Top 100 Columbus, Ohio home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Columbus, Ohio in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 716 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $243,750 in Columbus.

Top 100 home sales in Columbus for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Carrie Kathleen King and Scott William Sumi38 Short St.$990,000
Terence Sullivan3515 River Avon Creek$765,000
Nellen Sutjipto and Reuben Lo Widyapranolo831 Northbridge Lane$750,000
Darryl and Kimberly Rogers1639 Bryden Road$732,900
Jeanine and Stephen Varga7726 Cloister Drive$720,000
Ty R Miller1105 Highland St. 1105$700,000
Lauren Alpert and Manuel Oquendo459 Beck St.$685,000
870 S Pearl St. LLC870 Pearl St.$685,000
Abigail Andre and Dominic Cronshaw160 Royal Forest Blvd.$685,000
Barbara Jean Dull Simons808 Colony Court$655,000
Carol L. and Edward M. Coyle330 Delegate Drive$650,000
Swati T. and Tarang B. Dave3811 Rockpointe Drive$625,000
Lauren Rita Berndsen7546 Osimund Drive$580,000
Lauren and Vincent B. Conley1434 Mulford Road$580,000
David A. Shaffer832 Crestway Drive$575,000
Mustafa Ozcimen and Jason Alan Tolbert406 Stoddart Ave.$570,000
Ian T. and Megan E. Grosel1267 Grant Ave.$565,000
Catherine A. Blankenship and Amy Drenan1394 Cutter Court$562,500
Clayton Jules Barbier and Kenneth William Vandyke1029 Bryden Road$560,000
Anthony and Victoria Jebbia1197 Lealand Way$560,000
Carol Smith (trust) and Carol A. Smith (trustee)2001 Marble Cliff Csg Court$557,000
Jill and John West66 Sherman Ave.$550,000
Megan Harvell and Joseph Romano175 Weisheimer Road$548,000
Matthew Powell and Rebecca Utley2047 Stancrest Road$532,000
Zachary Puskar and Kathryn Timko7755 Southwick Drive$530,000
James Elliott and Marcie Grace Bilbrey6889 Bonnie Brae Lane$526,000
Alexander Michael LLC141 Kellner Road$525,000
Shannon G Hardin and Martin B. Zachrich5600 Wood Ridge Drive$520,000
Thomas Hamrick and Vitalii Prokopenko148 Fallis Road$515,221
John Kocka198 Thurman Ave. 1$510,000
Michael A. Yee192 Thurman Ave.$510,000
Jennifer Faber and Matthew Ryan Herrel3095 Walkerview Drive$510,000
Christopher Brew and Sheena Phillips81 Medbrook Way$507,000
Amariyah Israel and Matthew A. Klein46 Brighton Road$505,000
William T. Head and Sarah M. Olivero1062 Mount Pleasant Ave.$485,000
Roger Kyle Van and Stephanie L. Van Dergriff and Roger Kyle and Stephanie L. Vandergriff6129 Saunders Way$475,000
Sarkis Yeretsian66 Hubbard Ave.$475,000
Paul C. MacKlis4877 Shackelford Court 4877$475,000
Christopher J. Dejohn and Kendra J Shaffer76 Weisheimer Road$470,000
Erica Lauren and Rick Peiffer1029 Michigan Ave.$467,000
Catherine Stuer208 Northridge Road$465,000
Lauren Browne and Alexander Snavley781 Delmead Drive$465,000
Arden and Joshua Matzke47 Hanford St.$460,000
Derek Dehart and Sara Taggart244 Tulane Road$460,000
Kathryn and Samuel Oches663 Lynnfield Drive$455,000
Meredith Bickett and Connor Organ220 Pacemont Road$455,000
Bryan Miller and Bethany Needham2715 Ione Court$451,500
Donna and John Burian1068 Clubview Blvd.$450,000
Louise Blocker7566 Sharrington Drive$450,000
Ashley Murphy and Christopher Williams278 Siebert St.$449,775
Todd M Branch5701 Slater Ridge 5701$445,000
Avraham and Mirav Hollander2377 Berwick Blvd.$441,000
Kelsey Durbin5628 Breshly Way$440,000
Celine M. and Ramil Linsangan Servande5739 Warner Road$439,000
Chandy P John414 Thirteenth Ave.$435,000
Cristen C. and Richard L. Baca1286 Fifth St.$427,500
Matthew Redfield1495 Doten Ave.$425,500
Anne K. Seaton (trust) and Anne K. Seaton (trustee)993 Medinah Te$425,000
Julia Veldman and Michael Harris0 Arlington Ave.$425,000
Michael and Rachael E. Seibert3648 Settlers Road$425,000
Kelsi R. and Zachary J. Thomas3339 Stonemason Way$425,000
Khada Nanda and Renuka Acharya Khatiwada8364 Parori Lane$423,000
Dennis R. Dickerson and Cecelia A. Sams1066 Parkleigh Road$420,000
Maria D. Brown2201 Otter Lane$420,000
Mohamed A. Amin and Shukri Ali Mohamed5915 Heritage Farms Drive$420,000
Natalie Lauren and Samuel Berens2881 Westrock Drive$420,000
John J. and Mia Gabrick2347 Olde Sawmill Blvd.$420,000
Sarah Al Fatla and Ali Amer Kamal Al Khafaji5526 Bullfinch Drive$420,000
Orange Door Investments LLC1354 Third St.$419,500
M & D Capital 2573 LLC2571 Indianola Ave.$418,000
Brynne Elizabeth McCann and Evan Logan Cox7849 Burrwood St.$415,000
Marc S Zitron6186 Prosen Drive$415,000
Reem Y Hamad and Mahmoud Yousef Mousef3158 Heather Meadow Place$411,000
Brian David Rashid6278 New Albany Road$410,000
Meredith P Birely68 Harding Road$407,500
Jeffrey Infield7826 Strathmoore Road$406,000
Jiryis Isbanioly2797 Wynnetree Court$405,000
Lubna and Osama Muheisen4837 Laurel Valley Drive$405,000
Cory Daniel Hinaman and Sarah Josephine Moore43 Tulane Road$404,000
Riya and Sha Biswa5577 Blue Sky Court$402,000
Nobuyuki Ashida5399 Redwater Drive$402,000
Alexander and Faina Nisenboim5430 Bullfinch Drive$402,000
Ann K. and Robert C. Rourke2442 Sherwood Villa Drive 6$400,000
Christopher Howard and Mary Elizabeth Wandel5403 Green Oak Court$400,000
Leslie D. Bullock and Tom Shafirstein333 Canyon Drive$400,000
Jeff and Phyllis Sherman525 Meadoway Park$400,000
Bonnie L. Sutton4207 Cobbler Road 13-4207$400,000
Joel Goodling250 Hubbard Ave. 250$400,000
Lisa J McLaughlin362 Kanawha Ave.$399,000
James R. and Kellie J. Tolloti5014 Amblyn Court$395,000
Firas Mishu3579 Newell Drive$395,000
Jonathan Fawley307 Columbus St.$395,000
Drew A. and Jenna A. Thompson268 Gates St.$395,000
Ronald A. and Tracy T. Vitales7545 Sharrington Drive$395,000
Tucker Earl Long131 Oakland Ave.$390,000
Buckeyestate LLC836 Heyl Ave.$390,000
David Penzone and Patricia M Werner3624 Lieb St.$390,000
Jennifer Eikenberry and Shayna Nickel298 Stewart Ave.$390,000
Tamika Simmons561 Bradley St.$389,600
Mark Rosen482 Elsmere St.$389,000

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