Top 100 Cypress, Texas home valuations for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Cypress, Texas in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 252 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $263,255 in Cypress.

Top 100 home valuations in Cypress for April 2022
Jimmy D Collins17102 Saddle Ridge Pass$1,853,536
Curtis Scott Hanson20602 Lantana Ridge Court$1,603,427
Thomas Duening15702 Knauff Ranch Court$926,333
Heather Abigail and Stephen Lee Miller16818 Allemand Lane$812,083
Winston S. and Yolanda B. Stein51 Wincrest Falls Drive$790,922
Andre Demetric Johnson and Sherron Jones-Johnson14222 Winding Springs Drive$699,558
Stacie Brady Keneker21018 Farwood Terrace$659,927
Jeffrey John Alyson and Jennifer Smith Lembcke Alyson15514 Zigler Lane$644,609
Jeffrey John Alyson and Jennifer Smith Lembcke Alyson15514 Zigler Lane$644,609
Donna M. Ordemann (trustee), Ordemann Management (trust) and William Ordemann (trustee)12103 Preece Court$635,000
Shelley and Trevis Younger20807 Fairhaven Crossing Drive$599,727
Anthony A. and Kami J. Moore13911 Rustic Hills Lane$578,842
Rwt (revocable trust) and Ronnie Wesley Teague (trustee)20819 Cameron Ridge Drive$567,980
Jane Mattioli and Vincent Peter Galeoto17611 Fragrant Rose Court$536,335
Kendra Elizabeth and Phillip Henry Trueba26307 Andrew Arbor Court$517,091
Louis Zetah10610 Grace Hollow Drive$506,162
Katherine and Timothy Warner17923 Pecan Bayou Lane$504,274
Cartus Financial Corp.21719 China Green Lane$502,307
Jorge Alberto Olvera Rodarte21719 China Green Lane$502,307
Maria Guadalupe Flores17403 Morgans Lake Drive$499,002
Leah Layton (trustee), Ldm Asset Management (trust), Deborah Adele and William Lee Miller and Matthew L. Miller (trustee)19310 Wade Haven Drive$498,876
Cassidy and Ryan Hopkins15406 Prade Ranch Lane$488,995
Alphonso McCloud and Stanyelle Miles-McCloud13111 Springmint Court$486,319
Michael and Stephanie Tarber16826 Gypsy Red Drive$474,385
Kevin Tobias26315 Millies Creek Lane$461,062
Siraj Ul Munir Sardar21706 China Green Lane$440,000
Khiem Dinh11422 Carson Field Lane$435,805
Karon L. Frigo (trustee), Kenneth A. Frigo (trustee) and Kenneth A. and Karon L. Frigo Revocable 2022 (trust)11326 Carson Field Lane$429,259
Elsa Nancy MacIas12910 Park Forest Trail$428,457
Jeff and Joycelyn Streator19507 Salt Grass Meadow Drive$427,269
Adam Faheem17803 Camp Cove Drive$426,521
Sarah Crabtree and Jerry James F.19715 Arroyo Colorado Court$425,333
Nei Global Relocation Co.12007 Viaduct Palazzo Lane$413,552
Cowana Santa Cruz and Paulette Lanaux12007 Viaduct Palazzo Lane$413,552
Fajrzana Anjum and Humza Yusafi Khan Anjum14215 Spindle Arbor Road$413,276
Mallikarjuna Prasad and Pallavi Munduru10019 Kirby Ranch Court$409,200
Xudong Huang and Mei Zheng14206 Northface Manor Court$405,497
Jennifer and Wilson Sze13314 Far Point Manor Drive$403,466
Maria Del Carmen Jara and Osbaldo Mazariegos18002 Harbour Bridge Point Drive$402,972
Safa Mustafa Mohammad Albashbishi and Amjad Shadid16726 Destrehan Drive$402,583
Op Gold LLC18302 Morgans Mill Court$399,358
Banh Cuu17822 Sugarloaf Bay Drive$399,143
Andrea Nicole and Jason Stephen Sivells13926 Eastcrest Park Drive$399,073
Nykhol L Phan and Cuong Manh Vu14222 Prospect Point Drive$395,000
Jacqueline Fosah17711 Dawn Mill Lane$391,683
Thao Thi Thanh Nguyen14903 Green Canary Circle$376,986
Karol B Lercari and John Velandia20207 Herrin Landing Lane$374,305
Opendoor Property Trust I.20203 Prim Pine Court$370,701
Cartus Financial Corp.16627 Orchid Mist Drive$364,650
Allyon N. and Chase L. Woods16627 Orchid Mist Drive$364,650
Bridget L Sanders and Cleaver D Sanders Jr.14439 Terrace Bend$362,398
Deysi J Recinos17123 Running Cypress Drive$362,369
Isaac A. Deysi J. and Stefany L. Recinos Deysi J.17123 Running Cypress Drive$362,369
Dinh Van Bui and Kim Chi Thi Vu18639 Fairmont Springs Court$356,769
Chia Ying and Victoria Jia Chen27318 Windy Grove Lane$353,748
Justin and Rachel McBride16510 Hamilton Pool Drive$350,900
Kelsey E. and Scott E. Daingerfield16303 Burham Park Drive$349,882
Miriam A. Angulo11818 Regency Ash Court$344,096
Sunny R Chatagnier18438 Blue Hollow Heights Drive$342,809
Michael David and Shannon Leigh McKee10914 Sarah Bluff Lane$342,425
Shawnee Gallion and Joyce H. and Joyce Helena and Ruby Joy Hayes19111 Balcones Pine St.$341,371
Harkor Homes LLC13511 Ashton Hills Court$341,131
Tei Holdings LLC13511 Ashton Hills Court$341,131
Michelle Lynn Balsara and Muhammad Ashar Malik17623 Riata Lake Drive$337,000
Cuu Banh27011 Rockwood Park Lane$336,034
Jessica L. and Michiel Javier Bridges11207 Seabluff Court$332,310
Donna Ann Brown and Jessica and Levi Plumley27103 Cypress Springs Lane$331,300
Ian Eldon Fretwell and Shelby Hemmerling9215 Union Meadow Lane$329,340
Natalia Janina Michniewska and Pawel Wojciech Michniewski19707 Verde Creek Circle$328,565
Anthony T Nguyen14315 Medlowe Court$325,450
Greg and Savannah Mercer17339 Morgans Secret Drive$325,000
Bgrs LLC27003 Field Cypress Lane$324,375
Anubha and Deepak Dadhich27003 Field Cypress Lane$324,375
Christopher and Kristen Gardner14830 Whispy Green Court$322,756
Ying Te Lee and Pei Yun Tsai19430 Dawntreader Drive$322,387
Michele Martinez15811 Stenbury Court$320,138
Stephanie D Banzer and Stephanie Nix15307 Springhill Bend Lane$320,000
Ruya Sun18711 Windhaven Terrace Trail$319,369
Lisa Burton Sass15910 Cypress Hall Drive$318,017
Karen L Payne16110 Halpren Falls Lane$315,000
Hector and Luz Delia Cruz20018 Alton Springs Drive$313,356
Marion and Steven Curtright14935 Cypress Waters Drive$310,970
Qian Liu and Paul Salazar15302 Springhill Bend Lane$306,648
Liane Mueller14715 Red Bayberry Court$302,751
Toan Nguyen and Katie Truong14110 Amber Hollow Court$302,660
Nabeela Afzal and Mohammad Ahsan13902 Oneida Court$301,656
Genaro Cano and Glenda Linares-Cano19122 Gaslamp Point Court$301,291
Galanena Yasmani Hechavarria and Yudit Espinosa Hurtado19931 Whistle Creek Lane$301,049
Eric T Lethander and Madeline Nicole Mitchell13719 Lawrence Trace Court$300,555
Cartus Financial Corp.20107 Fairfield Trace Drive$299,699
Patrick B. and Rachel L. Grant20107 Fairfield Trace Drive$299,699
Dorca Flores17602 Riata Springs Lane$296,424
Arashanda Musgrove and Juan Musgrove Jr.11202 Leila Park Court$295,274
Barbara and Logan Atkinson13631 Merilee Court$295,000
Diana Rigsby13639 Cardinal Flowers Drive$294,115
Cates and Jonathan Immel18303 Pin Oak Bend Drive$292,564
Amy Sue Simon O'Brien and Chelsey Carolyn West20906 Amber Willow Trail$292,502
Omar A. and Pamela J. Muhammad8134 Sedona Ridge Drive$290,919
Afsaneh and Tyler Bebault14623 Yellow Begonia Drive$288,982
Orchard Property III LLC20431 Kohle Springs Lane$288,327

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