250
Alivia Miller and Brandon L. Kasinger8265 Apple Orchard Road$250,000
Olivia Stuart Capital LLC1126 Bolander Ave.$249,700
Henry Cruz Alvarez0$245,000
Bradley R Cook12421 Brookside St.$240,000
Teresa Ann Marie Bilotta2320 Anchor Ave.$239,500
VM Pronto LLC4433 Chamber Court$238,000
Donald C. Trste and June B. Trste Woodward, Donald C. Woodward (trust) and B. Woodward June (trust)3033 Appleblossom Trail$235,000

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