Great selection available at Glen Ellyn area Toyota dealership - Theo P.

Lombard Toyota is a great dealership! We went there because our car we had been using needed a new engine. Sadly! Instead of replacing the engine, we called up Lombard Toyota and they were willing to give us good value for our used car and work with us to meet our needs finding a great car.  It was a great car buying experience. Carlos walked me around the lot and showed me the different cars in our price range. They had a great selection of used and new cars. With some competitive pricing. 

The actual wheeling and dealing went really smooth. I felt respected and they listened to all my demands. They even flicked on the tv in one of the vans so my daughter could be entertained while we waited for the paperwork. They have great financing going on right now and are a pleasure to work with. We walked way with a 2004 Toyota Rav4 that our mechanic said was in excellent condition.  Thank you Carlos!

- Theo P. of Glen Ellyn