Top 100 Atascocita, Texas home valuations for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Atascocita, Texas in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 131 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $203,163 in Atascocita.

Top 100 home valuations in Atascocita for April 2022
Gregory M. Hanggi Management (trust) and Gregory Mark Hanggi (trustee)18 Tahoe Shores Court$1,857,713
Robert Eugene Anderson11 Tahoe Shores Court$874,355
Andrew and Meredith H. Leblanc17427 Lake Chelan Lane$508,082
Alex and Angela Franks11811 Bandera Creek Lane$467,420
Stephanie Leos and Vincent Crowley17015 Ross Lake Court$416,081
Shain Irwin and Rhonda Urwin19235 Clear Sky Drive$398,970
Larry L. Lambert Jr. (trustee), Lambert (trust) and Olive-Lambert Cynthia K. (trustee)11802 Wind Cove Place Court$387,073
Dora Fallan and Matthew David Wilckens11806 Bandera Creek Lane$386,802
Gerald Wayne and Kelly Ann Carrier12535 Cedar Key Trail$363,752
Charles Glen and Katrina Marie Reep7219 Woodland Oak Trail$316,670
Daniel Ernesto and Virginia Monsanto17027 Stones River Lane$301,261
Shinichiro Kubo20630 Delta Wood Trail$278,474
Alicia Arredondo Casas and Sergio Casas Castanon7102 Fountain Lilly Drive$268,915
Megumi and Saul Pedraza7506 Pine Green Lane$266,296
Matthew A. and Nora Jansone Back20118 Hickory Wind Drive$260,700
Stoa Acquisitions LLC20114 Water Point Trail$260,662
Jessica J. Ray18114 Yellowstone Trail$260,087
Eric Burns and Ranika Dunham18114 Yellowstone Trail$260,087
Kay Edmondson Grissom19802 Caroling Oaks Court$259,784
Teresa Anaya18203 Noble Forest Drive$255,558
Grathan Brown5911 Thom Road$255,412
Baker Street Homes LLC4138 Wells Mark Drive$254,352
Vinatha Gollapudi19307 Boulder Bay Lane$251,509
Ashley and Nicholas Ferri20334 Spoonwood Drive$250,987
Brandon Wayne and Jamie Kay Wolfford8114 Hurst Forest Drive$247,945
Georgianna Barnwell and Brian Meheut20707 Fawn Timber Trail$247,089
Denise MacIel and Jesus Zamora19718 Bambiwoods Court$244,780
Linda Ludtke Bechtold17027 Buffalo Peak Court$242,990
Diego Calderon and Yolanda Plata17906 Arapaho Hill Lane$242,809
Malkia Laini Dinwiddie20423 Woodsong Court$241,275
Bettie Jean McCullough and James McCullough Jr.19722 Fairway Island Drive$239,765
Jeffrey Dean, Lisa Jenkins, Pamela Kay and Samuel Travis Murfin17423 Lassen Forest Lane$236,647
Denise and Lewis Smith19315 Timber Tree Court$232,531
Gregory and Karen Johnson18442 Jasmine Garden Place$230,262
Brian and Stephanie K. Officer17407 Cricket Mill Drive$229,782
Opendoor Property Trust I.19834 January Drive$229,738
Christian and Kaeleigh Castillo8519 Rebawood Drive$229,500
Ries Investments LLC12954 Maples Perch Court$229,278
Tiffany and Zachary Wolfrom6814 Auburn Oak Trail$226,932
Ellen and Thorstien J. Holt6127 Kristen Park Lane$226,444
Nely Maricela Celis Yanes20707 Redbud Trail$225,205
Latonya Jones6214 Kristen Park Lane$224,566
Pamela McLennan17402 Sundown Peak Court$224,132
Olympus Borrower LLC19419 Kacey Lane Court$224,128
Taylor Oneal Rodgers and Ismenia Sepulveda18802 Pine Trace Court$223,636
Kyle R Fontenot and Katherine F. Roenne17515 Bryce Manor Lane$223,457
Rwhs LLC6839 Atasca Creek Drive$223,111
Seyah Realty LLC6839 Atasca Creek Drive$223,111
Julio Sanchez5422 Woodmancote Drive$221,045
Olympus Borrower LLC18335 Post Oak View Drive$220,670
Kyle Counsil8503 Pinehurst Grove Court$220,060
Jeremy A. Hobbie and Veronica L Torres12938 Cascadia Knoll Court$219,341
Faryn Faye Bills18546 Jasmine Garden Place$219,000
Taiwo Ajayi4923 Fair Oak Dale Lane$216,166
Jaime Osorio Jr. and Maria Osorio18612 Timbers Drive$215,953
Luis Alberto Pulido18522 Plummers Lodge Lane$214,868
Commercial Acquisitions LLC5703 Timbers Trail Drive$214,511
Commercial Acquisitions LLC19626 Water Point Trail$212,368
Jet Shelton6218 Kingwood Glen Drive$210,971
Paul and Velma Fraley18327 Hampton Hills Drive$209,647
Holly Lynn Ketterer17235 Lafayette Hollow Lane$207,220
Michelle David5227 Flax Bourton St.$206,742
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.12318 Sunlight Peak Lane$206,310
Matthew V. Kotlajich12318 Sunlight Peak Lane$206,310
Christopher Jamell Williams18507 Triana Bend Lane$203,222
Paul Lacarlus Ware and Wilson-Cunningham Fannie M7315 Maple Walk Drive$203,163
Joyce Lenderman15818 Lost Anchor Way Lane$201,462
Apolinar G Castillo5018 Woodland Meadows Lane$200,736
Janice Gutierrez10415 Whisper Bluff Drive$199,602
Jarema Fedorak (trustee) and Fedorak and Cathy Mai Fedorak Jarema (revocable living trust)19507 Atascocita Shores Drive$199,576
Opendoor Property Trust I.3834 Cyril Drive$198,286
Brandi Contreras and Rigoberto L Contreras Jr.19706 Bambiwoods Court$198,000
Orchard Property II LLC17811 Laurelton Drive$195,938
Wo Sfr LLC17442 Hayley Springs Court$195,204
Hon III LLC19003 Dee Woods Drive$194,706
Rosa Maria Quinde Pastrana and Alejandro Villamar19106 Forest Trace Drive$194,374
Opendoor Property Trust I.5418 Flax Bourton St.$194,107
Fkh Sfr Propco J L P and Opendoor Property J LLC12923 Palm Leaf Court$193,124
Manzano Jose Guadalupe Vazquez15127 Mause Creek Drive$189,616
Fkh Sfr Propco H LP11006 Thorncliff Drive$188,717
Op Gold LLC19730 Swiftbrook Drive$187,315
Olympus Borrower LLC18930 Jodywood Drive$186,982
Chaitanya Phansalkar18611 Timbers Edge Drive$186,614
Chintankumar Shah18611 Timbers Edge Drive$186,614
Wislaine Ferdinand and Pierre-Menlay Joseph18002 Falcon Forest Court$185,674
Kathleen Almendarez (estate) and Edward Galen Baringer19315 Forest Fern Court$183,473
Edward Galen Baringer19315 Forest Fern Court$183,473
Desiree A. Bubb and Sean M. Heckler19742 Burle Oaks Court$182,786
Daryna and Jesse Alan Budine5807 Enchanted Timbers Drive$181,619
Opendoor Property Trust I.7323 Wisteria Chase Place$180,217
Rykdom Capital LLC19406 Arbor Pines Lane$180,082
True North Borrower Texas LLC15010 Cave Creek Court$180,000
Lake Houston Properties LLC6102 Spruce Bough Court$179,791
Resconn Capital Management LLC16915 Shrub Oak Drive$179,288
Orthodoxway LLC12914 Redbud Shores Lane$178,383
Residential Home Buyer Houston LLC11511 Moonlight Ridge Drive$175,486
Maria Graciela Medina8415 Pine Shores Drive$175,413
Cameron and Katelyn Cleveland20718 Water Point Trail$175,000
Edwin M. and Ivette M. Bruno5922 Summer Oaks Drive$174,029
Melyssa Katherine Burke8914 Pine Shores Drive$171,565

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